Today we wanted to highlight a Dear Media produced show that has been in the game long enough to publish over 50 episodes! Introducing a podcast that needs no introduction, A Thing or Two Podcast. The show is described as a podcast for lovers of discovery and enthusiasm. There is a little bit of everything for everyone here. Hear about food, beauty, technology, literature, business, new and old trends, best gift ideas, friendship and even a little gossip! Claire Mazur and Erica Cerulo host the show. They are co-founders of the website “Of a Kind” and co-authors of book “Work Wife: The Power of Female Friendship to Drive Successful Businesses”. So you’re in great hands if you’re looking for inspiration and motivation.

This incredible duo has produced 329 episodes at the time of publishing this post! They are all clocking in between thirty minutes and one hour. Trust us when we say that Erica and Claire have put together an awesome variety of content since creating their podcast in 2015. New episodes of A Thing or Two Podcast are released each week. So there is always something new to tune in to. Below you’ll find the best episodes ranked by listeners just like you, with a few of our favorites sprinkled in!

10 Best A Thing Or Two Podcast Episodes

On Choosing —and Not Choosing—Motherhood

Where better to start than the episode ranked #1 among listeners? On Choosing – and Not Choosing – Motherhood is a fan favorite from A Thing or Two Podcast because it’s all about something that can be both exciting and terrifying at the same time – parenthood. Erica and Claire share personal anecdotes about parenting, share recommended readings on the topic, and even touch on current events. And at only 30 minutes long, this episode is the perfect quick listen for someone with a busy schedule.

Rise and Shine – It’s Erica’s Morning Routine!

When you’re listening to A Thing or Two Podcast, you never know what hot topics you’re going to hear about. In this episode, Erica and Claire happen to be talking about Erica’s morning routine combined with Alpacas! Erica shares her top tips from her morning routine to make sure that when you rise, you actually shine. And Claire wonders why the Alpaca convention in her hometown, nestled in quaint Illinois, never gets as much attention as March Madness.

Sesame Street’s Social Media and Talking Recovery with A.J. Daulerio

We know you’ve been seeing all the Sesame Street memes on your social media. So you might be wondering, what’s all the recent hype about? Claire and Erica sit down with A.J Daulerio to discuss Sesame Street and an Adweek story from 2010 about Sesame Street’s social-media presence. They dive into Dan Lewis, the author of the Now I Know newsletter, who worked in strategy for Sesame Street during that time as well. And finally, you’ll hear about A.J’s newsletter, The Small Bow and his podcast, Really Good Shares, which both focus on recovery.

Rachel DeLoache Williams Goes Deep on Her Book About Fake Heiress Anna Delvey

The A Thing or Two Podcast hosts dive into one of the biggest recent headlines with special guest and author of My Friend Anna: The True Story of a Fake Heiress, Rachel DeLaoche Williams. Rachel, a victim of con-artist Anna Delvey’s up-town ruse, shares the inside scoop on her friendship with Anna Delvey, the betrayal, the court trials and emotional trials that came after and how she’s moving on. This episode is just super interesting and a MUST LISTEN for any of our true-crime friends out there. And if you’ve been struggling with betrayal or hurt by someone, check out this blog on how to forgive someone that hurt you.

Personal-Care Wonders We Enthusiastically Buy in Bulk

This one here is for my beauty and self-care lovers! If you’re looking for new products or to add something to your self-care routine, start here. Erica and Claire each share their favorite skin-care, makeup, hair and fragrance brands and products. And trust us, there’s a lot! And, since we know A Thing or Two Podcast get’s random sometimes (WHICH WE LOVE), you’ll also be hearing about Christmas trees and fancy glass blown ornaments. Wait – does buying ornaments count as self-care too?

Mickey Drexler and Sweet Potatoes—a Classic Combination?! 

Fashion and food all rolled into one episode? Sign us up! Hear fashion, meditation and home goods advice from special guest, the legendary Mickey Drexler. Drexler is a previous industry leader at J. Crew and Gap and now works for his son’s blossoming brand, Alex Mill. Also, find out Erica and Claire’s fashion fav’s and what they can always be caught wearing! And now the part you’ve been waiting for – the food part! Grab your notebook and pen because Erica and Claire also throw in three awesome, perfect-for-any-occasion, sweet potato recipes in addition to everything above.

Pledging to Shop Better

To be better ethical and environmental stewards, we can make small changes to our everyday lives that help us achieve this. One thing we can each do is pledge to shop more sustainably by researching and shopping only at businesses that are deserving of our money. Businesses that devote resources to equality, diversity and sustainability. And that’s what this episode is all about! Erica and Claire dive into the 15% pledge, ways to support black-owned businesses and share some super informational literature on small businesses, investment in female leaders and more!

What It Has Felt Like to Shut Down Our Company

In this very popular episode of A Thing or Two Podcast, Erica and Claire have a conversation about what it was like to step away from the business they built together for nine years. Hear about how they left behind Of a Kind, the popular website and business that sparked the beginning of their journey and dove into their current newsletter and podcast. Claire and Erica go on to discuss what they’re up to, how they coped with change and provide literature, such as How to Do Nothing by Jenny Odell, to those going through the same thing.

A Compelling Case for the Handwritten Thank You Note

Sometimes the best way we can gain clarity and happiness in our lives is by being grateful for all the little things in life. Imagine writing a letter everyday for something you are thankful for to bring awareness to all the amazing things we overlook. That’s exactly what special guest Gina Hamaday did! Hear from Gina and our A Thing or Two hosts as they discuss the multitude of life lessons that can come from completing this project. It’s important to remember to slow down and give thanks, and remind yourself how to focus on what really matters.

Solving Those Sleep, Energy, & Sex-Drive Mysteries with Base Founder Lola Priego

Lola Priego, special guest this episode, is the founder of at-home lab-testing company Base. Lola, and our hosts, dive into Base and what new companies like this mean in our advancing medical world. At-home lab-testing companies like Base can inform you of your hormones, vitamin and nutrient levels. Which directly contribute to your sleep, energy, sex-drive and more. They can then create a tailored plan to help you get your levels where they need to be. And possibly improve your quality of life. To learn more, be sure to check out this episode.

Love A Thing or Two Podcast Yet?

If you love a podcast that talks about this and that or should we say, a thing or two, or even “talk thingies,” then this is the one for you! This always-relevant podcast is perfect for the regular listener, or the listener who just needs some inspiration from time to time. And, if you do love A Thing or Two Podcast already, you can help support them by subscribing to their secret menu for only $4/month. The secret menu gives you early access to episodes and a newsletter with all of Erica and Claire’s best tips. If you have any favorite A Thing or Two episodes we didn’t mention here, please share! You can leave your recommendations in the comments below!