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Video & Graphics Creator


We’re looking to find a skilled video creator to work as a producer on a roster of video series, working alongside DM’s Audio Production and Content departments.


You’re creative, you’re fun, you enjoy making people laugh, and feel in your element behind the camera. You know what’s trending, what’s up next, and what’s on its way out. You create great content because being a videographer, editor and motion graphics artist gives you the understanding of the technical side of video editing. You feel comfortable around talent, you’re self sufficient but know when to lean into your team for help.

In short: You make great content because you have a vast understanding of the platforms and audiences this content exists on. You are creative at heart, but perform under pressure and can hit deadlines. Ideally, you also just happen to be a pleasure to be around.


  • Act as producer of DM video podcast series
  • Produce episodes on a weekly basis
  • Manage the setup of the studio audio/visual, edit and distribution on the backend
  • Be in studio during podcast recordings, ensure the interviews are recorded in full, without technical difficulties and that quality has been maintained throughout recording
  • Work alongside the Dear Media content team to support the production of day to day audio recordings
  • Edit quickly, effectively, make notes of key interview moments to be pulled for show promotion
  • Operate the backend of the show’s YouTube page
  • Contribute in team brainstorming sessions on new opportunities for Dear Media’s content and marketing strategy
  • Pitch creative ideas on how to utilize our vast inventory of interview video recordings.
  • Handle multiple projects at the same time while maintaining video quality and meeting deadlines.
  • Convert long form interviews into short form promotional assets for all Social Media platforms
  • Create graphics for video series
  • Produce and edit video commercials, as needed, for ad campaigns
  • Additional responsibilities as required


  • You must have experience with the Adobe Creative Suite and are familiar with best practices for video creation on different platforms. You must be comfortable handling multiple edits at a time under tight turn-around times.
  • 1-3 years of digital content production experience
  • Proven experience (Link to your current portfolio or website is required) creating daily video content for social platforms, demonstrating effective creative strategy in fast paced environments
  • Highly capable across the Adobe Creative Suite, most importantly Premiere and After Effects. Photoshop and Illustrator are great skills to have as well
  • Proficient with DAW’s such as Adobe Audition or ProTools
  • Excellent project management skills. You will work with multiple teams across a rapidly growing company. Other people/departments will be counting on you to deliver what is required of you in order for the company to succeed
  • Strong understanding in strategy of both long and short form content, and how to convert a singular piece of longform into a wide variety of videos for different platforms and formats effectively
  • You should know what these terms/phrases mean: (Compositions, sequence settings, key framing, captioning, title graphics, YouTube end card template, H.264 vs. MOV)
  • Experience working with DSLR cameras such as the Sony Cinema Line or similar
  • Basic understanding of how to properly light a room & talent for video recording
  • Proven ability to identify trending topics ahead of the curve
  • Basic understanding of graphic design, motion graphic titles and lower thirds, typography, and framing
  • Must possess an attention to detail
  • Ability to work well independently and hit deadline
  • Must be able to give and receive constructive feedback in a team environment.


  • You’re highly versatile, effective multi tasker, supportive of the team you work alongside
  • You are great at communicating, comfortable asking for help, you don’t shy away from opportunities to pitch new ideas
  • You admin meme pages/blogs/existing content accounts
  • You’re humorous, personable, accountable, someone talent will enjoy working and spending time with
  • You’re skilled in copywriting/messaging, can convey your thoughts succinctly and effectively as possible
  • You have passions and interests outside of work


  • Accepted file types: pdf, doc, docx.
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