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15 Mental Health Goals

We put a lot of emphasis on taking care of our physical health, but babe, let’s not forget about our mental health! Your mental health status can have a significant impact on your overall thoughts, emotions, and reactions to different situations. Meaning, that improving mental health is essential to true wellness.  Setting mental health goals […]

What is a High-Performance Mindset?
What is a High-Performance Mindset?

First of all, what’s a mindset? A mindset is a combination of how you think, perceive, behave, and feel about situations and problems. It’s how you approach the world. Your mindset can impact your personal and professional growth—both positively and negatively. This is because your mindset is a combination of your attitude, beliefs, expectations, and […]

How To Relax During Sex
How To Relax During Sex

Let’s talk about sex! It’s an intimate act that allows you to connect with another person on a much deeper level (vaguely inappropriate pun intended). It’s supposed to make you feel good,— emotionally and physically.  But feeling good isn’t exactly easy when you’re overwhelmed with negative and anxious thoughts. The inability to relax prevents you […]

How To Prioritize Mental Health
How To Prioritize Mental Health

We all know mental health is important. Our mental health status can seriously impact everything—our thoughts, our actions, our feelings, our interactions, our decisions, our resilience—whew, the list goes on!  Yet despite how overwhelmingly important mental health is, it doesn’t always get the attention it needs to thrive. It’s often a lower priority than physical […]

How Is Feminism Relevant Today
How Is Feminism Relevant Today?

Ask someone at random whether they think gender issues are still relevant today and you’re bound to get a wide range of answers. But, the MINUTE you mention feminism, people (men especially) get super touchy. That, in itself, is proof that although feminism has been around for many years, it’s definitely still relevant today. Although […]

Ways To Show Up For Yourself
10 Ways To Show Up For Yourself

In the crazy times we’re experiencing, it can be a struggle to make time for yourself and prioritize both your physical and mental health. That’s when the expression “show up for yourself” comes into play! But showing up for yourself is more than just taking a nice bubble bath every once in a while. It’s […]

Gifts That Support Mental Health
27 Gifts That Support Mental Health

We all know how hard the holidays are on your mental health. Seriously, YIKES. Mental health issues sometimes reach their all-time high this season and the reality is…the happiest time of the year can be the hardest time of the year for some of us.  And yet for others, there’s plenty of joy to go […]

Things You Should Know About Your Partner
14 Things You Should Know About Your Partner

Being in a relationship is all about getting to know someone on a deeper level. Understanding someone on the most fundamental and complex levels is one of the most beautiful things EVER. No matter how many times you get into that “learn everything about you” stage, it’s still exciting and fills you with all those […]

Myths About Depression
10 Myths About Depression

Today we wanna talk about something that’s often kept behind closed doors, despite being one of the most commonly diagnosed mental health disorders in the US: depression. If you just tensed up even reading the word, we’re with you, girl. You’re not alone. Depression is a medical condition that can stop you from doing the […]

How To Ask For Sex
How To Ask For Sex

The most important part of sex is not the position, the foreplay, or the climax—it’s the consent. It’s so important that both your emotional and physical relationship be built on trust and open communication. This is one of the foundations of a healthy relationship.  However . . . asking for sex is kind of awkward. […]

How To Set Boundaries With A Narcissist
How To Set Boundaries With A Narcissist

Narcissists—people who suffer from narcissistic personality disorder—are people who generally have an inflated sense of self-importance. They experience an obsessive need for admiration, feel entitled, and can tend to disregard others’ feelings. They likely view themselves as gifted and superior. Not all relationships with narcissists are bad, BUT they can be dangerous. Relationships with narcissists […]

Mental Health Reminders
8 Mental Health Reminders

The stigma of mental health has had a big impact on culture. Many people paint fake smiles, say they’re good, and keep all their mental struggles a secret for fear of being weak or burdensome on their friends and family. But, this is SO damaging to a person and really society as a whole! Luckily, […]

Ways To Improve Your Mental Health
10 Ways To Improve Your Mental Health

We all know our mental health is important. These days it seriously feels like a girl can’t catch a break. I mean really? When you’re balancing your career, family, friends, physical health, a pandemic, it adds up. Mental health refers to our psychological, physical, and even social well-being.  This key aspect of our lives is […]

What is Vanilla Sex?
What Is Vanilla Sex?

Let’s talk about sex, baby! Sex is kind of a big thing—as in, the definition of sex is hard to pin down. What counts as sex for some, doesn’t count for others. What you mean by sex—and how you prefer to have it—is entirely up to you. But there are some ways to narrow down […]

Shows Like The Summer I Turned Pretty
10 Shows Like The Summer I Turned Pretty

If you just finished binging season 2 of Amazon Prime Video’s The Summer I Turned Pretty and spinning over the conclusion of the infamous teenage love triangle, you’re not alone. Seriously, the relationships of childhood besties Belly Conklin (Lola Tung), Conrad (Christopher Briney), and Jeremiah (Gavin Casalegno) captured our full attention for the last couple […]

What is Slow Living?
What Is Slow Living?

Have you ever felt like there’s too much to do and not enough time in the day? Do you ever feel overwhelmed by all the commitments you have, rushing from one thing to the next?  Do you wish you could live slowly instead of running full speed ahead? That’s fast living, guys, and we all […]

Positive and Negative Effects of Divorce
Positive and Negative Effects of Divorce

Divorce is never welcome. No one has a goal of getting divorced. However, for a lot of really normal reasons, people need to separate. It’s just healthier sometimes for everyone involved to divorce and rebuild, whether it’s because of infidelity, money problems, lifestyle differences, or simply growing apart. And, even if ending the marriage is […]

Manifesting Methods
10 Manifesting Methods

Manifesting is ALL the rage right now, and for good reason. It’s all about tapping into the energy of the universe and aligning your thoughts, beliefs, and actions to attract what you desire. Exciting, right???  If it sounds familiar, you’re probs thinking of the “Law of Attraction,” which is basically what we’re talking about. Manifesting […]

Psychological Effects of Being the Other Woman
10 Psychological Effects of Being the Other Woman

Relationships with a married man are frowned upon and it’s always the other woman people blame. While in most cases it is true there are times when the lying cheating man is keeping things from both of the women. So, how do you deal when one day all of a sudden you find out that […]

Vulnerable Questions To Ask Your Partner
70+ Vulnerable Questions To Ask Your Partner

Relationships with deep connections and unbreakable bonds are something we all want! Everyone wants the Jay-Z to their Beyonce. The Tom Holland to their Zendaya, or the Freddie Prinze Jr. to their Sarah Michelle Gellar. However, relationships this special don’t just crop up overnight. Developing true intimacy takes time, patience, and strategy! One of the […]

How To Make Friends In Your Twenties
How To Make Friends In Your Twenties

When you’re a kid, making friends is seriously SO EASY. You roll up to a playground on a random morning, find some kids, and just join whatever game they’re playing. When your mom says it’s time to go, you leave without even knowing their name, because there will be friends at the next playground. There […]

How to Set Boundaries with Parents
How To Set Boundaries With Parents

Ever felt like you’re in a tug-of-war relationship with your parents? Well, we’ve all probably been there before. Truth is, relating with parents can be tough sometimes, but setting boundaries might just be what the doctor ordered for fewer clashes and less stress.  Yes, it might sound tricky, but trust us, establishing healthy boundaries can […]

Why Girls Like Guys with Ambition
Why Girls Like Guys With Ambition

There is a lot a girl looks for in a guy—and with good reason. No one should settle for anything less than the relationship they’ve dreamed of. (More on manifesting the love you desire here.) One of the main things we all look for in a man is ambition!  He doesn’t need to be a […]

TikTok Hacks You Should Know
20 TikTok Hacks You Should Know

Hey there, trendsetters! Let’s talk about the digital sensation that’s got everyone vibing – TikTok! With a whopping 150 million active users in the U.S. (that’s nearly half the crew), TikTok has totally changed pretty much every other media app out there with its short-form videos that you can endlessly scroll. There are lots of […]

How to Radiate Feminine Energy
How To Radiate Feminine Energy

We all want to give off good vibes. But, really giving off good vibes is about how you’re perceived by others. What about the way you want to perceive yourself??? We all want to FEEL good and FEEL powerful. And as women, we want to radiate feminine energy inside and out.  For centuries femininity was […]

90 Daily Affirmations For Work

What’s up, baddies? Welcome back to the Dear Media blog, where today, we’re talking all things daily affirmations! We are OBSESSED with the way affirmations totally change our daily life and long-term trajectory. There is something so calming, freeing, and empowering about incorporating affirmations into our everyday lives—but, you probably already know that. If you’ve […]

Affirmations for Self Love
100+ Affirmations For Self-Love

Self-love isn’t selfish. Self-love is how you empower yourself to reach your full freakin’ potential! (Hear more about this in this episode of ILYSM.) However, cultivating self-love isn’t easy, and most of the time we’re responsible for holding ourselves back and depriving ourselves of a happy life—and that totally sucks!  So, to help you build […]

What Are The 7 Stages Of Grief?
What Are The 7 Stages Of Grief?

“Grief”—yeah, we all seize up a little when we hear that word. No matter who you are, at some point in your life you’ve experienced the heartache and dread of tragedy, whether from a break-up, a job loss, a missed opportunity, or the death of a loved one. Grief strikes at seriously the worst possible […]

11 Positive Podcasts To Listen To
11 Positive Podcasts To Listen To

Podcasts have become SUPER popular. In fact, 1 in 5 Americans listen to podcasts every day. Every. Single. Day. This isn’t surprising to us at all, because we STANNNN podcasts too. (DUH!) But why, you ask? Well, not only are they a great way to be entertained and learn new information, but they’re also one […]

best headphones for podcasting
12 Best Headphones For Podcasting

When you decide to start a podcast, there is A TON of equipment you can invest in. Some things are essential like a good podcasting microphone, some things are luxuries like the Dear Media “Sounds Good” crewneck. (I mean, but that last one is also kind of essential to set good vibes for your recording […]

Coco Berthmann Full Story
Coco Berthmann Full Story: Here’s the Tea

Back in 2021 Michael and Lauryn Bosstick (the Dear Media founders), interviewed a human rights advocate named Coco Berthmann. She was big on social media, tugging at our heart strings with her harrowing story of surviving sex trafficking and battling stage 3 cancer.  Lauryn and the rest of the world were originally so moved by […]

Podcasts That Make You Think
13 Podcasts That Make You Think

Hey, friends! Let’s talk about the magical world of podcasts—where you can tune into your favorite content creators while conquering your to-do list, going for a run, or even pampering yourself with a face mask! Now, sometimes you might be feeling an entertaining podcast (we ALLL love those), but other times you’re looking to expand […]

How To Choose Podcast Logos

Hey there, fabulous podcasters-to-be! Let’s talk about one of the most exciting and sometimes overlooked parts of starting your podcast—choosing the perfect podcast logo! You know, your podcast logo is like the sparkling crown of your show—the first thing people see and the face of your brand. It’s what sets you apart, elevates your production […]

Therapist Red Flags
10 Therapist Red Flags

Alright, get that datebook out (and by datebook, we mean your Apple Cal.) You’ve got a salon appointment, a doctor’s check-up, an oil change, brunch with the girls, personal training—and therapy, right? We hope so!!! Therapy should seriously be as regular and normal as every other appointment on your calendar. It’s so important to take […]

Best Recording Microphones For Podcasting
14 Best Recording Microphones For Podcasting

People consume content in all sorts of ways, but podcasting is by far one of the most popular and effective ways to build a following, establish a brand, and share your message with the world. It’s a powerful way to share your stories, conduct interviews, teach fascinating topics, and engage with listeners from literally everywhere […]

You can vibe with someone by giving off good energy!
What Does It Mean To Vibe With Someone?

Do you remember making friends as a kid? It was SO EASY. We’d vibe with some kid from two states away at a public park and become absolute besties in under five minutes. Then, we’d play for literally hours without ever even learning each other’s names. What happened to that?! As an adult, relationships seem […]

10 Shows Like Love Island
10 Shows Like Love Island

One of the most powerful forces in pop culture is reality TV (aside from Taylor Swift, obvi). And, of all the reality TV out there, dating shows have to be some of our favorites. We loovvveee the romance, the scandals, and the DRAMA of competitive dating shows like Love Island USA … And, so does […]

40 Morning Affirmations
40 Morning Affirmations

What’s up, baddies? Welcome back to the Dear Media Blog, where today, we’re talking all things morning affirmations!!! Have you ever had moments of stress and anxiety in your life? Where do you just feel sooooo down and out? Yeah??? Well, we hear you and we’re here to tell you: we’ve all been there once […]

What Major Events Happened In 1996 And Why Is It Still Relevant Today?
What Major Events Happened In 1996 And Why Is It Still Relevant Today?

THE OLYMPICS ARE COMING BACK! What an exciting time for athletes, the United States, and of course the entire world.  It’s a rare example of an event in which the whole world comes together to recognize true talent, determination, national and personal pride, and dedication to physical and professional excellence. Dear Media is beyond excited […]

60 Manifesting Quotes
60 Manifesting Quotes

Hey there, gorgeous souls! Let’s talk about the wonderful world of manifesting. You’ve probably heard of the Law of Attraction, right? Well, manifesting is like its stylish cousin, rocking the same empowering vibes but with its own unique flair. Manifesting is the belief and technique that your thoughts have the power to shape your reality. […]

12 Podcast Photoshoot Ideas
12 Podcast Photoshoot Ideas

Wanna know the number one way people get a vibe for your brand? PHOTOS! Your branded photo sessions are the key to communicating the niche, tone, and topic of your podcast to your audience. But, these are not photos you take with your iPhone in your cousin’s vibey backyard pool. This is more than just […]

How To Shift Your Mindset & Stay Focused
How To Shift Your Mindset & Stay Focused

Mindset is everything, even if you don’t realize it. How you perceive the world affects every aspect of your daily life. Your mindset impacts your daily habits, everyday life, your ability to achieve your goals and dreams, and your personal thought process. If you have a positive mindset, you will react to things in a […]

how to level up in life
How To Level Up In Life

Have you ever felt like you’re stuck in a rut and not progressing in life? Same, babes. Same. Well, leveling up in life is where it’s at! Whether it’s your personal life, career, or relationships, we ALL (yes, each and every one of us) have areas where we can strive for self-improvement. Leveling up is […]

bedroom red flags
8 Bedroom Red Flags

The dating scene is fun, exciting, and downright WILD. However, when you’re looking for your next serious relationship, you gotta be on the lookout for red flags. You know what we’re talking about—red flags are those qualities of your new person that give you the ICK. Hates on your music taste??? Byyeee. Snap streaks with […]

How To Forgive Yourself
How To Forgive Yourself

Forgiveness is a crucial part of everyone’s life. It’s the act of letting go of any feelings, resentment, or anger. When you don’t allow yourself to move on from your past mistakes you hold your mind hostage. It starts to wreak havoc on your everyday life, making it hard to do simple things like a […]

Things Your Partner Should Never Say To You
13 Things Your Partner Should Never Say To You

Communication in a relationship is ev-ery-thing. You need great communication to start a relationship, build a relationship, and, most importantly, maintain a relationship. And, when you’re talking or arguing (no couple is perfect), words matter. The wrong words can break boundaries, hurt feelings, and throw up HUGE red flags.  Negative words and phrases can seriously […]

How To Make A Jingle For A Podcast
How To Make A Jingle For A Podcast

Are you thinking about starting a podcast and want to make it truly memorable? Then, you MUST pay attention to the magical world of podcast jingles! You know, those catchy tunes that dance into your ears and instantly make you want to groove along. Well, guess what? The way you start and end your podcast […]

10 Podcasts For Hot Girl Walks
10 Podcasts For Hot Girl Walks

Hot girl walks hit the streets in 2021 as a way of empowering women after lockdown. Let’s face it, during quarantine we lost ourselves, stopped reaching for our goals, and forgot how freakin’ hot we were. Hot girl walks were born to bring that all back. They were first popularized on TikTok, but they’ve become […]

15 Best Software For Podcasting
15 Best Software For Podcasting

Have you ever considered starting your own podcast? Well, it just might be one of the best decisions you ever make! Not only does it allow you to express your passions and interests, but it also provides a platform to connect with others and share valuable insights. A BIG WIN for both you and your […]

How To Give Off Good Vibes
How To Give Off Good Vibes

Have you ever been around someone who just radiates good vibes? Someone who always seems to have a smile on their face, a kind word to say, and a positive energy that just makes you feel better? Well, that’s what we call good vibes. Learning to give off good vibes can truly make you a […]

How To Get More Podcast Downloads
How To Get More Podcast Downloads

A successful podcast is not measured by the size of its podcast directory or the quality of its podcast website. No way!! A successful podcast is measured by the amount of episode downloads. This number tells you whether or not people are vibing with your content and listening all the way through.  When these numbers […]

How To Start A Skincare Routine For Beginners
How To Start A Skincare Routine For Beginners

As Molly Sims of Lipstick on the Rim puts it, “It all starts with the skin.” Skincare is such an important part of not only our health and beauty, but of our mind and soul! Practicing good skincare isn’t a luxury treatment, but an essential form of self-love. That means you should have a skincare […]

How To Turn Your Podcast Into A Business
How To Turn Your Podcast Into A Business

Podcasting has become an incredibly popular medium in recent years and for GOOD REASON. There are many reasons why people choose to start a podcast, from wanting to share their ideas and passions with others, to building a community or business around their content. So, it’s no wonder it seems like everyone has one!  Some […]

How To Get Guests For Your Podcast
How To Get Guests For Your Podcast

People tune in to podcasts to hear from people they don’t have access to in their everyday life. Podcast hosts are able to invite interesting guests onto their show and allow listeners to tune in and be a fly on the wall for a private conversation. By tuning in, listeners gain access to entertainment, insight, […]

Best Self-Help Podcasts
16 Best Self-Help Podcasts

The internet has made getting self-help resources way easier than it was in the past. You don’t have to buy a book or see a motivational speaker to find ways of bettering your life and finding fulfillment. (Though we love a good self-help book and speaking event.) Self-help podcasts are the perfect way to invest […]

Why Start a Podcast For Your Business
Why Start a Podcast For Your Business

The marketing landscape has been constantly changing since the advent of the internet and social media. Gone are the days of just TV and radio ads and print ads in magazines. Today, businesses have a plethora of channels to promote their products and services, including digital marketing. Digital marketing has been on the rise in […]

How To Make Time At Work Go Faster
How To Make Time At Work Go Faster

Time never seems to be on your side. When you want time to slow down, it flies by. And, when you want time to go fast, it drones on and on. We notice this the most when we’re at work and the clock just won’t move. This perception often comes from boredom, procrastination, anxiety, burnout, […]

Easy Remote Podcast Setup
Easy Remote Podcast Setup

A remote podcast setup refers to recording a podcast from anywhere. With this setup, podcast creators have the opportunity to record from different locations or invite guests from different parts of the country, and yes – even the world. Invariably, it opens up a world of ENDLESS possibilities and topics. Recording remotely is an essential […]

Asian American Podcast Hosts You Need To Know
8 Asian American Podcast Hosts You Need To Know

Podcast hosts are the soul of any show. They make or break how entertaining, informative, and inspiring each episode is. Highlighting podcast hosts for not only their content but who they are and where they came from is one of the best ways we can get to know the person behind the mic. May is […]

why does everyone have a podcast
Why Does Everyone Have A Podcast?

Podcasting has become a sensation in the entertainment industry in recent years. The history of podcasting dates back to 2004, but gained momentum only in the last decade. This is largely due to the rise of smartphones and social media, and we’re totally here for it. Not to mention, the ease of creating and sharing […]

TIKTOK wellness influencers
10 TikTok Wellness Influencers

When you hear the word wellness, you may just think of elementary gym class, but wellness is so much more than physical fitness! Wellness is about an overall state of mental, physical, and spiritual well-being. And, in recent years, people have taken charge of all aspects of their wellness to feel more joy and peace […]

Best Podcast Intros
8 Best Podcast Intros

There are over 5 million podcasts on a given streaming platform. Standing out among all those podcasts can be really tough, and new listeners don’t give you a lot of time to win their favor. In fact, the average podcast listener gives a new episode about 5 minutes before dropping off. That doesn’t give you […]

how to get on podcasts
How To Get on Podcasts

Podcasts have come A LONG WAY since they first emerged in the early 2000’s. (See the full history of podcasting here.) Initially a niche medium, podcasts have grown in popularity over the years, with more and more people tuning in to their favorite shows. Today, there are over 2.5 million active podcasts and over 48 […]

TikTok Food Hashtags
24 TikTok Food Hashtags You Need to Know

We have all heard the term “hashtag,” but what is it, really? A hashtag is a way of categorizing videos, so the right people can find the content they’re looking for. On TikTok, creators upload videos and add a brief caption or description with a few hashtags. These hashtags allude to the content in the […]

Best Health Podcasts
10 Best Health Podcasts

Listening to podcasts has become a new trend, and it’s not hard to see why. There are over a million active podcasts right now, covering an incredible variety of topics, interests, and hobbies. Whether you want to stay up-to-date with news and current events, or you are simply looking for a way to kill time […]

how to record a podcast with two mics
How To Record a Podcast With Two Mics

If you’re interested in creating your own podcasts and don’t know how to go about it, don’t worry. Most of today’s top podcasters have been right where you are – and here at Dear Media, we’re here to guide you along your podcasting journey. Today, we’re giving you all the facts on how to record […]

US tiktok influencers
15 U.S. TikTok Influencers We’re Loving

TikTok is one of the most popular social media platforms in the U.S. with over 150 million active users—that’s almost half the population. It’s SO popular. After Vine died, it became the dominating short-form video platform and though many channels have adopted similar quick vid formats, TikTok still reigns supreme for internet user’s favorite sources […]

How To Monetize A Podcast
How To Monetize A Podcast

Creating a podcast is a long-term investment. If you recently started a podcast, then you know how much effort, money, resources, and time one has to pour into it to succeed. Monetizing a podcast takes time. You won’t be able to bring in the bacon at episode one, or even episode 20 for that matter. […]

outdoor podcast setup
How To Create An Outdoor Podcast Setup

The demand for podcasts has been growing rapidly in recent years and it’s easy to see why. Podcasts offer a unique and intimate listening experience, allowing you to learn, laugh, and be entertained on-the-go. While high-quality audio is a priority when it comes to podcasting, you don’t necessarily need an indoor podcast studio to achieve […]

Best Entrepreneur Podcasts
15 Best Entrepreneur Podcasts

15 Best Entrepreneur Podcasts If you’re an entrepreneur, it’s not news to you that there’s a lot you don’t know. Whether you’re brand new to running a business or you’ve been doing it for a while, one of the most valuable things in your entrepreneurial journey is insight and wisdom. Learning essential skills of an […]

How to change your life in 30 days
How To Change Your Life in 30 Days

When it comes to self-improvement, making small changes over time can lead to big results. This is where 30-day challenges come into play. Setting a specific goal for a month and committing to it can be a powerful tool for personal growth. It easily gives you the momentum needed to create meaningful changes in different […]

Funny TikTok Hashtags To Check When You Need A Good Laugh
6+ Funny TikTok Hashtags To Check When You Need A Good Laugh

TikTok is one of the best places to decompress. No matter your interests, there is loads of content to feed your latest obsessions. Anything from self-care to travel could pop up on your For You page to provide the perfect curated playlist for your afternoon doomscrolling.  Though we all have different interests and guilty pleasures, […]

Best Podcasts For Road Trips
25 Best Podcasts For Road Trips

The Best Podcasts For Road Trips Everyone loves a good road trip, we mean seriously… who doesn’t? From the sights to the sounds to the company a properly planned road trip could be everything you need for a mental reset; a much-needed vacation from your normal day-to-day. A good road trip helps you to clear […]

how to find a mentor
How To Find A Mentor

In the world of podcasting, influencing, and content creation especially, but in really any career out there, a relationship with a mentor is one of the most valuable connections you can make.  No matter your age or goals, a mentor can help you thrive through all life has to throw at you!  Though not everyone […]

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