People tune in to podcasts to hear from people they don’t have access to in their everyday life. Podcast hosts are able to invite interesting guests onto their show and allow listeners to tune in and be a fly on the wall for a private conversation. By tuning in, listeners gain access to entertainment, insight, and perspectives they wouldn’t normally get to hear. From the host’s perspective, having influential guests on your show can add a lot of value as well. You gain promotion, street cred, and of course epic content for that episode. If you’re just starting out, you might be wondering how to get guests for your podcast. So today, we’re sharing all the ways you can contact and book guests to get the very best individuals to hop on your show.

How To Get Guests For Your Podcast

Start with your friends, close connections, and people from your niche.

Especially when you’re brand new to your podcast niche or the industry as a whole, it’s ideal to start with people you know personally. You probably have a friend or two that will bring something valuable to your show. Consider your close connections, their personalities, and their specialties, and think about the theme for an episode with them as your guest. Get your friend, industry connection, or family member on board and record a killer episode together. Once you’ve recorded, ask them to introduce you to other people in the industry. This way, you keep the good fire guests coming!

Make a branded promotional deck for potential guests.

Reaching out via email to introduce yourself is always a great idea. But how you reach out can make all the difference. So rather than having to write a long email introducing yourself, your show, and the value you can add, be strategic. Reach out with a branded promotional deck or media kit. This can be a simple, branded, one-page PDF explaining who you are, what your show is about, and the kind of content you regularly produce. You can also include a picture of yourself, your social media handles, relevant statistics, and listener demographics. Feel free to sell yourself and the value of being your show. That way your initial communication feels more personal and conversational, but you still provide more detail for anyone seeking a snapshot of your show.

Reach out to your favorite content creators.

Content creators of all kinds are an ideal start when you’re building out your list of potential podcast guests. Content creators are used to doing interviews, enjoy conversation, and enjoy putting themselves out there in a natural and authentic way. They’re typically quite open to jumping on someone else’s platform in order to promote their own. So they really are the ideal guest in a lot of ways. Simply make a list of your favorite content creators and start reaching out! You can email or message them on social media. If you’re reaching out on social media, make sure you have a strong, positive brand presence on the account you’re reaching out from. More on digital presence and branding HERE.

Invite people with upcoming releases.

This strategy is one that harvests the best results. Keep an eye out for influencers, businesses, celebrities, or your favorite brands that have new products coming out. People who are about to release something to the market are always eager to talk about it and get their product to reach a wider audience. And your podcast can help them with that! Invite them to your show for an interview about their new release and explain how it can serve both your audience and their product launch. For more insight into how influencers feel when launching a product, tune into this episode.

Don’t shy away from Facebook groups.

Believe it or not, Facebook groups are a great resource for finding podcast guests. If you are in groups related to your podcast’s niche, you’ve got a gold mine of podcast guests just waiting for an invite. If there are members of the group constantly creating content and sharing valuable insight, DM them! Research each member and the moderators. Maybe one of them is the perfect guest to kick-start a series of podcast interviews.

Search for shows with relevant content.

When it comes to finding potential podcast guests for your show, collaboration over competition is KEY. Therefore, fellow podcast hosts in your niche make great interview guests for your show. Research to find the podcasts that align most with your podcast. Then listen to a couple of episodes to make sure they are a good fit. If you feel like the vibe would be ideal for you and your audience, shoot them an email or DM for a podcast interview swap. It really is that easy! 

Research podcasts, blogs, & businesses that are relevant to your target audience.

When you host a podcast, you’re not just creating content in your own wheelhouse of knowledge. After all, the whole point of inviting guests is to gain insight into things you’re not the sole expert on. Inviting guests to your show can help you create content for your target audience. So make a list of all the things your target audience might be into, and start researching the top creators and business owners in those fields. For example, if your podcast is all about healthy food, your target audience is likely interested in wellness, fitness, cooking tips, dieting, etc. Or if your podcast is about politics, your target audience might also be interested in journalism topics, media, current events, and non-profit organizations. Once you figure out what your target audience is interested in, you can find podcasts, blogs, and businesses in those spaces and invite them on your show.

Ask your audience for guest suggestions.

Your audience is truly the most important thing when it comes to creating a successful podcast. So why not ask them who they want to listen to? Your listeners will definitely appreciate being included in the conversation. And we promise, they will send some unique and interesting suggestions. Asking your audience and posting their suggestions via social media can also be a smart move – just tag the potential guests to get their attention! A public invite in a fun cheeky way just might do the trick.

Connect with potential guests online.

Inviting someone to interview for your podcast can be a little nerve-racking if you don’t know them at all. To avoid any awkwardness, it’s best to connect and network a bit with potential guests before approaching them officially. So make sure you’re following the people you hope to invite as guests on your show. Engage on their blog, and social media, and be authentic about it. Do a little social networking before you ask them to join a podcast conversation with you. The key is to let them know who you are before you hit their email with an invitation to hop on your show.

Attend events relevant to your niche.

Industry events are a great resource for networking. Not only do you get to meet people from your niche, but you can also interact with them in real life. Connecting IRL can help you realize if there’s good chemistry between you and a potential podcast guest.

Allow potential guests to request to be on your show.

We love this idea! If you’re always on the hunt for podcast guests, you can include a simple “request to be on the show” form on your website. Simply make a contact page on your website or use a third-party app. Allow potential guests to answer a few questions so you can consistently have individuals applying to be on your show. You can set some simple standards for potential guests too so they know why they might not get approved. For example, maybe they have to have a website, or a business, product, or service. You can also include a space for them to pitch potential episode ideas so you know what they generally enjoy talking about.

Try a podcast guest service.

If everything else fails, you can always use a matchmaking service. There are many services that connect podcast hosts with great guests. It’s almost like a dating app, but for podcasters. Pick your favorites and send your guest a message to invite them to your show. Just Google search “podcast guests matchmaker” and you will see a few options to choose from.

Do Podcast Guests Get Paid?

So, you’re wondering if podcast guests get paid, huh? Well, it’s a bit of a mixed bag. Some podcasts have a budget to compensate their guests, while others offer exposure, promotion, or other non-monetary benefits. And then there are those guests who are just happy to share their expertise or promote their brand or business without receiving any payment at all. So, it really depends on the podcast and the guest’s priorities. But hey, if you’re thinking of becoming a podcast guest, it’s always worth asking about the compensation situation beforehand. Can’t hurt to try, right?

How do you book guests on your podcast?

Finding podcast guests should be a piece of cake after implementing these strategies. Remember, it’s all about networking and offering synergy to potential guests. Be passionate about your show and why they would make such an impressive addition to an episode. This will make them excited to collaborate with you. And don’t be too hard on yourself if you get a no. At the end of the day, you want guests that are excited and can add a lot of value. Also if you’re a seasoned podcaster we would love to know your tips for booking podcast guests. Have you had any guests on your podcast? What are your favorite strategies for finding them? We’d love to hear your stories in the comments!