6 and 9 - Dear Media - New Way to Podcast

6 and 9

with Lexi, Shannon, and Tiffany Wood

Welcome to our show! Family dinner is at 6, and pre-drinks are at 9. We’re serving laughs, cocktails, and lots of stories we probably shouldn’t share. In this multi-generational mother, daughter podcast, nothing is off the table. Lexi, Shannon, and Tiffany are unfiltered, uncensored, and undone! You’re invited!


  • School Sucks
  • Open Relationships
  • EXPOSING Our Own Red Flags
  • 6&9 Q&A V
  • Dating Apps- A Love-Hate-Love Relationship
  • Happy HOElloween
  • Handcuffed or Blindfolded? & Other ‘Would You Rather?’ Questions
  • Stuck In Paris- Our Travel Traumas
  • 6&9 Q&A IV
  • Vegans Have Better Sex... Pass It On
  • The Best Tips and Tricks for the Ultimate Glow Up
  • Reporting to You Live From New York Fashion Week
  • Relationship Red Flags & Green Flags
  • 6&9 Q&A III
  • Girl Power- Dating the Same Guy Made Us a New Friend
  • First Dates: The Good, The Bad, and the FootJob
  • Modelling is No F***ing Joke II- NYC Here We Come!
  • Modelling Is No F***ing Joke
  • 6&9 Q&A II
  • The Art of The Nude
  • We Love Long Distance Relationships!
  • Love Yourself! Our Best Bad Bitch Advice
  • 6&9 Q&A
  • Is It Possible to Be Friends With an Ex?
  • Best Friend Breakups (& Make Ups)
  • To Snoop or Not to Snoop
  • Get to Know the Girls of 6&9 - Who Is Most Likely To...
  • 6 and 9 Trailer
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