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Because Life

with Sydel Curry-Lee

Though Sydel Curry-Lee became known in the digital space for entrepreneurship, athleticism, and tastemaking in the beauty community, her mission online has always been to surface the topic of mental health to the forefront of conversation. Having struggled with her own mental health for several years, Sydel aims to de-stigmatize the discussion around mental health and offer first hand advice on how we can all discuss the subject better as well as things we can do to improve our mental health. BECAUSE LIFE centers around an open and honest discussion amongst Sydel, a mental health professional, and listener input regarding topics ranging from confronting anxieties to being a supportive ally when someone close to you is struggling with their mental health. This podcast also shines a light on the under-discussed topic of mental health within the BIPOC community and how that brings with it its own set of unique struggles.


  • Connor Franta: The Toll of Posting Amidst Cancel Culture, Romancing Yourself, and more!
  • Q+A With My Husband Damion Lee!
  • Arielle Lorre: Overcoming Addiction, Consistent Self-Care & Finding Your Purpose
  • My Pre-Labor Diary: Pain Anxiety & Fear of the Unknown (feat. Damion Cameo)
  • Gizelle Bryant + Robyn Dixon: Pandemic Blues, Navigating Bravo Fandom & RHOP Tea
  • Hunter McGrady: Sex & Intimacy During Pregnancy. (Sorry, Damion!)
  • Ayesha Curry: Postpartum Depression, Labor Anxieties & Sister-in-Law Advice
  • Ask a Therapist: Post-Pandemic Adjustments
  • Nabela Noor: The Journey to her Miracle Pregnancy & What’s Next
  • Giannina Gibelli: Mental Toll of the Pods, Radical Honesty & More
  • Ask a Therapist: Relationships (Codependency, Dating Anxiety, Boundaries & More)
  • Prenatal Anxieties & Navigating Mental Health as a Black Man
  • Personal life updates, the mental toll of the Abortion Ban & more
  • Relationship Real Talk (feat. Hunter & Michaela McGrady)
  • Pain has a Purpose (feat. Dr. Jackie)
  • Ask a Therapist Q&A: Stress vs. Anxiety, Supporting Loved Ones, Triggers & More
  • Overcoming Tragedy & Becoming Unbreakable (ft. the ‘Five Foot One Teacher,’ Brittany Sinitch)
  • Finding Your Rainbow Sherbet Moment
  • Relationship with Self as a Function of Healing (feat. Molly Carmel)
  • Post-Adoption Depression & Middle Child Syndrome…Let’s talk about it
  • Fertility & Mental Health Q&A – Navigating Jealousy, Anxiety, Loneliness & More
  • Overcoming Unimaginable Grief
  • Navigating Mental Health with Astrology (w/ The Pattern App Founder, Lisa Donovan)
  • Mental Health in our Education System: A Deep Dive into the Structural
  • My Journey to Parenthood and the Mental Toll
  • Giving Ourselves Permission
  • Forgiveness vs. Acceptance
  • I Am Deserving
  • Mental Health….Let’s Talk About It
  • Relearning Myself (w/ Jordan Madison and Jazmin Smith)
  • Because Life Trailer
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