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Crush the Mindset Spiral

with Topsie Vandenbosch

Crush the Mindset Spiral is a podcast designed for the business owner ready to turn their self doubt into inner belief, their fears into fuel, and their obstacles into opportunities. You will learn the top mindset strategies and shifts that you will need to experience freedom from the negative thought patterns that threaten your success in entrepreneurship- because what you think, affects the way you feel, which impacts the way that you behave. Each Thursday- tune in to hear my raw thoughts & unfiltered perspective about what it takes to run a successful business, & learn the mindset shifts necessary for taking your business to the next level.


  • See you soon- Season end + final thoughts
  • The impossible standards you might be holding yourself to + what happened at the CMT Awards & the shows you need to be watching STAT
  • You’ll never lose momentum in biz- here’s why +what ive been reading and whats droppin on netflix that im excited for
  • Here’s how to know if it's time to pivot your brand Featuring Victoria Garrick of The Real Pod + Britney Spears is pregnant?, Bennifer is engaged (again, eyeroll) and why megachurches are problematic
  • Are you seeking validation from social media for biz? + My raw thoughts on Will Smith Oscar shenanigans, a hot take from O.J. Simpson that no one asked for & someones’ junk deflated?
  • Crushing the fear of visibility+ Carole Baskin is tikkytokkin, are you refusing to fart? + when your job doesnt pay well you can do this
  • What Am I Good At? Chinae Alexander on Selling Smarter Not Harder, Asking for What she Deserves, and Crushing her Mindset F**cks
  • Sometimes Imposter Syndrome Invites you to do this + Parachuting Spider and thoughts on Emo Batman?
  • Jaclyn Johnson on Getting in Early, Angel Investing, and Letting Go of Keeping Up
  • Kenzie Elizabeth on Living the Dream in the Digital Space, plus Thoughts on The Tinder Swindler Scheming, French Fry Fragrances, and more Celebrity Tea
  • You're disconnected from your clients- and thats why this is happening, Plus: Eminems' makeup fail, Dax Shephards gas issues, and what this Michigan sheriff is gifting women on Valentines Day  
  • Just because they can pay- doesnt mean they belong + Peloton gift to laid off employees, Texas AG sues IG influencer, and why you cant help everyone with your services
  • Are Your Goals Even Yours? Plus dangerous VR headsets, Tiger Kings misfortune, and the reason why your goals are no longer fulfilling you
  • How I made Jealousy My Bi***, Plus a woman finds 3 million in her email, cars that fly, + how jealousy can be the catalyst for a 6 Fig year
  • You're Not Sorry: Plus Tristans sloppy apology, Ye + Julia Fox, and Megan Fox and MGK's nasty drink preference. 
  • You Might Be Entitled- Plus Britney and her sisters public fight, the stupid reason a man is suing his mom, and Has Karma Found Lori Loughlin?
  • Are you Minding Their Business or Yours?: Plus, Is Nicholas Cage pretentious?, Game of Thrones prequel, & the impact of paying attention to what everyone else is doing
  • Why You Can’t (and Shouldn’t Try to) Buy Friendships: Plus TikTok Kitchens, Expensive Tesla Batteries, & what Omarion & Omicron Have in Common
  • We’re all tired: Will Smith & Jada petition, Alec Baldwin, Robot babies, and why a client talked trash about your program or service
  • I'm not buyin it: Kim K, Adele's only request, and why your corporate experience helps you stand out from the competition
  • Stop Waiting for Permission: Tiger King, Von Dutch, and why your business is successful right now
  • It’s Not Personal: Travis Scott Being Sued, an Embryo Mixup, and Establishing Emotional Boundaries with Your Business and Your Clients
  • What You've Been Avoiding: Plus Leaky Space Toilets, Real Housewives of Dubai & Jessica Simpson
  • You Missed the Assignment: Schemes, Scams, and Recognizing the Wealth WITHIN
  • How is This Helpful? Ye, Kourtney, and Oversharing Online
  • Let Them Go: Free Britney, WTF Happened to Brittany Murphy, and How to Release Clients from their Contract (and Release Yourself of the Guilt)
  • Hard Pass on Haunted Drive-Thrus & Using Emotional Intelligence to Avoid Scams
  • When your partner cant control or predict your income- this happens
  • Stop using business as a distraction your relationship- do this instead
  • If you struggle with sharing your financial wins with your partner- then this is for you
  • Why People Are Not The Source of Your Income- Your Gifts Are
  • How to Know if You're Disqualifying Yourself from Rooms in Entrepreneurship
  • Why Giving Away Free Value Keeps You Broke as A Business Owner
  • Introducing Crush The Mindset Spiral
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