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Dear Doula

with Brandi Jordan

What if parenting could evoke a sense of calm, joy, and connection? Brandi Jordan, baby and parenting expert, not only believes that it can, but that it should with the right mix of empathy and grace! What if you had a village that was available for weekly support, advice, inspiration, and practical tips to make this parenting journey not only easier, but enjoyable? Grab a cup of tea and join Brandi as she dives into deep conversations that will help you to rediscover your intuition, joy, and sense of calm, along with interesting guests to give you the parenting village that you always knew you needed.


  • My Favorite Doula Hacks!
  • The Best Laid Plans: Navigating Daycare, Dropoffs, and all the Anxieties of Handing Off Your Little One
  • Teaching Children the Gifts of Our Differences
  • Motherhood and Mental Health with Alyson Hempsey
  • Sex, mental health, parenthood and living the life with Eileen Kelly
  • Everything You Need to Know About Your Reproductive Health With Sierra Bizzell
  • Should You Birth With a Midwife or Doctor?
  • The Most Important Thing
  • Could “Human Design” Be the Key to Parenting With Ease?
  • Selflessness vs. Self-Sacrifice in Motherhood
  • Why Every Birthing Body Needs to Have a Visit With the “Down There” Doctor
  • Motherhood, Hard Conversations, and Being Open to Change
  • Dealing With Infant Loss in a Post Roe vs Wade World
  • BADASS MOM SERIES: Motherhood, friendships, and what really matters in the early years with Chriselle Lim and Sara Sohn
  • Trauma, resilience, and living on your own terms with Alexis Haines
  • Are We There Yet? Tips for summer travel with young children
  • Parenting, school shootings, and remembering hope
  • Lactation education is NOT formula shaming and why that matters right now
  • Can you heal your body with touch? Taking healing into your own hands with the ancient practice of Jin Shin Jyutsu
  • Mother’s Day Special featuring Brandi’s Mom! Useful advice on how moms and daughters can develop a strong friendship into adulthood
  • My biggest regrets as a mother, yet there is still time…
  • The BIGGEST changes that parenthood brings: why you shouldn’t be scared & how you can mentally prepare
  • My Best Tips for Fixing Your Child’s Sleep Issues
  • It’s okay to be unmotivated: how to embrace the ebbs and flows, re-spark that motivation, set boundaries, and show up as the best parent you can be
  • Asking for help, manifesting peace in parenthood, and conquering postpartum mental health with Gabrielle Bernstein
  • Learning to be a calmer parent
  • BADASS MOM SERIES: Living the Luxe life with Pia Baroncini
  • Everything we wish you knew about motherhood with Lauren Leeds
  • Ellen Marie Bennett on Being an Entrepreneur and a New Mom, Support Systems to Successfully Co-Parent, and Establishing an Expansive Taste Palate with Baby
  • Healing the Mother Wound: Raising Future Ancestors, Embodying Leadership, and Replacing Toxic Messaging in the Latinx Community with Leslie Priscilla
  • BADASS MOM SERIES: How Parenthood Can Spark Creativity with Actor Grey DeLisle
  • What Would Your Ancestors Say? Parenting and Healing From the Past with Family Constellation Facilitator Meenadchi
  • The Holistic Sleep Tips that Nobody is Talking About
  • Answers to My Most-Asked Questions by New Parents
  • The Power of Partners during Postpartum
  • Doula Diaries Part 1: Paper Training Children, New Dads off To Vegas, and Other Things I've Seen in my 20+ Years as a Doula
  • Finally: What are we really supposed to feed our littles- with Jessica Diamond
  • Blended Family: The Art of Unconditional Love
  • Grieving The Dream
  • BADASS MOM SERIES: Finding yourself through parenthood with Shenae Grimes-Beech
  • "Parenting From The Inside Out?"
  • We Deserve To Live- A Story on the Black Maternal Health Crisis
  • Are You Too Attached to Attachment Parenting?
  • Is Your Body Baby Ready?
  • Is Your Body Baby Ready?
  • The Politics of Feeding Littles: Breastfeeding vs Formula & Being an Informed Parent Either Way
  • Confusing Worry for Love: Getting Better at Being Happy
  • Mandy Moore on Balancing Motherhood, Returning to Work, and More
  • Calm in Contagious
  • The Lie of a Good Night's Sleep
  • Introducing Dear Doula
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