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Digging Deep

with Dr. Sasha Shokrian

Each of our lives is compiled of stories. Each Monday, Dr. Shokrian will help you dig deeper into those stories. In each episode, you will hear raw, uncensored stories by people like you. We'll also hear from experts in the field to help us detangle some of these narratives. Tune in and be sure to subscribe.


  • What it means to be an empath & How to navigate the world as one with Dr. Sasha Shokrian 
  • Lessons in Loss with Tania Nahai
  • Finding a Self within the Chaos and Discovering Trust within the Body with Lisa Hayim
  • Paralysis to Pilates… A Forma Revolution with Liana Levi
  • The Science Behind Manifesting: Quantum Love with Dr. Laura Berman
  • Transforming The Mother Within Us with Elissa Goodman
  • Why We Self Betray and How to Self Evolve with Marriage & Family Therapist Maria Sosa
  • Who the BLEEP Am I with Dr Sasha Shokrian
  • Digging Deep Trailer
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