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Divorced Not Dead

with Caroline Stanbury

Caroline Stanbury is divorced, not dead. Remember when you were destined for the spinster life if you found yourself without marital bliss after 40? Forget that! Recently divorced at the age of 44, Caroline is here to let you know that not only is there life after divorce - it can be your best one yet!


  • The Teenager
  • Finding Happiness with Mrs. Hilfiger
  • Dating with Green Flags
  • Pretty Fu**ing Amanzing!
  • I’m me, again!
  • Girl Talk with Melissa Rivers
  • The Narcissist
  • Widowed, not Wallowing
  • The Other Side of The Coin
  • Intimacy with Dr. Emily
  • Relationship Q&A
  • Confessions with a Serial Dater!
  • F*** Fear!
  • I’m The Cake, Now Where’s My Cherry?
  • Selfish is the new Black!
  • Make it Happen with Special Guest Roxie Nafousi
  • No Shame, No Blame
  • Fix Your Space, Free Your Mind
  • Let's Talk Skin!
  • Life According to Susan Sarandon
  • Drop The Shame, Live For the Sparkles!
  • Ladies Who Don't Lunch!
  • To Freeze, or not to Freeze?
  • Ready, or NOT!
  • Bringing Sexy Back!
  • Unapologetically Me
  • The Dating Game; Minus The Games!
  • ‘‘If We Survive The Himalayas, We Can Survive Anything’
  • ‘The Glass is Full’ with Caroline’s Dear Friend Dr. Kat Cohen, CEO & Founder of IvyWise, Leading Independent University Admissions Counselor, Female Entrepreneur, Best-Selling Author, and Mother
  • You never know what the future is, because you’re not in it!’ with Special Guest ‘The Mind Architect’ Peter Crone
  • 'That Gut Feeling' with Entrepreneur, Gut Health and Low Inflammation Diet Expert Yalda Alaoui
  • The Fire Inside
  • ‘On and Up’ with Mindie Barnett. Celebrity Publicist, Author and Motivational speaker.
  • ‘The Flipside’ with Juliet Angus...The Ex Ladies of London ‘Bravo TV Star’ and Uber stylish Social Media Influencer
  • Jealous Bitc**s
  • ‘Strapped not Trapped’ with Special Guest, Executive Life Coach Elizabeth Pearson
  • Holding Back The Years
  • ‘The Boyfriend’
  • The Impossible Balance
  • ‘Untamed’ with guest: Lauryn Evarts Bosstick aka The Skinny Confidential
  • The Motherf**kers
  • Newly Divorced, But Stuck In A Rut
  • Why Dating Younger Annoys Men Not Women!
  • 11 Marriages, 9 Divorces (and a Partridge in a Pear Tree) with Adam Newell
  • Digitally Detoxed, Not Dead with Victoria Stanbury
  • The Divorce Lawyer Without a Pre-nup with Kristyl Berckes
  • Co-Parenting with Sophie Stanbury
  • Single, But Not Swiping
  • I Now Pronounce You An Ex-Wife
  • Life Begins at 40
  • How to Know When a Marriage is Over
  • Divorced Not Dead - Premiering August 05!
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