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Earth to Ariana

with Ariana Madix

Ariana’s new podcast, Earth to Ariana is designed to form meaningful connections between Ariana, her friends and her fans. Dressed in their comfiest clothes and creating a safe space for sharing, each week, Ariana and a celebrity guest will break boundaries and the fourth wall by tackling topics like destigmatizing mental health, prioritizing self-care and sharing the weird truths they usually keep to themselves. The goal of Earth to Ariana is to encourage Ariana and her guests to let their guard down, take off the makeup, pour some wine, and get comfortable being uncomfortable.


  • Dream Phone Steve is MINE
  • Hello, Sydney (w/ Brad Kearns)
  • The Person We're Dumping Is... (w/ Deb Chubb & Jesse Bray)
  • But… Why A Lincoln? (w/ the Airheads)
  • Going Through the DMs (w/ Logan Cochran)
  • Charlotte Forever
  • Pop Goddesses (w/ Jared Lipscomb)
  • A Better Galaxy (w/ Krystina Arielle)
  • MTV Full Circle
  • Cat Lady Is A Compliment (w/ Eileen Kellly)
  • Old Women Doin’ Things (w/ Danny Pellegrino)
  • Well... Shit.
  • Vagina Stuff (w/ Olivia Alexander)
  • The Addi-ralls (w/ Simon Curtis)
  • Greetings… Earthlings?!
  • Introducing: Earth To Ariana - June 21st
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