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Going Mental

with Eileen Kelly

Sex educator and social media darling Eileen Kelly was on top of the world, running the successful blog KILLER AND A SWEET THANG, when she decided to step away from it all. After struggling with her mental health, Eileen entered treatment at the most infamous mental hospital in the US. Five months and some serious “self-discovery” later, Eileen was discharged and created GOING MENTAL, a podcast dedicated to destigmatizing the mental journeys we are all on. Eileen interviews some of today’s most compelling media figures, influencers, celebrities, and mental health experts on topics ranging from body image, to addiction, to the prison industrial complex, to the fashion industry, and everything in between. New episodes every Thursday.


  • Family Planning With Fertility Specialist Dr. Shahin Ghadir
  • Nancy Jo, this is Alexis Neiers Calling
  • Extremely Online with Joshua Citarella
  • How to Navigate a Friendship Breakup
  • Pregnancy and Mental Health: A Conversation With "Dear Doula" Host Brandi Jordan
  • Leave Society with Tao Lin
  • Victims' Rights: A Conversation With Sexual Assault Attorney Arick Fudali
  • Chloe Cherry: Perfect Angel Girl
  • Mental Health in Prison: Dr Elizabeth Ford
  • I Got My Period for the First Time in 9 Years - Eileen Solo
  • Unhoused in NYC with Courtney Dorritie
  • OCD Explained with Dr. Jason Krompinger
  • Pelvic Pain: A Specialist's Take with Dr. Sonia Bahlani
  • Welcome Back: Eileen Tells All
  • Introducing Going Mental - New Episodes with Dear Media Starting July 7
  • Growing Up Disney: Bella Thorne
  • Sex Trade Abolition with Ex-Prostitute Esperanza
  • Misdiagnosed with Susannah Cahalan
  • Sick Society: A Collectivist Take on Mental Health
  • Spill It, Daddy: A Conversation with Alex Cooper
  • The Illusion of Social Media with Dr. Samantha Boardman
  • Modern Day Renaissance Woman: Kilo Kish
  • Never Thin Enough: Ali Michael on Eating Disorders and Recovery
  • Getting High For a Living: Hamilton Morris on the Importance of Drugs
  • Dove Cameron: What I Learned From My Father’s Suicide
  • Debunking Personality Disorders with Dr. Brandon Unruh
  • Behind the Scenes of Perfection with Madison Beer.
  • Mental Health Access with Dr. Joseph Parks
  • Gen Z for President with Deja Foxx
  • Devil Wears Prada with Aimee Song
  • We’re All Perverts: Ethical Porn with Director Erika Lust
  • Disloyal with Michael Cohen
  • Caroline Calloway: The Girl Everyone Loves to Hate
  • Campaigning for Love with Paperboy Prince
  • Amanda Knox: The End of Life as She Knew It
  • Who the Hell is Eileen Kelly?
  • Pillow Talk: Unlearning Catholic Shame
  • Pillow Talk: Raising a Trans Kid
  • Pillow Talk: Love Addiction with Vic Mensa
  • Pillow Talk: Woman of Trans Experience
  • Pillow Talk: Why I Won't Date White People
  • Pillow Talk: New American Family
  • Pillow Talk: Asexuality Exists!
  • Pillow Talk: Consensual Non-Monogamy
  • Pillow Talk: Healing Trauma with a Dominatrix
  • Pillow Talk: Protecting Yourself in the Digital Age
  • Pillow Talk: Dating with Herpes
  • Pillow Talk: Surrogate Partner Therapy
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