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Let’s Go There

with Terrell and Jarius Joseph

Let's Go There is a safe place for people from all walks of life to come together and find community in people that would "typically" think differently than them. Our goal for this podcast is to create meaningful conversations while encouraging listeners to think outside of the box and challenge themselves to see perspectives that may be very different from theirs.


  • To Have A Baby Or Not To Have A Baby
  • Kanye, We Have Not Forgotten!
  • REAL Men Don’t Cry! So What Does That Make Me?
  • On To The Next But Still Friends With The Ex?
  • Does A Joint Account Mean Joint Debt? Marriage Secrets: FINANCE Edition.
  • Mama’s Baby Daddy’s MAYBE? Is it Fair?
  • Holding Them Accountable For Their Ignorance
  • 4X GRAMMY Nominated Singer TC Talks All Things Behind The Music Business
  • Is "It's Because I'm BLACK" A Get Out Of Jail Free Card?
  • Women Can Explore Bisexuality But Men Cannot And It’s UNFAIR
  • Sex STILL Sells! - Battling My Insecurities
  • How Much POWER Should An In-Law Really Have? MARRIAGE SECRETS
  • Here’s The Problem With Marriage
  • They STOLE MY SH*T
  • The Social Media Curse
  • Backstabbing B*tches Or Besties?
  • Making PEACE With The SIDE PIECE!
  • Trust but CHECK... That ID
  • Throuples, OnlyFans, and Threesomes: Are Relationships at Risk?
  • Is Lil Nas X Using Creative Expression or Strategic CLOUT?
  • The Highs and Lows of Being “The One That Made it”
  • The Love Story You All Want To Hear
  • Annoying LGBTQ+ Stereotypes That Need to STOP
  • Let's Go There Trailer
  • Sneak Peek!
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