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Millennial Made

with Rod Thill

Grab your HitClips and get ready to pop all your collars - The internet’s coworker, Rod, is here to banish your burnout and take us back to a time before we knew what seasonal affective disorder was. Back when Britney ruled the airwaves and emo wasn’t a phase, Millennial Made is the one-stop-shop for your pop culture news and TBTs.


  • The real story about Warped Tour
  • Are Millennials Too old?
  • Millennials at a Music Festival
  • A Product of 90’s Diet Culture
  • Shower Thoughts
  • Deep Dive on the Mandela Effect
  • In my corporate villain era with Reece (@guywithamoviecamera)
  • Financial Literacy and Security Pillows ft. Your Rich Bff Vivian Tu
  • James Corden is QUAKING ft. Tristan Watson and Patricia Flach
  • More Than A Pizza Party
  • It’s not a phase, Mom! ft. Vanderpump Rules' Katie Maloney
  • Does Everything Happen for a Reason? ft. Victoria Garrick
  • Brooke and Connor AND ROD Make A Podcast
  • Breaking Up Over AIM ft. MTV's Kamie Crawford
  • "Kool Aid Jammers Make Good Mixers" ft. Love Is Blind's Natalie Lee
  • “Always room to talk about cyber bullies” ft. Alina Bock
  • Men Don’t Deserve Fashion ft. Michael Burke
  • You think WHAT is on this Toaster Strudel?
  • The Generational Divide ft. The Mian Twins
  • Explain NFTs like I'm a 10 Year Old ft. Jason Tartick
  • A Publicist's Nightmare ft. Alyssa Amoroso
  • Trauma Response ft. Dr. Courtney Tracy
  • Hashtag No Filter ft. Corporate Natalie
  • She Has Style, She Has Flair, She is There ft. Jackie Schimmel
  • Best Friends Forever ft. Andrew Licout
  • Erika's Bob ft. Erika and Scott
  • Millennial Made Trailer
  • Millennial Made Hosted by Rod Thill Coming February 17th
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