Mind. Body. No Soul. - Dear Media - New Way to Podcast

Mind. Body. No Soul.

with Jackie Schimmel

A series of guided merciless meditations, aggressive affirmations and maniacal mantras led by morally flexible spiritual advisor Jackie Schimmel. Wellness for the unwell.


  • Harvesting Creativity
  • Boundaries Bitch.
  • Holistic Hangover Cure
  • Before He Cheats
  • Panic Attack
  • Panic Attack
  • Let Freedom Ring
  • Kale Me
  • Your Kids Are Annoying
  • Financial Abundance
  • Apology Pathology
  • Present Yet Absent
  • Deflect, Deflect, Deflect.
  • Cerebral Stimulation
  • Absurd Spoken Word
  • Never Forgive, Never Forget
  • Grateful Heart
  • Dead As F*ck
  • Move Your Ass
  • Anger Mismanagement
  • It's Not Them, It's You.
  • Go to Fucking Sleep
  • Cut The Cord.
  • Give Up On Your Dreams
  • Self Esteem Requiem
  • Desensitized Divinity
  • Mind Body No Soul Coming Soon!
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