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Model Citizen

with Hunter and Michaela Mcgrady

The Model Citizen Podcast is hosted by models Hunter and Michaela Mcgrady, sisters living in New York and Los Angeles respectively. The girls chat unfiltered about anything and everything including their lives and experiences in the modeling industry, beauty, fashion, dating, sex, marriage, family, politics and pop culture. The girls hope to provide a lighthearted but much needed outlet for those looking for inclusivity, diversity and a safe space to tune in every week to hear about the world’s most talked about topics and feel that sense of sisterhood and family.


  • Vaccine Boners, Bloody Noses and Hustle Burnout
  • 20's and 30's What We Learned
  • Hunter's Birth Story and Robust Placenta
  • Studio 54 and Crazy Modeling stories!
  • Studio 54 and Crazy Modeling stories!
  • Dating Red Flags and Our Weirdest Dates
  • Opening up about Mental Health and Ways to Cope
  • Pregnancy, Covid and Pre-eclamsia OH MY!
  • Grief and Loss
  • Dating and Sex while Plus Sized
  • How We Met Our Husbands!
  • The Girls discuss *that* Khloe Kardashian photo, their individual self confidence journey’s, and really lean in to their British roots
  • This is the Model Citizen Podcast
  • Model Citizen Trailer
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