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My Last Meal

with Chef Alisa Reynolds

Food is intertwined with every emotion we have, from the happiest days to the saddest nights. Food is always around! from making dinner reservations to take out, from power lunches to drunk brunches, from Postmates to the drive through. We can’t avoid it... it’s everywhere! But what if you had to make the most important reservation of your life — I’m talking about your very last reservation on Earth. Where would it be? What would you eat? I mean, would your last meal be something off your favorite “Keto menu” or maybe from your gramma’s house? This podcast asks that question and dives into the connection between our lives and our food, how we grow, and how our food taste changes as we do. Whether it’s before death by firing squad, an alien abduction, or taking the blue pill, I’m asking my guests what their final meal would be, and why?


  • "Food is love": Cooking for the seasons with food expert & author John Kanell
  • Listener Shoutouts! Chef Alisa Shares Her Favorite Foods, Top Tips, and Sexy Snacks with My Last Meal Associate Producer Dakotah Rae
  • "Creating your own lane is sexy": From serving tables to serving looks with fashion stylist and costume designer Marquise Miller
  • “It's All Connected”: From Packed Pita Lunches to Nourishing and Protecting Ourselves with Fashion Icon and Entrepreneur Melody Ehsani
  • "Food was my ego booster"
  • Your hair, my hair, our hair.
  • If Not Now, When?
  • "Pink hat, pink boots, I'm a superhero"
  • Things Change at the Chef's Table
  • "It's Just Chaos Over Here."
  • Create from a Clean Plate
  • There's A Cat In The Bodega
  • We All Deserve 90¢ Baguettes
  • Calories Don't Count on Vacation with Comedian Erica Ash
  • Manifesting a Dream Career with Celebrity Chef Kayla Greer
  • You Are What You Eat with "Super Vegan" Maurice Manley II
  • Soda and Sunshine with Actor and Activist Lina Esco
  • Micro-Managing Good Healthy Fun with Nutritionist Natalie Paterson
  • What Music Tastes Like with Record Label CEO Ethiopia Habtemariam
  • Make Space at the Table with Floral Artist Maurice Harris
  • Make Space at the Table with Floral Artist Maurice Harris
  • Everybody Deserves Some Sweetness with Multi-Talented Lena Waithe
  • The Freshman 15 with Chloe and Maud Arnold
  • The Epic Food Journey of BLM Co-Founder Patrisse Cullors
  • Good Beats and Good Meals with Musician Steve Lacy
  • Spilling the Tea with TV Producer Mara Brock Akil
  • Carbo loading with the Ras & Taj Austin
  • Hold the cheese with ASAP Bari
  • Peace and Non-Chicken Grease with actress Maggie Q. (Part 2)
  • Peace and Non-Chicken Grease with actress Maggie Q. (Part 1)
  • Dishing with Chef's bestie choreographer Fatima Robinson
  • First date to family plates with Union LA founders Chris and Beth Gibbs
  • Smells of Home and Dishing About Ultimate Comfort Foods with Actor Daniel Kaluuya
  • Midnight Snacking with Little Simz
  • Going Pound for Poundcake with Entrepreneur and Hip Hop Mogul Coach K
  • No Place Like Home with Director Melina Matsoukas
  • Mom’s Favorite with Siblings Syd and Taco
  • Mom’s Favorite with Siblings Syd and Taco
  • My Last Meal Trailer
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