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Pretty Smart

with Danielle Robay

PRETTYSMART is a love letter to women with something to say: those with bold thoughts and inquisitive minds. In thought-provoking conversations with some of today’s most dynamic voices – from entrepreneurs and authors to politicians and celebrities – journalist Danielle Robay digs into the hearts, souls, and stories of people who put a new spin on Pretty.

Each week, they tackle a new idea, and hold up a mirror to our culture, asking questions about what works for us and what we can work to change. No topic is off limits – come as you are and join Danielle every Thursday to feel pretty inspired, pretty seen, and best of all: Pretty Smart.


  • Ginger Zee: How to Find Calm After a Storm–Processing Trauma, Depression, Finding Support
  • Find Your Unicorn Space: How to Reclaim Your Time, Feel More Joy, Get More Out of Your Life with Eve Rodsky (Part Two)
  • Eve Rodsky: The Relationship Formula– Four Steps to a Happier Partnership and Avoiding Toxic Time Messages (Part One)
  • Gratitude Meditation: Peace + Fulfillment in the New Year with Jessie De Low (P.S. THANK YOU)
  • Angela Yee: What Is It Really Like to Be a Woman In The Music Industry? Celebrity Stories, Coworker Conflict + How To Make Your Voice Heard
  • Andrew Yang: How to Move FORWARD, Create a Democracy That Works For Us, Media’s Role In Dividing Us + Bold New Ideas That Make Sense
  • The Big Myth About Women’s Bodies, Trans Athletes in Sports, and The ‘Pink It + Shrink It’ Trick to Avoid: with Dr. Stacy Sims
  • How to Use Instagram to Launch a Successful Business + Stand Out In a Saturated Market: Arrae Founder, Siffat Haider
  • Olympian Alexi Pappas: How To Achieve Your Ultimate Dream + Bravely Care For Your Mental Health
  • Justin Baldoni: What Does It Mean To Be Man Enough? Undefining Masculinity + Digging Into Insecurities, Friendships, Love + Leading a Happier Life
  • Marianna Hewitt: “Why Not Me?” How The Super Influencer Amassed 1 Million Followers + Built A Successful Beauty Brand
  • Lindsay Peoples Wagner: Changing The Fashion Industry + Pursuing A Career Rooted in Purpose
  • How to Know When it’s Time to Make a Career Leap + How the Universe Can Only Help You If You Help Yourself with Elise Loehnen
  • Learn How To Get What You Want: The Art of Negotiating with FBI Hostage Negotiator Chris Voss
  • Orgasms, Fetishes, Boring Sex and More - Shan Boodram Answers Sex Questions Women Are Embarassed To Ask
  • Bobbi Brown: The Key to Confidence + Why it’s a GOOD Thing To Be a Bit Naive With The Business & Beauty Icon
  • Maria Shriver: What You Need To Know About Brain Health + Advice on Ambition, Love + Getting Back Up
  • It’s OK to Not Be OK: How to Support Yourself + Others Through Grief with Psychotherapist Megan Devine
  • Be The Rich Man Your Parents Told You To Marry with Celebrity Nutritionist and Entrepreneur Kelly LeVeque
  • End Your Struggle: Set Boundaries + Find Peace with Licensed Therapist Nedra Tawwab
  • How To Increase Your Self Worth and Net Worth By Simply Being Yourself With Personal Branding Expert Jessica Zweig
  • How To Build Community + A Cult Following with Julissa Prado, Founder of Rizos Curls
  • Advice with Erin Robinson: How To Get Over a Bad Day + Should You Get Back With Your Ex?
  • The Secret to Growing Your Social Media with SWIMSOCIAL Founder Elena Hansen (PRETTY SOCIAL)
  • BEAUTY SICK: How Society's Obsession with Appearance Hurts Women with Dr. Renee Engeln
  • Why is Rent So Expensive? Ankur Jain is Disrupting + Rebuilding the System
  • Catt Sadler on Mid-Life, Love/Divorce, Career, and the Lessons She’s Learned Along the Way
  • Period Poverty + Menstrual Equity with Nadya Okamoto
  • How Would News Be Different If More Women Were Informing It with Jessica Yellin (PRETTY POLITICAL)
  • $100 Million Dollar Underwear Empire with CEO Joanna Griffiths
  • How To Build A Goddamn Empire with Entrepreneur Ali Kriegsman
  • AGING WITH POWER: Iconic Fashion Designer Norma Kamali Teaches Us How to Boldly Live Through Each of Life’s Decades (PRETTY INVINCIBLE)
  • PRETTY FEELINGS: The Joy of Being Sensitive with R&B Star Sinéad Harnett
  • PRETTY HUDDLE: How Women Unlock Their Collective Power by Coming Together with Brooke Baldwin
  • PRETTY “SELF CARE SUNDAY”: How The Wellness Industry + Girlboss Culture Failed Women with Leigh Stein
  • PRETTY ADVICE: How to Figure Things Out with Chinae Alexander
  • PRETTY COOL: Paige Mycoskie Founder of Aviator Nation
  • PRETTY DETERMINED: Actress Zoe Lister-Jones
  • PRETTY KIND: How to Practice Deep Kindness with Houston Kraft
  • PRETTY AFFIRMATIONS: How To Believe In Yourself + Truly Go For It With Actress Sheria Irving 
  • PRETTY TRAUMATIZING: How to Spot and Heal Generational Trauma with Dr. Melissa Wasserman 
  • PRETTY VULNERABLE: Karamo on Vulnerability and Betting on Yourself. 
  • PRETTY RESILIENT - Moving Past Your Limiting Beliefs with Daniela Pierre-Bravo
  • PRETTY MOODY: How To Harness Our Moods + Use Them To Our Benefit with Author and Instagram Phenom Lauren Martin
  • PRETTY HIP HOP: The Untold Stories of Women In Hip Hop with Writer/Historian Clover Hope and Rapper Kierra Luv
  • Pretty Fearless: Rebecca Minkoff on How to Embrace Fear and Use it to Fuel Your Dreams
  • Pretty Smart with Danielle Robay + Peter Rosenberg
  • Pretty Likeable: How to Escape the Likeability Trap with Alicia Menendez
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