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Shady Shit with Casey Balsham

with Casey Balsham

Crooks, creeps, ghosts, people from Florida - we’ve got it all. A one stop shop for wild stories that all find comfort under the shady umbrella. From internet dates gone awry to self-help groups that may be cults to living in a haunted house, join comedian host Casey Balsham as she gets into some Shady Sh*t.


  • Subway - Eat Fresh? with Nathan Macintosh
  • What Happened to Johnny Gosch? With Chris Scopo
  • Teal Swan - Crystal Lover or Cult Leader??
  • The Dark World of Ice Cream
  • Don't Tag Me, Pay Me with Lo VonRumpf
  • Mushrooms, The Yankees, and Scams with Mike Feeney
  • 23 And Me and You and Your Cousin Too with Jordan Carlos
  • Wedding Murders Recorded the Night Before My Wedding
  • Editing to Filth! with Vanderpump's Katie Maloney
  • 800 Skeletons with Ali Kolbert
  • Snapping on Summer House with Hannah Berner
  • I See Dead A LOT with Katie and Christie from We Don't Know Her
  • From UFO's to Dating Someone's Mom with Giulio Gallarotti
  • Courtney Stodden and Chrissy Teigen - All You Need to Know
  • What Happens When No One Believes You with Liza Treyger
  • The McDonalds Ice Cream Machine Conspiracy with Dan Soder
  • Do You Know Who My Father Is?? With Usama Siddiquee
  • From Only Fans to Assignation Attempts with Kerryn Feehan
  • True Crime and Cancel Culture with Francis Ellis
  • Cancelling the Duggars and TLC with Robby Slowik
  • Spilling the Tea on Tea
  • What the Hell Happened to Jean Spangler?? With Dylan Adler
  • Do We Owe Lindsay Lohan an Apology? With Justine Marino and Justin Martindale
  • The Fall of a Famous Fake Psychic with Thats So Retrograde's Steph Simbari
  • Mad Madame LaLaurie and Her Haunted Mansion with Jeremiah Watkins
  • Does it Pay to Peddle Perfectly Posh? w/ Bad on Papers Becca Freeman
  • Beware of Disneyland Gangs with Heather McMahan
  • Family Feud - Aaron and Nick Carter with Not Skinny But Not Fat's Amanda Hirsch
  • A Love To Die For - Sid and Nancy with Ian Fidance
  • BDSM Gone Bad - The Elaine O'Hara Story w/ Guys We F**ked's Krystyna Hutchinson
  • All About Haitian Vodou w/ Tanael Joachim
  • How Real is Reality TV? With U Up's Jared Freid
  • Hot for Teacher - Mary Kay Letourneau with Flagrant 2's Andrew Schulz and Akaash Singh
  • The Underbelly of Society with Girls Gotta Eat Rayna Greenberg
  • WTF Was Woodstock '99?? With Brendan Sagalow
  • Cracking the Code on Cults with Yassir Lester
  • Women Who Kill Their Husbands with Special Guest My Husband
  • Digging Up Dirt with Treasure Hunters
  • Christmas Criminals and Mystery Houses with Leah Bonnema
  • Lululemon - Lies and Murder with Vanderpump's Katie Maloney
  • The Haunting of Corinne Fisher
  • The Death of Brittany Murphy with Carly Aquilino
  • Drugs Aren't Bad mmmkay? With Mike Cannon
  • Psychics and Intuitives and Mormons oh my!
  • Is The Dating Scene That Bad?!? With Janelle James
  • Stockholm Sisters with Rosebud Baker
  • The Man With 10 Wives with Girls Gotta Eat's Ashley Hesseltine
  • Getting Ghosted For Real
  • Shady Sh*t Trailer
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