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Shady Shit with Casey Balsham

with Casey Balsham

Crooks, creeps, ghosts, people from Florida - we’ve got it all. A one stop shop for wild stories that all find comfort under the shady umbrella. From internet dates gone awry to self-help groups that may be cults to living in a haunted house, join comedian host Casey Balsham as she gets into some Shady Sh*t.


  • Psychics and Intuitives and Mormons oh my!Comedian and writer Chelsea Devantez almost became a Mormon to fit in growing up. She even went to Mormon Camp where they asked if she liked donuts then sent her to a fake hell.  Fun! She also walks us through the differences between psychics,...
  • Is The Dating Scene That Bad?!? With Janelle JamesApparently women are having sex with ghosts and we are here for it! I call up my horniest friend to break down supernatural sex. *Spoiler* ghosts like lingerie!     Produced by
  • Stockholm Sisters with Rosebud BakerSeeing as both ladies got married during the quarantine, it was only appropriate to discuss Stockholm Syndrome with each other. *Spoiler* we realize we may be the captors in the relationship.   Produced by
  • Getting Ghosted For RealFor her first episode Casey gets into a story about a real-life haunted house and the surprising behavior of the spirit that took up residence there. *Spoiler* ghosts is pimps too.     Produced by
  • The Man With 10 Wives with Girls Gotta Eat's Ashley HesseltineAshley doesn't have Showtime so Casey relays all the twists and turns of the documentary Love Fraud. Love Fraud follows one dating app scammers victims on their journey to revenge. *Spoiler* He doesn't even remember half of the women he married!...
  • Shady Sh*t TrailerCheck out the Shady Sh*t Podcast hosted by comedian Casey Balsham - launching October 30 on

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