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Share of Voice

with Karin Eldor

“Share Of Voice” is a podcast about the power of discovering your voice and sharing your truth in the process. Hosted by journalist Karin Eldor, each episode features compelling conversations with the wave makers and game changers on our radar. Less “how I built this” and more “how I make noise,” guests will share how they amp it up in their work. Do they express themselves boldly in their OOTDs or beauty looks, on their social media channels, or in every way, on the daily? It’s about creating ripple effects. Feeling heard. Shaking up the status quo and breaking way out of the boxes that society has imposed on us. We’ll discuss doubling down on yourself unapologetically, and raising your frequency so much that you take up ALL. THE. SPACE. Prepare for inspiring soundbites and mic drop moments, from the disruptors who have made a living from living out loud. You ready to get loud af? For more details on upcoming guests and past episodes, follow Karin on Instagram @alwayskarin.


  • The Ultimate Mic Drop: Why This Is My Final Episode
  • Managing Social Anxiety Now That The World Has Reopened, With Samara Zelniker Of “Mindfulness Matters”
  • These 4 Tips Will Help You Let Go Of Limiting Beliefs & Shift Your Mind
  • How Non-Alcoholic Aperitif Ghia Is Disrupting The Way We Drink
  • Why Cassandra Grey, Violet Grey's Visionary Leader, Is Not Your Typical Founder
  • Slay Your Social Media Game, With Nana Agyemang, Journalist & Founder Of EveryStylishGirl
  • Self-Worth & Boundaries with Amy Fraser, Founder Of OKREAL
  • Emily DiDonato, On Sharing Her Body Positivity Struggles & Becoming A Skincare Founder
  • Caroline Spiegel Shares Why She Created Quinn, A "No Visuals" Porn Site For Women
  • Getting Friendly With Olivia Perez, host of “Friend of a Friend”, on Social Media Boundaries, Her Career Journey, and the Power of Intuition
  • Can I Pick Your Brain...? with Puno, Founder of ilovecreatives & New Host of Girlboss Radio
  • Sonja Rasula, Founder & CEO of Unique Markets, On Clubhouse Tips & Sharing Your Voice As An Asian-American Woman
  • Meet The Denim Founder & CEO Making Jeans That Are Stylish & Good For The Planet, Sarah Ahmed
  • How Lively Is Disrupting The $13B Lingerie Industry, With Founder Michelle Cordeiro Grant
  • Getting The “Yes” & Working Alongside Jennifer Lopez, With Producer & Writer Elaine Goldsmith-Thomas
  • From Vogue Approved Stylist To "Energy Stylist" & Shaman. Talking Intuition & Crystals, With Colleen McCann
  • How To Deal With Ghosting & More Dating Tips, With Amrit, The Host Of "Unhinged"
  • Former RHONY Heather Thomson, On Listening To Your Heart & Managing It All As A Mom, Entrepreneur & Podcaster
  • The Founder & CEO Of Mejuri, On Empowering Women To Buy Their Own Damn Jewelry & Getting Out Of Your Comfort Zone
  • Erin & Sara Foster On The Power Of Intuition, Their Role As Bumble Advisors And Not Sticking To One Career "Lane"
  • Sam Abrahart, Founder Of The Mayfair Group, On Building The Brand That’s Taking Over Instagram
  • The Founder Of Fleur Du Mal, On The Power Of Lingerie & The Best Tips For Seductive Selfies
  • Tips On Beating Toxic Productivity & Setting Boundaries with Larissa May, Founder Of #HalfTheStory
  • Babba Rivera Shares Her Top Fundraising Tips For Founders & Why She Called Out A Magazine For Sexism
  • Taryn Toomey, Founder Of The Global Wellness Phenomenon, The Class, On Creating A Unique Fitness Method Based On Breathwork, Balance, And Listening To Your Inner Voice
  • Elsa Majimbo, Comedian & Social Media Sensation, On The Importance Of Doing Things Her Way And Finding Fame In Lockdown
  • Ally Love, Founder & CEO of Love Squad, Peloton Instructor, and Host of Brooklyn Nets, On Overcoming Obstacles, Cultivating Confidence, Squading Up & That Beyonce Peloton Ride
  • My First Solo Episode: 4 Things I’m Bringing With Me In 2021, Pitching Advice For Founders & That Time I Met Kim Kardashian
  • Ryan "Waking Up With Ryan" Weiss, Founder Of The Sanctuary Challenge, Is Here To Remind Us That Self-Care Is Free & Slowing Down Is Important
  • Emma Gannon, Bestselling Author & Host Of The Podcast, Ctrl Alt Delete, On The Magic Of Side Hustles & Not Waiting For The “Perfect” Moment To Create That Thing
  • Amy Chan, Author of “Breakup Bootcamp” and Founder Of Renew Breakup Bootcamp
  • Bozoma Saint John, Global Chief Marketing Officer at Netflix, On The Power Of Being Badass & Betting On Yourself
  • Pip Edwards & Claire Tregoning, Cofounders Of P.E. Nation, On Building A Global Fashion Brand, Disrupting Athleisure And Finding Your Voice
  • Madison Utendahl, Founder of Utendahl Creative, on The Power Of Letting Go Of Perfection, Toxic Clients & Fear
  • Simon Huck, JUDY Cofounder & PR Pro, On Making Sure You're Prepared For Emergencies & The Power Of Asking For What You Want
  • Jenna Owens, Founder of Fitish, On Pivoting From Morning Radio To Building A CBD-Infused Skincare Empire, Finding Fulfillment & What She Is “-Ish” About
  • Jessica Lanyadoo, Astrologer, Psychic Medium, and Host of “Ghost of a Podcast” Shares Her Experiences With Dead People, Setting Boundaries With Spirits & Launching Zodiac The Vote
  • Koreen Odiney, Founder of We’re Not Really Strangers, On Creating A Global Movement With A Card Game And Instagram Feed, Finding Your Why & Speaking Your Truth
  • Sharon Chuter, Founder of UOMA Beauty and Pull Up For Change, On Building A Beautiful Uprising, Why Diversity Is Critical & Tuning Into Your Life’s Purpose
  • Charlotte Cho, Co-Founder of Soko Glam, Founder of Then I Met You & Queen of K-Beauty On Doubling Down On Your Intuition And The Beauty Of Taking Your Time
  • Share of Voice - Coming October 15th!
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