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Social Studies

with Jena Kingsley

A hilarious take on the things we do all day every day that we are not even paying attention to with host Jena Kingsley.


  • Who Uses Green Text?? ft/ Jason Newman
  • Grammar Police ft Gary Belsky
  • Second Hand Embarrassment ft/ Madi Murphy @thebadbroadcast
  • From Reality TV to Relationships ft/ Elyse Slaine
  • Life is short, Burn your candles! Ft. Amber Katz
  • Why do we expect these weirdo things?
  • Space is The New Nouveau Riche
  • "Real Talk: The Wage Gap and First Love with Catt Sadler
  • Is Hilaria Living Our Dream? Ft. Ali Kolbert
  • Prove You’re Not A Robot
  • Kale Guilt
  • Get a Room
  • My Shrink Thinks I’m Sane and Other Lies I Tell Myself
  • The fine line between confident and delusional
  • “Women Aren’t Funny”
  • is Drakkar noir still a thing?
  • I Was Raised by a Bodega
  • It Was A Date Sweater, Now It's A Hate Sweater
  • Locked up...With Your Ex
  • Do You Believe in Magic?
  • Real Talk On Social Media
  • Rapid Test and Chill
  • The Unstoppable Joke Man- Jackie "The Joke Man" Martling (A Real Interview)
  • Naughty Girls Need Love Too
  • Is Drakkar Noir Still a Thing?
  • Hitting The Pandemic Wall
  • Coffins On Layaway
  • My Tik Tok Thinks I'm a Lesbian
  • In My Natural Habitat- A Conversation With My Best Friend
  • Social Studies Trailer
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