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The Fertile Life

with Dr. Shahin Ghadir

World renowned fertility expert, Dr. Shahin Ghadir, has helped thousands of people start a family. In The Fertile Life, he interviews guests about their paths to parenthood and dives into discussions around how the road to becoming a parent differs for all. He discusses balancing a family with life’s responsibilities, and what challenges one encounters along the way. Through insightful conversation, he hopes to create a guide for listeners in all stages of life, as well as break stigmas often associated with fertility. Follow along, as he takes you on the journeys towards The Fertile Life.


  • Fertility Q&A
  • Living a Meaningful Life with Haley Hubbard and Jessica Diamond
  • Acting and Egg Freezing with Nichelle Hines
  • The Fertility Journey for Single Females
  • The Myths and Truths of IVF
  • Living optimally for Fertility with Andy Galpin
  • Why Can’t I Get Pregnant?
  • Pregnancy recovery with Kyle Stefanski and Julie Barzman
  • What nobody tells you about miscarriages with Amanda Lauren
  • Jordan White: Elevating Lifestyle
  • Scheana Shay and Summer Moon
  • Dr. Zenovia on the myths and truths of skincare
  • Integrative Medicine with Dr Rahi
  • The One and Only Chiquis Rivera
  • Diana Madison does it all
  • Emily Fletcher on the Ziva Method
  • The Growth Mindset with Colin O'Brady.
  • Do IUD's Affect Fertility?
  • Open Marriages, Mental Health and Motherhood with Alexis Haines
  • Tom Daley Talks Fatherhood, Knitting and Life
  • Relationships and Egg Freezing with Violet Benson (Daddy Issues)
  • Steps and Options for Egg Donations and Surrogacy with John Willam Barger III
  • Healing Life with Kelly Gores.
  • Relationship between your gut and your brain with DR Uma
  • Life as New Parents with Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Justin Mikita
  • Family is Everything with @laurynbosstick
  • The importance of mental health while trying to conceive with Sydel Curry-Lee
  • What is PCOS?
  • Starting Over with Jesse Golden @jessegolden
  • Emotional and Mental Readiness for Pregnancy with Doula Lori Bregman
  • Starting Your Fertility Journey
  • The Positive Effects and Selfcare, Wellness and Nutrition with Vicky Vlachonis
  • NSYNC's Lance Bass and Husband Michael Turchin discuss their journey to Parenthood
  • Everything Starts With A Plan …. with Guest Molly Sims
  • Just Breath with Serena Poon
  • From Bloggers to Babies with Rachel Zeilic…
  • The IVF Process with Virginia Thornton (@babyginny) and Dr. Ghadir
  • "All you need is Boobs and a Bassinet!" with Scheana Shay
  • “What Would Caroline Do?”
  • Birth Doulas, Babies, and How “A Mother is Born” with Carson Meyer
  • Intro into THE FERTILE LIFE
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