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The Uncomfortable Podcast with Dom Roberts

with Dom Roberts

The Uncomfortable lands right at the intersection of entertainment and education. In a time where hate and misunderstanding runs rampant, The Uncomfortable Podcast, hosted by creative activist, Dom Roberts, takes a deep dive into the human experience and what it means to be Black in America featuring conversations with guests from every walk of life and industry. Let’s get uncomfortable.


  • The Weight of Self PreservationDom talks  with friend Deon Hinton, in this episode they have a conversation about self preservation, breaking into the creative industry, and the importance of representation.  You can follow/learn more about Deon: @okdeon and his film...
  • Creative RejectsDom sits down and talks with graphic designer Elliot Ulm. Elliot has an unorthodox approach to design and the creative world, although he has had a lot of success. They talk about what it means to fail and find individuality in the creative industry....
  • The Durag Discussion with Amanda MaduDom has a discussion with her best friend Amanda, where they talk about weaves, cultural appropriation, and the struggle of growing up black in a white neighborhood.   Produced by
  • Create Room For Black PeopleDom has a conversation with the amazing photographer and her friend Blair Caldwell; they discuss the importance of creating opportunities for black people, the problem with tokenism, and the necessity of inclusion.   Produced by
  • The Importance of Hard Conversations and Self-ReflectionDom has a conversation with Koreen Odiney founder of We’re Not Really Strangers; they discuss how progress happens through hard conversations, working past your discomfort, and the power of self-reflection.   Produced by . 
  • The Uncomfortable Podcast TrailerTune in to The Uncomfortable Podcast with host Dom Roberts - launching August 25 on Dear Media!   Produced by
  • Sneak Peek - The Uncomfortable PodcastGet a sneak peek of The Uncomfortable Podcast with host, Dom Roberts - coming soon to Dear Media!    Produced by    

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