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with Shenae Grimes-Beech and Annalynne Mccord

Hosts Shenae and Annalynne, met in the most famous zip code in the world. They spent 5 years and countless hours acting together on teen drama, 90210 and just as many navigating personal drama behind-the-scenes. After nearly a decade apart, they’re back, more fired up than ever and ready to unzip all that baggage as they reunite to tackle poignant conversations covering everything from pop culture to mental health, social issues to parenting and more. After spending a lifetime in the public eye being told what to say and do, these two are ready to let it all hang out.

While Shenae and AnnaLynne’s outspoken personalities have clashed over the years, they have an unbreakable bond and they’re inviting you into their friendship every week. They wear their hearts on their sleeve, are curious as hell and you best believe they are bold enough to ask questions and challenge norms that society often accepts at face value.


  • Reparenting Ourselves while Parenting our Kids with Destini Ann
  • How Woo Woo Are You?
  • Taking the Urgency Out of Things that Aren’t Urgent
  • "How Being Told You Suck by Simon Cowell Turns Out” with Quigley
  • Kissing Leonardo DiCaprio and Manifesting Love Through Childhood Crushes
  • From Long Sleeves to Lingerie: Exploring an Unorthodox Life with Julia Haart
  • Recovery is Sexy, AA is Cool, and How we are Showing Up as Our Best Selves
  • A Very Special Episode: Sex Addiction, Fist Fights, and Way Too Much Weed
  • Diet Culture and Raising Picky Eaters with Jessica Diamond
  • The One Where We Got A Psychic Reading with Chris Medina
  • We’re Too Old for Friend Drama
  • Growing Up a TV Teenage Witch with Melissa Joan Hart
  • Jealousy is One Gnarly B*tch
  • The Wild Ride to Parenthood with Kaitlynn Carter
  • Why We Don’t Have Famous Friends
  • The Ups and Downs of LA with The Netchicks
  • You Have To Feel It to Heal It with Gabrielle Bernstein
  • Getting Over I’m Not Good Enough
  • Getting COVID, Vasectomy’s, and Shamanic Experiences
  • MTV, Motherhood, and Going Viral with Jessi Cruickshank
  • Secretly Battling Depression During The Height Of Our Fame (feat. Kodaline frontman, Steven Garrigan)
  • That Time I Offended John Mayer with Annalynne and Shenae
  • Full House, Childhood Stardom and Addiction w/ Jodie Sweetin
  • If Ya Don’t Laugh, You’ll Cry and When That Fails, There’s Always Alcohol w/ Molly Sims
  • The One With The Hot Guy From Mean Girls with Jonathan Bennett
  • BEST OF 2021: Infidelity, New Arrests, and Fake Boobs…Oh My! With Jana Kramer
  • BEST OF 2021: Everyone’s Gay Best Friend with Justin Anderson
  • What To Do If You’re Not Excited About The Holidays
  • A 90210 Ask Us Anything with Shenae and Annalynne
  • The Pretty, Little Lies of Social Media w/ Tammin Sursok & Roxy Manning
  • Telling All of Hollywood’s Biggest Secrets with Christy Carlson Romano
  • Growing Up McCord with Rachel McCord
  • Why We Can’t Let Go of 90210 with Matt Lanter
  • We Didn’t Talk for Two Months
  • Confronting but not Cancelling Perez Hilton
  • Dealing with Past Trauma with Irene Lyon
  • Screw Perfection and the 5 Year Plan with Cat & Nat
  • Sexism, Success, and Selling Million Dollar Homes with Tracy Tutor
  • Babies, Boobs, and Barely Any Sleep with Josh Beech
  • Get Your Sleep on Track with Alanna McGinn
  • From Hopelessness to Healing with Ruthie Lindsey
  • From Side Hustles to 8-Figure Exits with Jaclyn Johnson
  • The Impact of Authenticity with The Birds Papaya
  • The Working Woman in 2021 with Lauren McGoodwin
  • How To Improve Your Brain with Dr. Amen
  • Hugging your Haters and Facing Your Fears with AnnaLynne McCord and Shenae Grimes-Beech
  • Sex, Love, and Rock’n’Roll with Lindsey Metselaar
  • Building An Empire Out Of Ashes w/ Author of Eat, Pray, #FML, Gabrielle Stone
  • The Harsh Reality of Growing Up As A Child Actor
  • Annalynne Goes Nude On-Camera For The First Time!
  • Breaking Down Masculinity w/ One of TV’s Most Manly Men, Dominic Purcell.
  • Why She Left “The Hills” in Hollywood for Life as a #GirlBoss in NYC w/ Lo Bosworth
  • Birth Fears, Postpartum Body Insecurities & Egg Freezing w/ Celebrity OBGYN, Dr. Ross
  • Infidelity, Near Arrests, Fake Boobs…Oh My! w/ Jana Kramer
  • The “Gender” Controversy & Real Talk on Pronouns w/ Gigi Gorgeous & Nats Getty
  • Black Women “Run The World” w/ Bresha Webb
  • The Truth Behind Viral TikTok Couple, The Herberts w/ Josh & Abbie Herbert
  • This Season’s Bachelor Controversy & Finding Love of Reality TV w/ Sean & Catherine Lowe
  • Confronting Our 5-year Feud For This First Time
  • The Truth About Life in Nashville vs LA w/ Justin Anderson
  • Unzipped - Trailer!
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