Ever wonder why do podcasters wear headphones? Well, they do serve a purpose. As a podcaster, you probably already know the importance of investing in quality equipment. Using the right tools and equipment can have a significant impact on your podcast quality, popularity, and overall success. While they might seem like just a small part of the system, headphones are considered to be one of the most important pieces of equipment that podcasters use. Wearing headphones when recording and editing podcasts can have a multitude of positive benefits on your podcast. In light of this, we’re sharing a quick roundup of the top reasons you should be using headphones while recording and the benefits of doing so!

Why Do Podcasters Wear Headphones?

Monitor Audio While Recording

When recording a podcast, it’s super helpful to be able to monitor your audio while recording. With a good pair of audio headphones, you will be able to hear exactly what your sound effects, music, and voice will sound like to your listeners. Hearing yourself while recording will allow you to make those tiny sound adjustments along the way that keep your sound quality high. After all, sound quality is one of the biggest keys to a successful podcast!

No Worrying About Microphone Placement

Microphone placement can be a struggle when recording a podcast. If you put it too far away, your listeners won’t be able to hear you. But put it too close and listeners can hear you breathing. Using a pair of headphones with a built in microphone, like the Audio-Technica ATH-M20X Professional Studio Monitor Headphones or the Sennhesier HD 280 PRO Headphones, can prevent any future worrying about getting that perfect microphone placement. Because the microphone is attached to your headphones, it is already in the optimal position to record hassle-free.

Avoid Speaker Bleed & Echos

Speaker bleeds and echoes are the worst and a sure sign of low production-quality. Echos and speaker bleeds can happen as a result of how you set up your podcast studio or when your microphone picks up any outside sounds (there tends to be a lot with remote recording!) or audio from your guests. For example, speaking to a guest over your computer speakers may cause your microphone to pick up echoes from the guests audio. Listening to your guest via podcast headphones, instead of playing the audio out loud, can completely eliminate this problem. Eliminating these imperfections before they happen will save you so much time editing on the back end!

Increases Sound Quality

Ask any pro and they will tell you: wearing quality headphones will increase your sound quality in so many ways! We’ve already mentioned how wearing headphones allows you to hear yourself and make adjustments, eliminate microphone flops, and prevent bleeds and echoes. But – there’s more! Wearing headphones can also help you keep your noise levels stable and out of the red zone, help you hear any “popping” you might be doing when saying certain words, and hear any ambient noise that might be affecting your audio. Your sound quality is one of the most important aspects of your podcast. So we recommend doing everything you can to keep your sound quality in tip-top shape!

Makes Editing Easier

Using headphones to edit your podcasts will save you so much time and frustration! Outside noises, “popping”, echos, bleeds, and more are sometimes super hard to hear when playing back your podcast without headphones. And you don’t want to miss any of these imperfections because your listeners WILL hear them. Headphones allow you to hear every little noise, good or bad. Plus, when you use noise-cancelling headphones, you can edit from pretty much anywhere without being distracted by those pesky background noises!

Don’t Forget Your Headphones!

So, as you can see, headphones are a super important piece of the puzzle when it comes to successful podcasting. Next time you’re recording or editing, make sure to grab those headphones and see the difference they can make for yourself! If you’re new to podcasting, we have everything you need to know to launch your podcast here on our Dear Media Blog! We have tons of content from podcast tips for beginners to how-to guides for creating episode titles, inviting guests, and so much more! Be sure to check out our recommendations for headphones above! Also continue your own research to find the pair that’s best for you! Good luck and happy podcasting!