Your one stop shop for a female focused audience.

Unlock the power of female, gen z, and millennial audiences by partnering with Dear Media  – the ultimate destination and authoritative voice for brand discovery and engagement.

What We Do
Branded Podcasts

Create a branded podcast series with full service production, distribution and marketing.

Sponsored Episodes

Custom content with brand founder and ambassador interviews.

Audio + Video Ad Placement

Campaign options to align with multi-channel strategies throughout the year.

Product Placement

Incorporate your brand’s products or services into various forms of content, allowing the product to be featured as part of the storyline and on screen recordings.

Social and Influencer Marketing

Tap into Dear Media talents’ social channels for a 360-degree sponsorship approach. Instagram, Tiktok, Youtube, websites/ blogs, and email newsletters available.

Live Events

Live podcast recordings or bespoke programming centered around experiences, brand activations, partnerships, and community building.

Our Partners

Nike, Westin, Macy’s AG1, BetterHelp, Squarespace, Saks Fifth Avenue, Farmer’s Dog, LMNT, Shopify, Chanel, Athleta, Old Navy, eBay, PayPal, Ulta, P&G, Coors Pure, Lexus, Clinique, Lululemon, Steve Madden, Delta, Sakara, Sephora, Stuart Weitzman, L’Oreal

Our Partners

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