The vibe is HOTT audio today. Specifically, podcasts on getting hot and bothered. Yep. We’re discussing what goes down between the sheets and how you can get your game up in the bedroom. Do we have your attention?? Let’s slide on in.

Sex for years was a totally taboo topic. You couldn’t read books, take classes, see professionals, or even listen to music with detailed sexual conversations. YAWN. Thankfully humanity ( or at least some of us ), has evolved into being more willing to discuss such topics. Now, the world has become a lot more sex-positive, open, and do we dare say… prude? Because of this, you can find tons of podcasts that talk about sex and relationships regularly! This makes sense because sex is a part of life. So we can’t wholesomely talk about life and leave out the sex. Right?

Today, we’ve dedicated our post to sexuality podcasts! We’ll walk you through some of the juiciest and most sexually enlightening episodes. The goal is to help you curate the perfect playlist for your needs when you’re getting down and dirty. Here are the 34 best sex podcasts:

34 Best Sex Podcasts 

Relationshit: Sex Talk with Shan Boodram

Kamie Crawford, our very own Catfish bestie, hosts a podcast on all things relationships! In this episode, she invites Shan Boodram to answer audience questions about sex. She’s a certified sexologist and intimacy expert, so nothing is off-limits with this spicy episode. They share sex stories, sex advice, and sex woes! 

Beyond the Stigma: Redefining Narratives Around Sex Work

In this groundbreaking episode, Sex Worker brings you inside the world of sex work, shedding light on the experiences and perspectives of those involved in this often-misunderstood industry. Prepare to challenge societal stigmas and preconceptions as you hear firsthand stories of empowerment, agency, and resilience. By humanizing and giving agency to sex workers, this podcast provides a fresh perspective that will challenge your understanding of sex work and help break down the barriers of societal judgment.

We Met at Acme: Orgasmic Meditation, Who Should Pay for the Uber After Sex, and Gaining Weight in a Relationship

Mediation expert Jesse Isreal, who founded The Big Quiet, joins the We Met at Acme crew to discuss sex and how it plays into our relationships. Organismic mediation, masculine and feminine energies, and more are the focus of this spiritual and sexual episode of We Met at Acme. 

Note to Self: Sex on Anti-Depressants

Payton Sartain, host of Note to Self, uses this episode to share her experience with sex on anti-depressants. She discusses that irritating low libido and the importance of foreplay, patience, communication, and indulgence.

Going Mental: Chloe Cherry – Perfect Angel Girl

This episode might not give you a lot of insight into your own sexual health, but it’s no less engaging. Learn the story of actress and former porn star “Chloe Cherry” of Euphoria in this episode of Going Mental. This podcast is hosted by Eileen Kelly, who gets all the exciting details on sex work and life after. You can’t miss it!

Deepening Desire: Nurturing Intimacy and Exploring Pleasure

Join Juliet Allen on a journey towards authentic sexual experiences and deepened desire in this captivating episode. With a focus on connection, communication, and personal growth, Juliet shares her wisdom and practical tips to help you cultivate a fulfilling and thriving sex life. Let go of societal expectations and embrace your true desires as Juliet inspires you to embrace your sexuality with confidence and authenticity.

The Skinny Confidential Him & Her: Let’s Talk About Sex, Sex Myths, and Sex Truths

There are so many sex myths out there. And, since not enough people are willing to talk about it, some of these myths stay mainstream. In this episode, married couple Lauryn and Michael Bosstick discuss their own sex life and common sex misconceptions. They seek to break down stigma and provide sexual wisdom to their audience! 

Being Bumo: Sex After Childbirth

Sex is a taboo topic, but sex after childbirth is a whole other level of off-limits! The hosts of Being Bumo, a parenting podcast, have an episode in their newborn series all about sex after labor and delivery. They not only discuss the physical healing but the emotional too.

Caviar Dreams, Tuna Fish Budget: Sex Positive with Cayte Castrillion

In this empowering episode of Caviar Dreams, Tuna Fish Budget hosts psychotherapist and sex educator Cayte Castrillon. She discusses all things sexual health, seeking to liberate the audience from their sexual frustrations. Topics as wild as porn literacy, sex scheduling, and masturbation are all on the table for this candid but informative convo. 

Dear Doula: Sex, Mental Health, Parenthood, and Living the Life with Eileen Kelly

Eileen Kelly of Going Mental jumps over to the Dear Doula podcast to discuss the relationship between her mental health and sexuality. Additionally, Brandi of Dear Doula talks about sex as a parent. So, no matter what stage of life you’re in, this podcast will help you uncover your sexual identity. 

The Dark Side of Desire: Exploring Taboo Sexual Fantasies

Delve into the realms of taboo and desire with Marcus Parks and Jackie Zebrowski as they fearlessly tackle the darker side of sexual fantasies. With a mix of humor, insight, and personal anecdotes, this episode breaks down societal norms while exploring the complexities and allure of our deepest desires. Get ready for a wild ride as Marcus and Jackie dive headfirst into the world of fetishes, BDSM, and other hidden fantasies.

Being Bumo: Intimacy & Sex after Kids with Jessi Malay

Here’s another one on sex and parenthood, because, friends, it’s tough. This episode features a conversation to help you find intimacy after you have kids. They’ll give you helpful tips to prioritize your relationship and rekindle love in the bedroom. Don’t miss this one if you have a family! 

Ali Kolbert: Queer Sex Therapy

Whether you’re LGBTQIA+ yourself or are just curious about the community, this episode is a must-listen! Ali Kolbert discusses all things sex in a lesbian relationship. Female orgasms, queer family planning, and more are broken down in this insightful podcast! 

Sex, Power, and Liberation: Embracing Radical Sexuality and Reclaiming Power

In this empowering episode, Tina Horn explores the intersections of sex, power, and liberation. With a focus on radical sexuality and reclaiming personal autonomy, Tina challenges the conventional narratives surrounding sex and empowers listeners to embrace their desires without shame or judgment. From exploring kink and BDSM to analyzing power dynamics, Tina’s insightful conversations and personal anecdotes will inspire you to redefine your relationship with sex and embrace your true sexual self.

Divorced Not Dead: Bringing Sexy Back!

Caroline Stanbury, a remarried divorcee, and host of this podcast brings on relationship author Tracey Cox to discuss sex. She focuses on sex through the ages and what challenges each stage of life brings. If you’re over the age of 50, this podcast is for you and your sexual health. 

The Blonde Files: All About SEX and Intimacy with Shan Boodram

Here’s another podcast episode featuring sexologist Shan Boodram! She and Arielle Lorre discuss all sorts of sex taboos—including the down low on anal sex (pun intended). Whether you’re in the dating scene or a long-term relationship, you can benefit from this frank discussion. 

Point of V: More Sex and Dating Dos and Don’ts with Marlo Hampton

Dr. Jackie in Point of V has Marlo Hampton on to answer real-life questions about sex. They simply discuss your sexual woes and the questions you’re too afraid to ask. They cover all topics of your sex life, so add this to your playlist! 

Everything is the Best: Painful Sex? Postpartum Discomfort? Why Women and Mothers NEED Physical Therapy

This podcast episode from Pia Baroncini’s Everything is the Best approaches sex from a medical point of view. So many women experience painful sex and incontinence and just believe it’s normal. It’s definitely not normal! Pia sits down with pelvic floor therapist Carine Carmy and reveals the life-changing solution to painful sex. 

Redefining Intimacy: A Conversation Worth Having

In this episode of the George Faller podcast, George delves into the intricacies of intimacy, offering a fresh perspective on what it means to truly connect with your partner. From exploring vulnerability to nurturing a sense of emotional safety, George breaks down the barriers that often hinder meaningful connections. Join him on this transformative journey as he shares practical tips for redefining intimacy and fostering deep, fulfilling relationships.

The Skinny Confidential Him & Her: Open Relationships, Mental Institutions, and All Things Sex fr. Eileen Kelly

Eileen Kelly from Going Mental joins the Bossticks for an episode all about sex. Of course, Kelly discusses sex about her mental health. But, she and the Bossticks also explain how to have a successful open relationship and a healthy sex life overall. 

Divorced Not Dead: Tried and Tested . . . 

Caroline Stanbury meets with Chantelle Otten., a certified sexologist who specializes in sexual medicine. In this episode, Otten breaks down how to have a healthy sex life in a relationship using a sexologist. Plus, she gives the audience the best sex toys for female enjoyment. 

Lipstick on the Rim: Sex, Sex, and More Sex with Sex-pert Shan Boodram

Shan Boodram is back again to have an honest conversation with Molly Sims about, well, sex! They discuss all sorts of topics, including the struggles of incompatible sex drives, the woes of online dating, the best sex toys, and how to present dominance in a relationship. Also, this episode was released during quarantine, so there’s an interesting blast from the past when they discuss quarantine sex life.  

Looking Up: “You Complete Me:” Intimacy, Sex, and Relationship Resiliency 

Dr. Deepika Chopra brings in relationship experts James and Suzy Pawelski to discuss their book “Happy Together” and the science of passion. Pleasure, intimacy, sex, respect, trust, communication, soulmates, and falling out of love are all topics in this insightful episode! 

Sex With Strangers: Exploring Boundaries and Sexual Freedom

Join the hosts of Sex With Strangers on an eye-opening adventure into the world of non-monogamy and sexual exploration. In this episode, they tackle the taboo subject of open relationships, shedding light on the complexities and benefits of consensual non-monogamy. With personal stories, expert insights, and practical advice, this podcast will challenge your preconceived notions about relationships and expand your understanding of sexual freedom.

Recovering from Reality: Healing from Sex Addiction with Staci Sprout

Sometimes dealing with our sexual health means breaking sex addiction. In this episode of Recovering from Reality, psychotherapist Staci Sprout joins host Alexis Haines to discuss acceptance, treatment, and recovery from sex addiction. 

Shenanigans with Scheana Shay: Better Sex with Courtney Virden  

Scheana Shay and pregnancy trainer Courtney Virden sit down to discuss how to have better sex. They focus specifically on postpartum sex in this episode, but truly, nothing is off the table! It’s a good one to listen to if you’re ready to get more pleasure in the bedroom. 

That’s So Retrograde: Sex with Retrograde 

The guest on this episode of That’s So Retrograde is Emily Morse from the podcast Sex with Emily! She drops truth bombs on the audience, highlighting the importance of communication in a sexual relationship. However, you can learn about all elements of sex and sexuality in this packed podcast episode! 

Point of V: Marlo Hampton and I Answer All Your Burning Sex and Dating Questions from STIs to Smelly Sperm

What’s ruining your sex life? Are you struggling to orgasm? Do you have an STI? Or, is your partner just bad in bed? Whatever it is, Dr. Jackie and Marlo Hampton join focus to help you navigate your turbulent sexual journey. 

Unveiling Hidden Places: Unearthing the Secrets of Global Sexuality

Get ready for a riveting exploration of sexuality across cultures with Private Parts Unknown. In this episode, hosts Courtney and Sofiya dive deep into the hidden world of global sexuality, unearthing secrets, cultural nuances, and untold stories. From intimate interviews with locals to thought-provoking discussions, this podcast uncovers the beautiful, raw, and often surprising ways in which sexuality shapes our lives. Brace yourself for a journey that will challenge your assumptions and expand your understanding of sexual diversity.

Ali Kolbert: Sex, Love, and Goop and the Blendjet with Molly Austin

Ali Kolbert joins another comedian to discuss body positivity, feminine confidence, face filters, massage kinks, and more off-the-wall sexual topics. As always, Ali Kolbert brings her unique queer perspective to the topic of sex and sexuality for a really insightful (and humorous) episode of The Ali Kolbert Show. 

The Papaya Podcast: The One About Orgasms with Vanessa Marin

Many men and women out there struggle with feeling embarrassed about sex and their sexual preferences. Host Sarah Nicole and psychotherapist Vanessa Marin try to free you from that shame. This episode is all about having more fun in the bedroom as Vanessa Marin breaks down the psychology of our sex lives. 

Point of V: Ask the Urologist Q&A: Penis Exercises, Dos and Don’ts of Anal Sex, Foods for Healthy Semen, and So Much More

There have already been a couple of episodes on this list guiding women through the medical side of sexual issues, and now here’s one for men! Dr. Jackie explores men’s health in this episode with urologist Dr. Damon Davis. They discuss things like how to strengthen your penis, how to achieve a healthy erection, and the dos and don’ts of anal sex. 

The Art of Mind-Blowing Sex: Unlocking Pleasure and Connection

Get ready to spice up your love life with Laurie Watson’s expert advice on the secrets to mind-blowing sex. In this captivating episode, Laurie explores the realms of pleasure, communication, and exploration between partners. With actionable tips and her insightful expertise, Laurie guides you on a journey toward sexual satisfaction and enhanced intimacy. Whether you’re looking to reignite the passion in your relationship or simply curious about taking your sex life to new heights, this episode is a must-listen.

We Met at Acme: Safe Sex, HPV, Freezing Your Eggs, and IVF ft. Sex Therapist Carli Blau

This episode of We Met at Acme brings in sex therapist Carli Blau to talk about sex beyond pleasure. They’re taking it back to sex ed and focusing on safe sex. They also discuss IVF, freezing your eggs, and more. You don’t want to miss this one! 

Ex-Virgin Podcast: Hornier When Pregnant, Trying Anal, and Masturbation Ft. Emma Bing

In a recent episode of the Ex Virgin Podcast, they tackled the topic of sex during pregnancy, and let me tell you, it was an eye-opening and honest conversation. They covered everything from the physical changes expecting moms go through to the emotional rollercoaster that comes with it. They even had experts chiming in to debunk myths and provide helpful tips for keeping intimacy alive during this incredible journey. It was like having a heart-to-heart with your bestie who gets it and leaves you feeling reassured and empowered.

Improve your sex life and sexual health with these podcast episodes! 

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