As a provider of a product or service, you’re probably always researching and creating new content. If not, you’re at least thinking about it in some capacity. But, have you taken time to research your customers

Customer research and analysis is an essential piece of the puzzle. How else will you know the needs and wants of your customers? The success of any business depends on how they deliver products and services that can solve their clients’ problems. Plus, it’s easier to persuade customers to return when the products and services offered are in their best interests. 

It takes some serious commitment from businesses to find out what customers really want. This commitment is called customer centricity. And this endeavor will be no time, money, or effort wasted. Taking the time to understand what makes your customers the happiest will help you build a more loyal customer base and improve customer satisfaction. Not to mention, it will help you improve the overall success of your business. 

So, let’s go over some practical and effective strategies that can help you establish a more comprehensive understanding of what your customers really want. 

How To Know What Customers Want

Identify target audiences

Start by doing some detailed research to find out who makes up your target audience. There are many types of customers in the world and only some will be in the market for your specific product or service. These are the people you most want to reach with your marketing efforts – they are the ones who are most likely to purchase your product or service.  Examples of target audiences include “female college graduates”, “adolescent males that play video games”, or even “elderly people with hearing aids”. The more specific your target audiences, the better. 

Research your target audiences

Think about questions like: Who makes up my target audience? What are they interested in? Are there any current events in this market I should be aware of? Which products or services does my target audience typically buy? And, how can I best reach this audience? Research and answer these questions for each of your target audiences. Feel free to take some time to really dive into this process to find out everything you can about your potential customers. 

Gather data

Next, dig a little deeper into each of your target audiences’ wants by doing some customer needs analysis. The objective is to learn the wants and needs of your customers by putting yourself in their shoes. You can do this by performing research on the internet, hosting a focus group, or evaluating customer feedback. Or, for the best data collection, do all three! 

Create robust buyer personas

Once you’ve collected plenty of market research and data, form specific personas. Create a clear picture of your target audience by writing a comprehensive description of your target consumer. Be sure to include their locations, ages, likes, dislikes, wants, needs, interests, and anything else you can think of. And feel free to include photos, lists, examples, tables, and/or graphs as well. 

Define objectives

Then, define your objectives for each persona. What will do with this information? How will you use it to improve overall customer experience and customer satisfaction? Because each and every business can have different goals and objectives, we’ve put some examples below to help you get started. Feel free to also check out these tips for setting clear goals in life

  • I am solving my customers’ problems by…
  • This customer needs my product or service because…
  • This customer wants my product or service because…
  • I want to sell my product or service to…
  • My product or service will be marketed via…
  • I reach my customers by social media (or by some other means)…

Reflect on your data and adapt. 

All that’s left to do now is reflect on your data and adapt. Use your research and your objectives to target and market your product/service to potential customers. Then, see what happens. Through trial and error, you will develop the perfect strategies for creating products/services that your customers want to buy. And thus, you will increase the overall success of your business. 

Keep in mind that customer research and analysis is an on-going process. The world is ever-changing, which means that the needs and wants of your customers are ever-changing as well. Keep in touch with your customers and adapt as necessary. Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and try something new! 

Increase the success of your business by investing in the customer journey. 

Customers want to feel good about purchasing your products or services. And you want to provide the best product or service possible. This is why it is so important to identify customers’ wants and needs and to invest in their journey with your product or service. It’s a win-win and a sure way to keep those customers coming back for more. For more tips and tricks to help you navigate the crazy world of business, head on over to the Dear Media Blog. There you’ll find articles like Basic Entrepreneurial Skills, How to Organize Your Day to be More Productive, and even Entrepreneurial Stress Management. As always, feel free to drop us any questions or comments you might have below!