Self-care is an important part of everyone’s routine. In a world where we’re constantly giving to others in our family, career, and community, it’s SO important to take time to take care of yourself. Your mind, body, and soul need nurturing for you to be truly healthy! 

This is difficult for many, because there’s such a stigma around taking time for yourself. But, those who practice regular self-care experience a ton of benefits. Studies show that these people become more confident, productive, and happy! Who doesn’t want that?

If this concept is totally new to you, or you want to up your self-care game, we’ve got what you need. We’ve compiled a list of self-care influencers that help guide their followers through their personal wellness journey. Immersing yourself in their content could help you be more efficient in life and experience more peace and joy! Here are 15 self-care influencers we absolutely love: 

15 Self Care Influencers

The Blonde Files

Do you ever wish you could have an expert that consults on all aspects of your self-care? Whether it’s how to deal with oily skin or what yoga poses are best for stress relief? Well, Arielle Lorre asks all your questions for you. On her podcast “The Blonde Files,” she interviews experts on all aspects of self-care, so listeners like you have the inside scoop on all the latest self-care wisdom and encouragement. 

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The Balanced Blonde: Soul on Fire

Arielle Lorre is a brilliant self-care influencer. She’s so influential not only through her website and Blonde Files podcast, but from this one too! Soul on Fire gets even deeper to answer those burning questions we all have. What are the keys to success, joy, balance, and spirituality in this wild and fast-paced world? For this podcast, she maintains her casual interview format that makes you feel like you’re part of the conversation! 

Life with Marianna

Marianna Hewitt and her network of influencers are definitely living their best life. Marianna is the founder of a skincare brand and a leading social media influencer who’s ready to give back to her followers by providing a helpful podcast that helps you achieve your greatest potential. She and her friends share weekly advice on life, wellness, motivation, and so much more! 



What about a self-care influencer with a little humor? Lauren Elizabeth has a self-care podcast where she simply shares her weekly highs and lows! She relates to her listeners through the joys and hardships of everyday life while sharing tips, tricks, and products to help you achieve peace, joy, and confidence. She’s a casual self-care guru who feels like a friend! Beyond her podcast, she’s got a vlog and blog to enjoy as well! 


The Dream Bigger Podcast

Siffat Haider, founder of Arrae, runs a weekly podcast to encourage listeners to become the best versions of themselves. She has weekly guests that’ll help you start a new business, discover a better skincare routine, begin the right workout regime, and more! The whole goal is to challenge you to be bigger through uplifting conversations, expert advice, and loving encouragement. 


The Skinny Confidential

We all want to get more out of life. We want careers, hobbies, friends, and influence, but that starts with good self-care. Lauryn Evarts and Michael Bosstick host weekly conversations about all of life’s most important challenges. They’ll answer questions about health, wellness, business, and relationships. 


Going Mental with Eileen Kelly 

Eileen Kelly seemed to have it all when she was running her crazy successful blog “Killer and a Sweet Thang,” but behind the scenes her mental health was breaking down. She left social media for a while, went to treatment, and took a journey of self-discovery. 

Once she recovered, she found a new calling: Destigmatize and raise awareness for mental health journeys. She does this through her insightful podcast that invites health experts to discuss and give advice on your greatest mental struggles. 

The Art of Being Well 

Unlike some other influencers on this list, Dr. Will Cole discusses self-care from a medical perspective. But, don’t worry, his content won’t go over your head. In “The Art of Being Well,” Dr. Will Cole uses a graceful, laid-back approach to ignite your self-care journey. He shares weekly advice on physical, spiritual, and mental health. 


Everything is the Best

It’s really easy to feel alone. As you’re striving for your dreams, you’re made aware of every flaw, every obstacle, and every critic that stands in your way. Pia Baroncini seeks to connect her listeners, guests, and herself to one another to get real, get vulnerable, and get inspired. Soon, you’ll feel capable and confident to pursue your dreams as you realize you’re not all that different from the best of the best. Learn that we’re all human with Pia Baroncini! 


Dear Gabby

Gabby Berstein’s podcast has the perfect tagline for self-care content. “Become the happiest person you know.” That’s the goal, right? Well, Gabby Berstein, who is a motivational speaker and best-selling author, gives you personal coaching, straight talk, and lots of love through her podcast. You’ll feel totally inspired by her down-to-earth approach that feels relatable and possible. 


It Sure is a Beautiful Day

Host of the legendary “NAKED” podcast, Catt Sadler releases another regular podcast! This one delivers authentic content from guest interviews that’ll make you laugh, cry, and feel inspired. For a mindful, but relaxed way to invest in your self-care, listen to “It Sure is a Beautiful Day!” 


Looking Up with Dr. Deepika Chopra 

Dr. Deepika Chopra is another self-care advocate that brings medical expertise to her podcast. She studies the science behind happiness, and teaches you to take control of your life, experience optimism, and ultimately achieve joy! All her advice is science-based and holistic, and she’ll never push you to be perfect. Instead, she’ll push you to be resilient, confident, and happy. 

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Mind. Body. No Soul. 

Like self-care, but not the melodramatic spiritual stuff? Jackie Schimmel has created a podcast that prides itself on providing wellness for the unwell. Her methods aren’t the guru-type calming spiritual exercises you’re familiar with. Instead, she guides her readers through meditations, aggressive affirmations, and maniacal mantras using her authentic voice and style. 


Recovering From Reality

Former reality TV star Alexis Haines knows that the road to self-discovery is rough. In her podcast, she helps listeners navigate the road to recovery, seeking self-care techniques along the way. Whether you’re struggling through a trauma or just looking to gain self-confidence, Haines has content to empower your wellness journey! 


The Papaya Podcast

Sarah Nicole Landry is a powerful woman, mother, and boss lady who is known for messages of acceptance, inspiration, and hope. Her podcast and blog focus on candid conversations about our real lives and our real experiences. She shares her own flaws, life lessons, and struggles with her audience to build a foundation of honesty and love. Get real with The Papaya! 


Add one of these self-care podcasts to your routine to invest in your mental health on a daily basis!

Each one of these podcasts brings a fresh perspective and a powerful voice to your self-care journey. They’re just what you need to feel totally empowered and inspired day after day. Check out Dear Media’s full list of shows here, and don’t forget to browse our blog. We often share meaningful mental health content influenced by our own podcast creators!