Barely Filtered

Welcome to Barely Filtered, hosted by me, Aurora Culpo, where my mess is my message and I’m here to share it all with you. Let’s optimize our lives together, and I’ll make the mistakes so you don’t have to. Join me as I share TMI personal stories about navigating relationships, dating, and mental health – all while breaking stigmas around topics like ADHD, anxiety, and depression.

From messy mistakes to moments of growth, I’m here to support you on your journey towards healing and self discovery. Tune in every Wednesday for a mix of humor, vulnerability, and raw honesty as I explore the ups and downs of living in this meat suit. Follow Barely Filtered wherever you listen to podcasts.

Conversations with Cam

Conversations with Cam, hosted by Cameron Rogers, is a podcast dedicated to having honest conversations, prioritizing your well-being, and reminding you that, no matter what you’re feeling, you’re not alone. Whether you’re knee-deep in diapers or just trying to keep your sanity intact, this show is for you. Expect laughs, maybe a few tears, and hopefully some breakthroughs along the way. For more motherhood and mental health talk, with a side of cursing, follow Cameron on social at @cameronoaksrogers and @conversationswithcam.

Probably a Podcast

Shannon Ford isn’t here to inspire you or help you better yourself in any way… but she can guarantee you’ll laugh.. either with her or at her. She covers everything from her year-long stint as a reality TV “villain” to pop culture to what happens when you have everything in your life going great and then the bottom drops out and you gotta figure it the f**k out. Buckle up and come along for the ride as she tries to navigate being hella alone in her 20’s.

The Readheads Book Club

Welcome to The Readheads Book Club, your new favorite book club and podcast!

Hosted by The Toast’s Jackie Oshry, and co-hosted by some of her best friends, each month they’ll choose a new book to read, dissect, and chat about here on The Readheads Book Club.


Online personality Lauren Elizabeth is a business-savvy Midwestern girl living in Los Angeles. She’s honest, hilarious, and isn’t afraid to keep it real. Each episode Lauren dives into her best and worst moods of the week. You’ll become obsessed with her current mood boosters ranging from lifestyle products to tips and tricks. Stick around for each new topic discussion and #MyMOOD advice segment. Subscribe to have your mood boosted each Wednesday.

The Toast

Take a bite out of The Morning Toast, weekdays with Girl With No Job & Jackie O.

Circle Time

Circle Time with Kelsey Kreppel is the quintessential podcast for the digital age, pairing the childlike wonder and conversational openness of preschool with the realism, honesty and — ultimately — wisdom baked into adulthood. Listen to Kelsey and her guests rehash the standout moments of day-to-day life and dive into commentary on the buzziest moments in pop culture while going back to their classroom-structured roots.

Note to Self

From Q&A’s and break up tips to simply navigating every stage of life, influencer-turned-entrepreneur Payton Sartain brings you the sisterly advice you didn’t know you needed and honest conversations you’ve always wanted. Whether it’s Payton alone or a conversation with a friend, Note to Self is a space to get grounded, explore new perspectives, and ultimately, empower yourself and others. Grab some wine or a mocktail and enjoy the conversation!


It’s all happening for reality star, Scheana Shay! Her podcast breaks the 4th wall and welcomes you into her real life “Scheananigans”.
Regularly cohosted by her fiancé Brock Davies with conversations that are informative, entertaining and sometimes outrageous!
Topics include reality tv, pop culture, dating, parenting, Q & A sessions and nothing is held back! Guests range from reality tv personalities, film/tv stars, musicians, comedians, influencers and entrepreneurs, all chosen to bring value to the listeners.
Welcome to Scheananigans! The tea is piping hot, the convos are good as gold and you’ll become Scheana’s new bff upon first listen.

Not Skinny But Not Fat

Your home for everything pop culture, celebrity gossip, and reality TV. Get your weekly recap on what’s happening in this crazy world of entertainment, all with a perfect dose of sarcasm, wit, and lots of LOLZ. Hosted by Amanda Hirsch, creator of the Instagram “Not Skinny But Not Fat”.