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Ready, SET, Spill!

with Lindsey Carter

SET Active CEO Lindsey Carter hosts meaningful, thought-provoking conversations around everything that matters most to her—from business and fashion to mental health and parenting, to everything in between. By creating a platform for guests of all backgrounds to speak on their passions, give advice, and share their stories, Lindsey hopes listeners will find a new form of inspiration within each and every episode.


  • Preparing for Chaos with Cass Dimicco
  • Hey, Mr. Carter!
  • Don’t Take Things Personally with Amy Liu
  • The Spicy Side of Whitney Port
  • Surviving Heartbreak with Natalie Joy
  • Defining Who We Are with Nastia Liukin
  •  Changing Plans and Dreaming Big with Lindsey Carter
  • Not Judging Yourself with Payton Sartain
  • Accepting the Ability to Change with Lauren Elizabeth
  • Staying Connected with Jaci Marie Smith and Maintaining a Confident Mindset
  • How to be an Independent, Gen-Z Businesswoman with Kenzie Elizabeth
  • Finding a Balance Between Pursuing Your Career and Becoming a Mother with Ring Concierge CEO & Founder, Nicole Wegman
  • Behind the Scenes at SET with CEO and Founder, Lindsey Carter, on How the Brand Does Collaborations, Working Through Anxiety, and Dealing with Mom Guilt
  • Fitness Guru and FORM Founder, Sami Clarke, on Realistic Goal Setting, Expanding from a Personal Brand, and Holding Gratitude
  • Emi Jay Founder, Julianne Goldmark, on Developing and Growing with Your Brand
  •  Behind the SET Brand with Gina Sheldon on Crafting a Community, Strategizing to Stand Out, and the Power of Advocating for Yourself
  • Maddi Bragg Sheds a Spotlight on Struggling with Trauma and How That Led to Pursuing a Culinary Passion
  • Why Being a CEO is Hard with Jaclyn Johnson
  • Behind the Scenes at SET Active with Lindsey Carter: From the Expectations vs. Realities of Motherhood to Balancing Fun in Friendships, and Answers to the Community’s Burning Questions
  • Entering the Mind of Designer, Chuhk Bennett, and Exploring the Secret Life of Being in a Creative Industry
  • From struggle to finding success, Emma Leger, spills the T on dating, her band of girlfriends, and the SCOUT app
  • Entering the Shark Tank and Getting the Inside Scoop of DEUX with Sabeena Ladha
  • Behind the Scenes of SET Active with Leslie Dwight
  • Getting Unfiltered with Sivan Ayla on Finding Your Passion and Building the Confidence to Pursue it
  • Siffat Haider Spills on How Taking Initiative with Her Personal Health Led to the Building of Arrae
  • Stepping into the Story of Stoney Clover Lane + Growing Past the Pains of Entrepreneurship with Kendall Glazer
  • Making it in the Entertainment Industry with Madelyn Cline
  • Minding Your Business and Starting Your Own with Nitsan Raiter
  • Behind the Scenes at SET Active with Ally Rosenthal
  • Ever-Evolving and Becoming a Creature of Habit with Marianna Hewitt
  •  The side effects of sharing your life online with Alexa Losey
  •  Venturing into the world of MadHappy with Peiman Raf
  • 5 Mistakes I’ve Made as an Entrepreneur
  • Making Moves with Robyn DelMonte of GirlBossTown
  • Ready, Set, Spill! Trailer
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