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She Did That.

with Renae Bluitt

On the heels of the She Did That documentary's wildly successful Netflix release, filmmaker and storyteller Renae Bluitt's passion for digging deep into the impactful journeys of Black women entrepreneurs continues with the She Did That podcast. Each episode will offer you front row access to brilliant women who are forging their own paths, finding financial freedom, and harnessing their passions to create more meaningful and fulfilling lives. Tune into this empowering, weekly series to find out why and how She Did That.


  • Investing in Women Who Create & Cultivate with Jaclyn Johnson
  • Finding Harmony as a Mom, Wife, and Creator with Keri Shahidi
  • Prioritizing Our Inner Well-Being with Devi Brown
  • Activate Your Confidence with KJ Rose
  • How to Protect Your Brand with Casey Handy-Smith
  • Legacy Building with The McBride Sisters
  • Why Travel, Abundance, & Luxury Are Our Birthright with Jessica Nabongo
  • The Blessings in Divine Detours with Melissa Fredericks
  • Making History on Shark Tank with Alicia Scott
  • Top 3 Things Black Women Should Know About Web 3 with Rakia Reynolds
  • Living in Luxury, Unapologetically with Monroe Steele
  • Leaning Into Softness & Living a Full Life with Myleik Teele
  • Centering Black Women's Stories with Chloe Dulce Louvouezo
  • NFTs, Explained with Tanya Sam
  • Tales of An Accidental Entrepreneur with Claire Sulmers
  • Cooking is Love Made Edible with Alex Hill
  • Three Elements of Impactful Mentorship with Sharifa Murdock
  • Finding Beauty in the Now with Carmeon Hamilton
  • How to Make Your Dreams Real with Mattie James
  • Knowing When It's Time To Walk Away with Selling Tampa's Rena Frazier
  • Mastering the Art of Social Self Care with Brunchnista
  • The Psychological Cost of Infertility with Sheinelle Jones
  • The Power of Black Women Healing with Queen Afua
  • Brand Elevation & the Beauty of Black Love w/Nichole Lynel
  • Keeping Your Energy High as Seasons Change with Dr. Mariel Buque
  • Honoring Your Personal Journey with Imani Ellis
  • Peace of Mind is The Real Bag with Necole Kane
  • Home Ownership as a Pathway to Wealth with Tricia Lee
  • Tapping into Plant-based Healing with Carolyn Gray
  • Start Small & Dream Big with Andrea Pitter
  • Illuminating Black Love with Codie Elaine Oliver
  • Cultivating Your Secret Sauce with Fe Noel
  • Being More by Consuming Less with the Afrominimalist
  • She Did That. Trailer - Coming October 4th!
  • Season One Finale with Renae Bluitt
  • Soul Connections & Second Chances with Tia Williams
  • Giving Back to Move Forward with Monique Rodriguez
  • Blooming & Cultivating Community with Kalu Gebreyohannes
  • In Our Mothers' Gardens with Shantrelle P. Lewis
  • Spicing it Up & Lifting as We Climb with Angel Gregorio
  • Finding Financial Wholeness with Tiffany Aliche
  • Channeling Your Highest Self with Lalah Delia
  • Building Generational Health with Bri Thompson
  • Releasing Expectations & Living Abundantly with Bea Dixon
  • Welcome to the She Did That. Podcast
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