The Dream Bigger Podcast

Siffat Haider

Welcome to The Dream Bigger Podcast, a podcast by Siffat Haider, Founder of wellness brand, Arrae. Each week, Siff will be chatting with movers and shakers who will inspire you to live your best life. Expect to hear from wellness experts, skincare gurus, entrepreneurs, and thought leaders. This podcast is like the best friend you can turn to for advice, who uplifts you, and encourages you to be your best self.

Welcome to The Dream Bigger Podcast, a podcast by Siffat Haider, Founder of wellness brand, Arrae. Each week, Siff will be chatting with movers and shakers who will inspire you to live your best life. Expect to hear from wellness experts, skincare gurus, entrepreneurs, and thought leaders. This podcast is like the best friend you can turn to for advice, who uplifts you, and encourages you to be your best self.

Kenzie Elizabeth, Founder of Friend of Mine: Becoming a Morning Person, Hobbies, Dealing with Grief, & More
Summer Favorites: Skincare, Beauty, What I Eat In A Day, & More
Dr. Jason Diamond, Celebrity Facial Plastic Surgeon: The World Has Fillers Wrong, Celebrity Procedures, Insta Facial, What Age to Get a Facelift, and More
Jacqui Kingswell, Co-Founder of The Pilates Class: Getting in Shape Ahead of Summer, Misconceptions About Working Out, Creating Healthy Habits, & More
Solo Episode: Post Flight Reset Routine, Pilates By Amanda Mexico Retreat Recap, Travel Tips, & More
Claudia Sulewski, Founder of Cyklar: Starting a Self-Funded Business, Finding Work-Life Balance, Adult Hobbies, & More
Jenna Zoë, Founder of My Human Design: Understanding Your Aura and Becoming Your Authentic Self, The 5 Different Energy Types, How To Manifest, & More
Hot Girl Summer Prep: Hitting Daily Step Goal, Workout Split & Diet, Bedtime Routine, & More
Natasha Oakley, Co-founder of Monday Swimwear & TPC: Starting a Business With Your Best Friend, How to Know if You Should Start a Business, Protecting Against Burnout, & More
Annie Lawless, Founder of Lawless Beauty: Career Pivots, Balancing a Business & Motherhood, Selling a Business & Starting A New One, 5am Morning Routine, & More
Erin Deering, Co-Founder of Triangl & Author: Turning a Side Hustle into a Business, Mental Health Journey, Creating FOMO for Kendall Jenner, & More
Deepica Mutyala, Founder of Live Tinted: Changing Beauty Standards, Imposter Syndrome as a CEO, Investing in Community, & More
Solo Episode: Skincare Routine, Stress Management, Toxic Friendships, & More
Ro Trivedi, Founder of Pietra: Working at Major Tech Companies, Advice for College Students, How to Choose Investors, & More
Kelly LeVeque, Clinical Nutritionist: Optimizing Protein For Women, Blood Sugar Balance, Post Ozempic Maintenance, & More
Julia Broome, Social Media Strategist: Tips to Grow Your Platform, SEO, Subliminal Hooks, Tiktok Shop, & More
Wende Zomnir, Founder of Urban Decay & Caliray: Building a Legacy Brand, Tracking Trends, Starting a Second Business, Limited Edition Products, & More
Solo Episode: Phone Office Hours, Managing Stress, Optimizing Sleep & More
Helen Reavey, Trichologist and Co-Founder of Act+Acre: 5 Step Wash Routine, How To Increase Hair Growth, Silicone Buildup, & More
Pia Mance, Founder of Heaven Mayhem: Celebrity Placements, Beginning Stages of Building a Brand, Why You Should Move, Retailers, & More
Danielle & Kayleigh, Founders of CLEARSTEM: Top Reasons for Acne, How to Optimize Digestion, Birth Control, Tretinoin, & More
Solo Episode: Time Management, Building Confidence, Traveling Alone, Luxury Purchases & More
TINX: Advice for Younger Self, Female Friendships, Dating Tips & More
Jessie Inchauspé AKA Glucose Goddess: Best Time To Eat Sugar, Blood Glucose Spikes and PCOS, Is Oat Milk That Bad? & More
Sami Spalter, co-founder of FORM: Fitness Journey, Friendship Phases, Grieving A Parent, Making Personal Commitments, & More
Cass DiMicco, founder of Aureum Collective: Building a Capsule Wardrobe, Insider Look at the Jewelry Industry, Outfit Inspiration, Tips for Starting Content Creation & More
Lori Harder, Motivational Speaker & Entrepreneur: Finding Your Purpose, Getting Out of Debt, Finding The Right Friends, Power Nine Practice & More
Radhi Devlukia: Positivity, Managing the Media You Consume, New Cookbook Favorites, Using Spices as Medicine & More
Kristen Gaffney and Aurora Culpo from Barely Filtered Podcast: Attracting Quality Friendships, Pregnancy Truths, Secrets to Success & More
Ashley Tisdale: Mental Health Journey, Navigating Motherhood, Learning from Failure, Starting a Business, & More
2024 Glow Up Series, Part 4: Favorite Beauty, Wellness, & Home Products
2024 Glow Up Series, Part 3: Tips for Starting a Business, Creating Boundaries, Cultivating Community, Social Strategy & More
Kira Mackenzie: Pivoting in Your Career, Future of Influencer Marketing, Investing 101 & More
2024 Glow Up Series, Part 2: Goal Setting, Vision Boards, Staying Consistent With Goals & More
2024 Glow Up Series, Part 1: Starting Resolutions Now, Workout Split, Abundance Mindset, Easy How To Implement Good Habits & More
Taylor Rose, Trichologist: Does Rosemary Oil Work?, Hair Washing Schedules, Dandruff, Hair Loss Preventative Practices, & More
Angelo Keely, Co-Founder & CEO of Kion: Essential Amino Acids 101, Creatine for Women, Hitting Your Fitness Goals and More
Tina Anderson, Co-Founder of Just Thrive: How To Pick The Right Probiotic, Long-Term Consequences of a Weakened Gut, Probiotic Myths & More
Anastazia Dupee, Creator and Podcast Host: Going Viral on Tiktok, Imposter Syndrome, Tips for TikTok Content, & More
Solo Episode: My Experience Moving to LA, Making Friends in Adulthood, Updated Supplement, Workout Routine, Diet & More
Claire Byrne, The Heartbreak Coach: Toxic Dating Patterns, Attachment Styles, How to Get Over Heartbreak, Ghosting, & More
Dianna Cohen, Founder of Crown Affair: Transitioning From Early Employee At Startups to Startup Founder, Cultivating Community, Hair Growth Myths, & More
Lauryn Bosstick aka The Skinny Confidential: Reaching Your Fullest Potential, Being an Investor, First Ever Arrae x The Skinny Confidential Product, & More
Solo Episode: Evening Routine, Everything Shower, Hair Tips, Relationship Advice, Finances, & More
Maggie Sellers, Angel Investor: How to Angel Invest, Angel Investing vs Venture Capital, How to Fundraise for Your Company, Growing Your Platform & More
Sheena Zadeh-Daly, Founder of Kosas: Beginning Stages of a Brand, Creating Brand Association, Importance of Consumer Feedback & More
Solo Episode: Sunday Reset, How I Stop Cravings, Work-Life Balance, Combatting Comparison, Quitting Your 9-5, & More
Durana Elmi, COO of Cymbiotika: How to Subconsciously Manifest, Attainable Goal Setting, Overcoming A Difficult Upbringing, Power of Positive Affirmations, & More
Arielle Lorre, Wellness & Beauty Influencer: Glass Skincare Routine, Being Authentically Yourself, Plastic Surgery That's Worth It, and More
Lisa Odenweller, Founder and CEO of Kroma Wellness: Nutrient Dense Cleanses, The Truth About Juicing, How to Get Celebrity Customers, and More
Carrie Barber, Owner and Creative Director of MAKE Beauty: Starting a Business During the Pandemic, Relaunching vs Starting a Brand from Scratch, How to Land Your Dream Job and More
Chriselle Lim, Influencer & Founder of PHLUR: Being a Business Owner While Parenting, Evolving as a Creator, Divorce, Storytelling For A Brand, and More.
Solo Episode: Key to Consistency, Is Berberine the New Ozempic?, How to Actually Enjoy Your Time Off, Shifting Your Daily Routine to Increase Productivity & More.
Tieghan Gerard AKA Half Baked Harvest: Creating Quality Content, Building Trust with Your Audience, Showing up and Staying Consistent & More
Nicole Trunfio, Founder of Bumpsuit: Pioneering and Finding Your Market as an Entrepreneur, Connecting with Customers and Building Community, Balancing Work and Mom Life & More
Liana Levi, Celebrity Trainer and Forma Pilates Founder: Tapping into Mind-Body Connection, Slowing Down & Learning How to Ask for Help & More
Regulating Blood Sugar, Importance of Protein Intake, Curbing Cravings, Ozempic & More with Certified Nutritionist, Mia Rigden
Solo Episode: Health Updates, Supplements & Dietary Changes, 5 Habits for Having a Great Day, Parasympathetic Days & More.
Indy Blue, Influencer & Co-Founder of Lonely Ghost: Facing Type 1 Diabetes As An Adult, Building an Authentic Audience and Brand, Dealing with Internet Criticism, Creating Her Dream Wedding & More
Miranda Kerr: Skincare & Hair Care Routines, Morning & Night Rituals, Workout Tips, The Power of Turmeric & More
Dellara Gorjian aka Legal Baddie: Leaving Law School to Pursue Content Creation, How to Grow and Differentiate Yourself on Tiktok, Tools and Tactics to Become a Content Creator, Following Your Intuition in your 20s & More.
Healing Inflammation in your Gut, Sufficient Protein Intake, Combating Constipation & More with Holistic Nutritionist Elissa Goodman
Sivan Ayla, Influencer and Founder of Lux Unfiltered and Tan Lines: Getting Started as a Content Creator, Maintaining Authenticity, Building a Personal Brand/Aesthetic, Balancing Work & Mom Life and More
Mona Kattan Co-Founder of Huda Beauty and Founder of Kayali: Serial Entrepreneurship, Being Intentional When Starting a Brand, Growing a Team from the Ground Up, The Importance of Community & More
Shan Boodram, Certified Sexologist & Intimacy Expert: Clear Steps for How to Get Great at Dating, Flirting IRL, Becoming Self-aware and Putting Yourself Out There, The Two to One Rule in Dating & More
Vanessa Fitzgerald, Certified Nutrition & Health Expert: Adderall and Stimulant Detoxing, Balancing HRV, Curing Chronic Candida, Insulin Resistance, and More
Chervin Jafarieh, Co-Founder of Cymbiotika: Daily Routines for Optimal Health, The Importance of Grounding, Cold Plunging and Contrast Therapy, & More.
Mimi Bouchard, founder of Superhuman App: Aligning Self Image with Future Self to Manifest Your Dream Life, Taking Responsibility for Your Life, The Power of Visualization, & More
Shani Darden, Celebrity Esthetician: Simplifying Your Skincare Routine, Skin Cycling, Why You Should Use Retinol, Course Correcting Breakouts & More
Marie Forleo: How Everything is Figureoutable, Overcoming Fear and Starting Before You’re Ready, Improving Your Relationship With Money, Mindset Shifts for a Better Life & More
Micro Procedures with Macro Results, Ozempic, Celebrity Before and Afters, Ponytail Facelifts & More With Dana Omari aka @IGFamousbyDana
Karena Dawn, Co-Founder of Tone It Up: Taking Ownership Of Your Life, Family Members Suffering from Mental Illness, Entrepreneurship & Mental Health and More
Jade Marie, Holistic Esthetician: Bridging The Gap Between Natural and Clinical Skincare, Botox, The Link Between Spirituality and Skin, and More
Dr. Jennifer Freed, Psychological Astrologer: What Your Sun, Moon and Rising Means, Characteristics of Different Elements, Using Astrology to Optimize Life and More
Miki Agrawal, Founder of Tushy: Building Resilience, Liberating Taboo Topics, Going Viral, and More
Co-Founding Arrae, Challenges & Startup Resources, Crazy Fundraising Stories and More with My Husband & Co-Founder Nish Samantray
Reading 101: How to Develop A Reading Habit, Effective Note Taking Tips, Books That Changed My Life, and More
Jennifer Zuccarini, Founder of Fleur du Mal: Building Community In A Niche Industry, Pitching to Investors, Why Entrepreneurship Is Never Linear, and More
Belen Salomon, Influencer & Founder of Shop With Belen: Creating Community & Relationships As An Entrepreneur, Tips For Managing Anxiety, Habits For Productivity, and More
How To Fast Like A Girl, Cycle Syncing For Optimized Fasting, How Hormones Affect Fasting, and More With Dr. Mindy Pelz
Goal Setting 101: Getting Granular About Goals, Methods For Mindful Alignment, My Tricks To Actually Achieving Goals and More
Top Wellness Tips To Take Into 2023: Morning Hacks To Improve Your Energy, What To Look For In Protein Powders, Why Breakfast Sets The Tone For The Day, and More
Jordan Younger AKA The Balanced Blonde: Astrology 101, How To Read Your Chart, Metaphysics, and More
Top Wellness & Skincare Products of 2022: Wellness Trends to Pay Attention To and Ignore, Life Changing Skincare and More
Logan Hollowell, Founder of Logan Hollowell Jewelry: Learning Self Forgiveness, Healing Inner Child Practices, Self-Talk and Entrepreneurship, and More
Pia Baroncini, Creator, Founder of LPA: Starting a Brand With Revolve, Long Distance Relationships To Marriage, Balancing Multiple Businesses, and More.
Wellness 101: Morning Habits To Optimize Your Day, Intermittent Fasting & Cycle Syncing, My Supplement Line-Up and More
Lauren Ireland, Co-Founder of Summer Fridays: Balancing Work and Motherhood, Productivity Tips To Avoid Burnout, How Community Can Elevate Your Business and More
Hyla Nayeri, Co-Founder of 437: Building A MultiMillion Dollar Business, Avoiding Burnout, Working With Your Best Friend and More
Jessie Inchauspé AKA Glucose Goddess: How to Optimize Blood Glucose Levels, The Link Between Blood Glucose Levels and Weight, Why You Should Avoid Oat Milk In The Morning and More
How to Maximize Your Schedule, Time Batching, Balancing A Social Life With Work, and All My Productivity Hacks
Melissa Andre, Celebrity Event Planner: The Ultimate Wedding Checklist, Wedding Budget Breakdown, What You Need To Know Before Doing A Destination Weddings, and More
Danielle Bernstein, Founder of WeWoreWhat: Becoming a Fearless Networker, Building Community, Social Media and Dealing With Negativity and More
Melissa Wood-Tepperberg: Raising Your Standards To Manifest The Life You Deserve, Mindfulness, Social Media & Boundaries, and more
Lymphatic Drainage 101, Tips To Upgrade Your Lymphatic Flow, How Relationships Affect Your Lymphatic System, and More With Rebecca Faria
Healing Generational Trauma, Channeling Intuition, Dealing With Negative Self-Talk and More With Jessica Stone
Max Lugavere, Nutrition Expert & Best-Selling Author: Debunking Nutrition Myths, Why You Shouldn't Be Scared of Red Meat, Brain Foods and More
Leaving Wall Street & Becoming Your Own Boss, Recovery After A Brain Injury, Postpartum Depression, and More with The Freckled Foodie
Natalie Holloway, Co-Founder of Bala: Turning $0 Into A Fitness Empire, Behind The Scenes of Shark Tank, Getting Product Into Retailers, and More
Olivia Landau, Founder of The Clear Cut: How To Tell Between Real & Fake Diamonds, What To Know About Lab Made Diamonds, Diamonds As An Investment and More
Helen Johannesen, Co-Founder of Helen’s Wines & Jon & Vinny’s: Wine 101, Difference Between Organic and Biodynamic Wine, How to Pick Wines at Restaurants and More
Amy Liu, Founder of Tower 28: Why It’s Never Too Late To Start A Business, Tips For Handling Risk, The Truth Behind The Clean Beauty Industry, and More
Kenzie Elizabeth, Lifestyle Vlogger & ILYSM Podcast Host: Tips For Youtube Success, Overcoming Change During Your Early 20s, Finding Balance and More
Nitsan Raiter, Influencer and Founder of Mind Your Business: Building a Personal Brand, Monetizing Content Creation, Social Media Engagement Tips, and More
Lex Niko, Content Creator and Partnerships Marketing at Pinterest: On Pivoting & Elevating Your Career Path, Building Industry Connections, Interview Tips and More
Gorjana Reidel, Co-Founder & Creative Director of Gorjana: Scaling On A Limited Budget, Building Brand Awareness, Adapting & Pivoting During A Pandemic, and More
Tina Bou-Saba, VC & Co-Founder of Verity Venture Partners: Setting Expectations For Raising Money, Networking & Leveraging Investor Relationships, Prep 101 For Your First Investor Pitch and More
Jenna Zoë, Human Design Expert: Optimizing Life Through Human Design, Aligning With Your Purpose, Different Energy Types, Effective Manifestation, and More
Sara Panton, Co-Founder of Vitruvi: Why You Should Care About Scent, Making New Hires for Startup Founders, Tips For Elevating Customer Experience, and More
Lindsey Simcik & Krista Williams of Almost 30 Podcast: When To Go Full-Time With Your Side Hustle, Spiritual Practices, Podcasting Tips and More.
Sami Clarke, Fitness Expert, Influencer & Founder of FORM: Staying Motivated With Fitness Goals, Rest Vs. Resistance, Myth On Carbs, and More
Travel Wellness 101: Keeping Blood Glucose Levels Down, How To Beat Jet Lag, Supplement Recommendations and More
Dave Greenfeld, CEO & Co-Founder of Dream Pops: 101 Guide to Investor Pitching & Raising Capital, Getting into Retailers, Scaling the Business, and More.
Taylor Frankel, Co-Founder of NUDESTIX: Entrepreneurship and Product Development Tips, Balancing Social Media, Influencer Partnerships and Organic Community Building, and More
Devin Brugman, Co-Founder of Monday Swimwear: Turning $30k Into an Iconic Swimwear Brand, Finding Work-Life Balance, Wellness & Fitness Tips and More.
Lindsey Carter, Founder Of Set Active: Building Brand Community, Effective Influencer Marketing, Balancing Entrepreneurship With Motherhood, and More.
​​Carly Stein, Founder Of Beekeeper’s Naturals: Healing Properties of Bee Products, What To Look For In Bee Products, Colony Collapse And Its Implications on Humans, and More.
Dr. Daniel Barrett, Plastic Surgeon & Breast Expert: Myths On Breast Reduction, Celebrity Surgeries, Current Trends, Fat Transfer vs. Implants and More
Demi Marchese, Founder of 12th Tribe: From Styling Coachella Outfits Out Of Her Apartment to Founding a Multimillion Dollar Fashion Brand, Building Community, Bootstrapping Tips, and More
Whitney Port, Founder & Reality TV Star: Life After Reality TV, Dealing with Loss, Founding a Business and More
Everything You Need To Know About Breast Reduction: My Experience, How I Found My Surgeon, Post Surgery Care and More
Gabby Bernstein, Spiritual Leader and Bestselling Author: How to Start Your Manifestation Journey, Healing Trauma, Reparenting Yourself and More
Jaclyn Johnson, CEO and Founder of Create & Cultivate: On Successful Networking, Finding The Perfect Business Partner, Tips For Growing Your Community, and More
Alexandra Potora, Founder of VREA Cosmetics: Growing up in Communist Romania, Building Mental Resilience, Cancelling Cancel Culture, and More
Megan Roup, Founder of The Sculpt Society: How to Sculpt Your Body, The Secret to Real Results, Building a Social Media Following and More
A 101 Guide on Journaling, Using Journaling for Manifestation, Journaling Prompts, and More
Jesse Golden, Wellness Expert & Founder of The Golden Secrets: Holistic Health Practices, Coffee Enemas, Thriving With Chronic Disease, Exposure to The Sun Without Sunscreen and More
Molly Sims, Supermodel & Producer: The Life of a Supermodel, Career Evolution, Social Media Trends, Wellness Tips and More
The Link Between Weight and Hormones, The Impact Of Birth Control On The Body and Estrogen Dominance with Hormone Expert, Candace Burch
Dr. Lara Devgan, Plastic Surgeon to the Stars: The Truth About Celebs Who Don’t Age, Trends in Plastic Surgery, The Right Time To Start Botox, and Facial Optimization
Lia Bartha, Founder of B the Method: Getting Long and Lean, The Pelvic Floor and How to Have Better Sex Through Pilates
The Birds Papaya AKA Sarah Nicole Landry: Why Weight Loss Isn’t The Panacea, Actionable Steps To Finding Self-Love, and Growing Instagram Through Authenticity
Morning Routine Tips, How to Become A Morning Person in 2022 and How I Intermittent Fast
Solo Episode: Tips and Tricks That Changed My Life, Top Skincare Products of The Year, My Must-Read Books and More
Amanda Litman, Founder of Run For Something: On Creating Change Through Local Office, Behind-The-Scenes of Obama’s 2016 Presidential Campaign, Political Gatekeeping and More
Danielle Robay, Top Journalist And Industry Expert: Share Tips And Secrets To Landing Your Dream Job, How To Maximize Engagement For Creators, And More
Arielle Lorre, Top Wellness Influencer & Podcast Host: Overcoming Her 10-Year Struggle With Addiction, The Truth About Recovery, Wellness Tips, Plastic Surgery Horror Stories, and More 

Serena Kerrigan, Confidence Queen & Digital Creative: Creating The Sex Game Everyone’s Talking About, Confidence Tips, Sex Positivity and More
Jenni Kayne, Brand Founder and Designer: From Showings At New York Fashion Week to Building Lifestyle Brand Empire, Tips For Building Brand Recognition and Expanding Your Business, and More
Alyssa Lynch, Influencer & Model: Finding Balance and Recovering from Disordered Relationships with Food & Exercise, Gut Healing, and More
Joanna Vargas, Celebrity Esthetician: Building Blocks For Incredible Skin, The Latest Technology For Anti-Aging, Common Skin Problems, and More
Ilana Muhlstein, Nutrition & Weight Loss Expert: Dropping 100lbs Through Food Hacks, Never Compromising Between Health & Taste, How To Break Past a Weight Loss Plateau and More

Tezza, Top Influencer & Co Founder of Tezza App: Secrets to Finding Success for Creatives, Instagram Tips, BTS of Creating an App and More
90210 AnnaLynne McCord: Healing Childhood Trauma, Misdiagnosed Mental Health Illnesses, Fighting Human Trafficking and More
Ingrid De La Mare-Kenny: How Hormones and Cortisol Are Affecting Your Weight, Toxic Food Culture in America, The Gut Brain Access, and More
Dr. Stephanie Estima: Biohacking The Menstrual Cycle To Optimize Your Life, Keto For Women, Understanding Hormones To Elevate Your Fitness Journey, And More
Dr. Michael Breus aka The Sleep Doctor: How to Optimize Sleep & Productivity, Sleep Chronotypes, The One Trick For Circadian Rhythm Mastery and More
How The Vaginal Microbiome Impacts Overall Health, What You Need To Know About Bacteria, How To Better Understand Women's Health and More with Priyanka Jain, Founder of Evvy
Co-Founding Arrae, Building a Startup, Balancing Work + A Relationship and More with My Husband & Co-Founder, Nish Samantray
Jordana Hart, Holistic Nutritionist: Building Lasting Nutrition Habits, Dealing With Food Guilt, How To Order While Eating Out, and More
Marianna Hewitt, Top Influencer and Co-Founder of Summer Fridays: On Social Media Strategy, How To Build a Brand and More
Nina Agdal, Supermodel and Founder Of The Agdal Method: On The Fitness Hack That Will Make You Fall In Love With Running, What You Don’t Know About Modeling, and More
Allison McNamara, Former Celebrity Reporter Turned Founder Of MARA Beauty: Lessons From Interviewing Celebrities, The Truth Behind Founding A Clean Beauty Brand and More
Jordan Younger, Founder of The Balanced Blonde and Soul On Fire: Shares Her Experience With Plant Medicines, On Ayahuasca And Past Lives, And Her Struggle With Lyme Disease and How Spirituality Helped Aid Her Healing
Arati Sharma, Angel Investor Talks: The Reality on Fundraising Money for a Business, Red Flags To Look Out For With Investors, and What NOT To Do While Networking 

Tata Harper, Founder of Tata Harper Skincare Brand On: The Impactful Event That Altered Her Understanding Of Health And Beauty, The Problem Of Green Washing In The Clean Beauty Industry, and How Her Brand Formulates Products Straight From Their Own Farm
Model, Content Creator and Co-Founder, Emily DiDonato, on How Growing Up in The Modeling Industry Shaped Her Experience As A Teen, Opening Up About Her Body Image Journey, and Launching her Skincare Brand Covey
Elizabeth Endres and Dale Borchiver, Co-Founders of Sweats and the City On Finding Your Niche as Content Creators, Tips on Creating a Community With Your Platform, on Sweat with Sweats and Pivoting Their Business During a Pandemic 

Patricia Santos, CEO and Co-Founder of Volition Beauty: On POC Representation In The Beauty Industry, Creating Space For Female Entrepreneurs To Thrive, and Shares Tips For Pitching To Investors
Nikki Eslami, Co-Founder of Bellami and CEO of Wild Elements: On Scaling Your Business, Elevating Women’s Voices, Re-Framing Your Mindset For Success, and Tips On Executing Your Dreams

Lauryn Bosstick, Founder of The Skinny Confidential and Entrepreneur: Gives Influencer Content Marketing Tips, How to Use Oils For Facial Manipulation, Her Best Productivity Hacks, and How to Manage and Discipline Your Time On Social Media
Wednesday Martin, New York Times Best Selling Author and Cultural Critic: How Studies Show Non-Monogamy as a Normal Part of Female Sexual Behaviour, How Agriculture Dictates and Seals The Fate of Women, and Breaking The Libido Gap Between Women and Men
Heather Andersen, Founder of New York Pilates and Master Pilates Instructor: How Working in Pilates Taught Her Body Alignment in Ballet, Using Pilates To Enhance and Elevate Your Workouts, and Transforming New York Pilates During a Pandemic
Larry Weiss, Co-Founder and Chief Scientific Officer and Emma Taylor, Chief Medical Officer of Symbiome: On The Importance and Connection Between Gut Health and Skin, How Their Products Impact Lifestyle Behaviour, and All About Probiotics
Aida Bicaj, Top Facialist and Skin Care Expert: On Chasing Her Passion for Skin Care, How Biologique Recherché Gained a Cult Following, Her Secrets On How To Get The Perfect Skin Care, and Three Mistakes You’re Doing in Your Skin Care Routine
Cass Dimicco, Co-Founder of Aureum: Starting a Business With Your Life Partner, Tips on How to Live the Best of Both Worlds as an Influencer and Entrepreneur, Finding Balance in Love and Business and Getting Your Products on Celebrity Radar
Sasha Plavsic, Founder of Ilia Beauty: Misconceptions and Myths of Clean Beauty, The Importance of Transparency in The Industry, Making Clean Beauty Functional, and Letting Go Of Ego
Laney Crowell, Founder of Saie Beauty: How an Industry Veteran becomes a Brand Founder, Launching a Business During a Pandemic, Resilience through Rejection, Raising Money and All Things Clean Beauty
Dr. Kelcie Harris, Naturopathic Physician: MD vs. Naturopathic Doctor, Homeopathy, Immune Support Supplements, Sleep Tips & Supplements, Intermittent Fasting for Women, Workouts & Hormone Health, Stress Management, and PCOS
Shea Marie, Founder of Same & The Feelist: Being an Influencer, Transitioning into Brand Founder, Systems for A Self-Sustaining Business, Misconceptions In Clean Beauty, Most Wanted Face Oil, CBD In Skincare, and Productivity Tips
Babba Rivera, Founder of Ceremonia & Renowned Brand Marketer: Tips for New Startups, Being Head of Marketing at Uber, Brand Building Tips, The Link Between her Latin Heritage and Ceremonia, and Clean Haircare
Mona Sharma, Holistic Nutritionist & Wellness Expert: Food As Medicine, Emotional Wellbeing Practices, ‘Flexitarianism’, Food Cravings, The Glycemic Index, Emotional Eating, Restful Sleep, Chronic Disease, Increasing Longevity, Morning Routine
Alexandra Roxo, Bestselling Author, Speaker & Thought Leader Who Specialises in Spirituality & Sex: Sex & Spirituality, Our Soft Side, Feminine Humanity, Feminine Divinity, Reclaiming Sexuality, Passion In Long-Term Relationships
Alexia Inge, Co-Founder of Cult Beauty: Identifying Key Beauty Trends, Powerful Ingredients for Skin, Acids, Blue Light Skincare, GenZ Customers, Bio-Cleanical Beauty, and Skincare Must-Haves
Shaman Durek, 6th Generation Shaman, Spiritual Guide & Gifted Healer: Remedying Imbalances, Quantum Versus Linear, The Role of Women In Society, Social Media, Building Covens, Manifestation, Dropping Into Observation, Dealing With Skeptics, Using Shamanic
Briohny Smyth, Yoga Instructor & Previously A Pop Star In Thailand: Starting Yoga, Changing Careers, Life In Texas, Different Types of Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Building Strength, Understanding The Body, Yoga for Kids, Typical Workout for Briohny, Daily Rou
Michael Bumgarner, Farmer Turned Entrepreneur, Founder of Cannuka: Discovering CBD for Skincare, Manuka Honey Skin Benefits, Why Is Manuka Honey So Special, Reservations With Using CBD for Skincare, Science Behind CBD for Skincare, Sustainability In Cann
Dr. Will Siu, Psychiatrist & Specialist in Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy: What Is MAPS, Why is MDMA Psychotherapy Beneficial, MDMA-Assisted Psychotherapy & Healing, Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy vs. Recreational Drug Use, Self-Treatment With Psychedelics, W
Dr. Amy Killen, Expert on Sex & Skin: The Link Between Skin & Sex, Sex Myths, Sexual Health Longevity, Impact of Stress, Impact of Diet on Sex & Skin, Tips for Healthy Skin, PRP, Vaginal Laser Treatment, Masturbation, Orgasms, Porn Industry
Dr. Mark McLaughlin, Leading Neurosurgeon & Expert On Fear: Understanding Fear, Avoiding Fear Freakout, Objective vs. Subjective Matrix, Cognitive Dominance, and Scientific Impact of Meditation
Eli Halliwell, Founder of Hairstory: Why Shampoo Strips Your Hair, Recommended Hair Washing Practices, Dandruff, Growing A Disruptive Brand, and Tips for Young Entrepreneurs
Jess Hatzis-Walker, Co-Founder of Frank Body: Launching A Business, Standing Out In A Saturated Market, The Tipping Point, Financing The Business and Branding Tips
Karissa Bodnar, Founder of Thrive Causemetics: What To Know About Clean Beauty, Giving Mission, Building a Community, Business Tipping Point, and The Mascara That Sells Every 8 Seconds
Anya Fernald, CoFounder of Belcampo: Sustainable Meat Farming, What You Need To Know About Conventional Farming, Cow Farming & Environmental Implications, What To Look For When Buying Meat and US vs. European Diets
Tera Peterson, Founder of NuFace: Becoming An Esthetician, The Importance of Microcurrent For Skin, Microneedling vs. Microcurrent, Common Skin Issues, Botox & Fillers, Recommended Skincare Products and Skincare Routine
Andy Mant, Light Educator & Founder of BluBlox Glasses: Impact of Blue Light On Sleep Cycle, Blue Light & Weight Gain, Ditching Sunglasses, Circadian Rhythm and Hacking Winter
Dr. Frank Lipman, Leading Functional Medicine Doctor: Functional vs. Western Medicine, Leading Causes of Leaky Gut, 5 R Method, Anti-Microbial Herbs, Healing Foods, Intermittent Fasting and Recommended Supplements for Women
A Note on Anti-Racism
Dr. Adam Kolker, Double-Board Certified Plastic Surgeon: Breast Implants & Augmentation, Fat Grafting, Consulting on Sizes, Breast Reduction, Mommy Makeover, Common Mistakes In Plastic Surgery, and Red Flags When Looking For A Plastic Surgeon
Nicole Wegman, Founder of Ring Concierge: The 4 Cs, Diamond Price Variations, How To Tell If You’re Being Ripped Off, Ethics of Diamond Sourcing, Tiffany’s diamonds, Getting Your Money’s Worth, Under 10K Line, and Ring Recommendations.
Carrie Gross, Co-Founder & CEO of Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare: Why Dr. Dennis Gross Peel Pads Are A Cult Favourite, How To Exfoliate With Acids, Impact of Stress on Skin, Niacinamide, and Preventative vs. Corrective Skincare
Dr. Loretta, Dermatologist & Expert on Aging: 4 Factors Responsible for Aging, Difference Between UVA Rays and UVB Rays, Aging From Blue Light, Correcting Hyperpigmentation, Retinol 101, Impact of Hot Yoga on Skin and Anti-Aging Tips
Alisa Vitti, Hormone Expert, & Female Biohacker: 4 Stages of Menstruation, What Each Stage Means, Male vs. Female Hormones, The Infradian Rhythm, Syncing Exercise & Menstrual Cycle, Diet & Blood Sugar, and Optimizing Sex Life
Danielle Peazer, Professional Dancer & Fitness Influencer: Ballet School to Professional Dancer, Training Like A Dancer, The Danielle Peazer Method, Mistakes in Health & Fitness Regimes, Working Out While Traveling, and Moderation
Dr. Sean Rice, Renowned Plastic & Cosmetic Surgeon, Expert on Butts: Common Procedures for Women, Trends, Mommy Makeover, Options for Butt Work, Brazilian Butt Lift, Preventative Botox, Botox vs. Filler and Vampire Facelift
Maria Hatzistefanis, Founder & CEO of Rodial and Nip+Fab and Bestselling Author: Starting A Beauty Brand, Product Production, Social Media Strategy, Getting Noticed by Celebrities, Writing Two Books and Morning Routine
Meg Gaic, Founder of Get Glow TO, Holistic Nutritionist & Acne Expert: Common Causes For Acne, Relationship Between Hormones & Acne, Transitioning Off Birth Control, Favourite Probiotics, Importance of Liver Health, Gut Health, and Acne-Friendly Meal Plan
Camilla De Cesare, Account Manager at rewardStyle: Earning Potential on, rewardStyle vs, Tips for Success, Platforms For High Conversion Rates, And Optimal Posting Time
Eliza Butterworth, Actor and Celebrity: Drama School, Getting an Agent, Dealing with Rejection, Getting Cast in a Netflix Show, Tips for Aspiring Actors, How To Use Social Media Strategically, Dealing With Comparison & Competition, And Day in the Life
Nicola Kilner, Co-Founder and CEO of Deciem: Being Radically Different, Why The Ordinary Is Priced So Low, Skincare Innovation, Modern Marketing, Copper Peptides for Acne Scars, Leading a Company Amidst Tragedy
Markie Ethier, Human Trafficking Survivor Turned TedX Speaker and Empowerment Coach: Human Trafficking, Sex Work Industry, Battling Addiction, Healing From Trauma, Failure, and Building A Positive Life
Karlyn Percil, Neuro Life Coach & Speaker: Actionable Tips For Growth, Affirmations, Common Mental Blocks, Recovering From Trauma, Elephant Stories, Burnout, and Tips For Success in 2020
Rachelle Saevil, Branding Expert and Founder of Saevil Row: Moving to Paris, Tips For Moving To A New Place, Starting A Branding Agency, Social Media Strategy, Tips For Brand Messaging and Productivity Tips
Taryn Toomey, Founder of ‘The Class By Taryn Toomey’: Overcoming Business Hurdles, Running A Brand, Benefits of Mindful Movement, Vocal Component of The Class, Meditation vs. Breath Work, Clean Eating, and Self-Care
Renée Rouleau, Celebrity Esthetician & Skincare Expert: Nine Skin Type Philosophy, Demi Lovato’s Favourite Products, How To Prevent Breakouts, Travel Skincare, Treating Discolouration, Wrinkle Prevention, and Common Skincare Mistakes
Amber Joliat, Founder of Misfitstudio: Transitioning from Artist to Entrepreneur, Starting Her Own Studio, Getting Her First Students, Tips for Entrepreneurs, Cultivating Community, Movement for Beginners and Breath Work
Amanda Mizen, Serial Entrepreneur: Approaching Retailers In The Wholesale Business, Hurdles While Launching, Cultivating Community in a Company, Digital Marketing, Tips For New Entrepreneurs, and Common Mistakes That Entrepreneurs Make
Joy McCarthy, Certified Holistic Nutritionist, Bestselling Author & Founder of Joyous Health: How to Balance Hormones, Tips for Weening Off Sugar, Microbiome Health, Probiotic vs. Prebiotic, Keto Diet, Fodmap Diet and Intermittent Fasting
Ron Robinson, Cosmetic Chemist & Founder of BeautyStat: Importance of Vitamin C Serum, The World’s Most Potent Vitamin C Serum, Ideal Skincare Regiment, What Is Retinol, Chemical vs Physical Exfoliators, Squalane Benefits and Biggest Skincare Myths
Danuta Mieloch, Skincare Expert & Founder of Rescue Spa: Why Biologique Recherche Is A Cult Favourite, Right Way to Cleanse, Extractions, Treating Breakouts, Post Workout Skincare, Acne Scars, Skincare Tips for Beginners and Common Skincare Mistakes
Allana Davison, Beauty Youtuber: First Viral Video, How To Make A Career of YouTube, How Youtube Has Evolved, Tips For Making Successful Makeup Videos, Tips For Someone Who’s New to Youtube, Dealing With Internet Trolls, and Skincare Routine
Sarah Lee, Co-Founder of Glow Recipe: Launching a Successful Skincare Brand, Korean Skincare vs. North American Skincare, Being on Shark Tank, Marketing Tips, Benefits of A Sleeping Mask, Favourite Masks, and Skincare Secrets from K-Beauty
Jordana Hart, Holistic Nutritionist & Dr. Natalie Mulligan, Naturopathic Doctor: Nutrition For The Girl On The Go, Supplementation, Eliminating Bloat, Healthy Hangover Meals, Water Fasts, Disordered Eating Habits and Drinking In A Healthy Way
Zehra Allibhai, Fitness Instructor and Influencer: Wearing a Hijab in The Fitness Space, Breaking Norms, Sharing Personal Challenges on Social Media, Fitness Tips for New Moms, Tabata Training, Healthy Eating Hacks, and Breakfasts In Under 15 Minutes
Beverley Cheng, Founder of Born To Sweat: Entering the Fitness Blogging Space, Tangible Steps for Growth, Going from Blog to Business, Tips for Releasing an E-Book, Launching A Newsletter, Pinterest for Business and Bouncing Back From An Indulgent Weekend
Nikita Curins, Personal Trainer and Founder of BGWorkout: Activating Glutes Without Quads, Common Gym Mistakes, Improving Squat Form, Cardio, Improving Posture, Tips for Beginners, Calculating Caloric Requirements and Supplementation Tips
Dr. Gabrielle Francis, Functional Medicine Doctor: What Is Holistic Medicine, Importance of Gut Health, Common Foods To Avoid, Harm Reduction Techniques, Anti-Inflammatory Supplements, Probiotics, Hormones and Weight Gain, and Wellness Trends
Dr. Jill Blakeway, Best Selling Author & Functional Medicine Practitioner: Link Between Fertility and Holistic Medicine, Imbalanced Hormones, Insulin Resistance, Counteracting Sugar Cravings, Energy Healing, Reiki, and Meditation
Lauren McPhillips, Founder of This Renegade Love: Tips For Success As A Content Creator, Cultivating A Community Online, Finding A Niche, Taking A Business From Online to Offline, Creating An Email List, and How To Diversify Your Platforms
Ashley Mills & Mark Mullett, Founders of Obé Fitness: Pivoting From Hollywood to Fitness, Building A Fitness Brand From Scratch, Cultivating Community, and Challenges In Business
Lindsay Ellingson, Supermodel and Co-Founder of Wander Beauty: Transitioning from Supermodel to Entrepreneur, Winning Allure Beauty Award, Advice for Entrepreneurs, How To De-puff Undereyes, and Travel Skincare Tips
Rachel Katzman, Founder of Cuvée Beauty: Building a Beauty Company, Tips for Entrepreneurs, Scaling a Business, Tricks for Healthy Hair, Champagne in Haircare, Productivity Hacks, and Tips for Working with a Significant Other
#31 - Meagan Williamson, Pinterest Consultant and Industry Expert: Pinterest 101 for Beginners, Finding Keywords, Tripling Income Using Pinterest, Original Content vs. Re-Pin Ratio, Recycling Old Blog Content and Optimizing Images For Pinterest
#30 - Jill Dunn & Carlene Higgins, Founders of Breaking Beauty Podcast: Power of Retinol, New Skincare Brands, K-Beauty, Sleeping Masks, Beauty Bestseller Favourites, Best Under $50 Skincare Products, Squalane, and Best Luxury Beauty Products
#29 - Dr. Natalie Mulligan, Naturopathic Doctor and Eating Disorder Expert: Eating Disorder Misconceptions, How To Spot An Eating Disorder, Healthy Eating vs. Orthorexia, Impact of Eating Disorders on Hormones and Healthy Approach To Weight Loss
#28 - Em Roberts, Founder of The Lipstick Fever: Starting A Blog, Cultivating A Strong Community, How To Get Invited To Fashion Week, IGTV Tips, Current Skincare Routine, Beauty Supplements, and Tips for Networking
#27 - Gabrielle Korn, Editor-In-Chief of NYLON Magazine: Publishing in the Digital Age, Diversity, Choosing Cover Stars, If Content Creators and Magazines Can Work Together, Productivity Hacks, How To Break Into Publishing and Pitching A Magazine
#26 - Jayme Cyk, Former Beauty Director of Violet Grey: Day In The Life of a Beauty Director, How to Start a Career in Beauty, Lessons from Industry Beauty Experts, Best Products Under $50, Beauty Trends, Clean Beauty Brands, CBD Products, Korean Beauty,
#25 – Stephanie Gee, Co-Creator of Gee Beauty, Part II: Acne-Prone Skin, Layering Products, Hyperpigmentation, High-End Hyaluronic Acid vs. Affordable Hyaluronic Acid, Microneedling, Jade Rolling vs. Gua Sha, Lymphatic Drainage and Winter Skincare
#24 - Beca Alexander Founder and President of Socialyte: Starting An Influencer Management Agency, The World of Social Media and Content Creators, Building a Successful Digital Brand, Fraudulent Activity in the Industry, Sponsored Posts, Launching Product
#23 - Laura Davidson, Fitness Influencer and Founder of SweatCity App: Building an App from Scratch, Leaving a Corporate Career, Launching A Blog, Achieving Fitness Goals, Sustainable Lifestyle Changes, Snacking and Wellness Tips
#22- Dr. Mona Vand, Pharmacist, Youtuber, & Wellness Influencer: Plant-based Diets, Weight Loss, Food Combining, Snacking, Managing Cravings, Sustainable Dieting, Alcohol Consumption, Skincare Routine and Fighting Breakouts
#21- Dana James, Functional Medicine Nutritionist and Founder of The Archetype Diet: Weight Management, Female Archetypes, Chakra and Color Spectrum Diagnosis, Snacking, Portion Size and Debunking Diet Trends
#20- Michelle August, Founder of Spinco: Cultivating Community in the Fitness Space, Working Out to Increase Productivity and Overcoming The Fear of Failure
#19- Britta Plug, Holistic Skincare Expert: Facial Massage, Lymphatic Drainage, Holistic Ways To Fight Acne, Gua Sha, Probiotics for Skin Health, How To Stimulate Collagen and Facial Acupuncture
#18- Dr. Dennis Gross: How To Get Youthful Skin, Hyperpigmentation, Why Collagen Is Important, How to Treat Acne, Preventative Skincare, LED Therapy For Wrinkles, When to Start Botox
#17- Dr. Mahmoud Zaerian, Chiropractor and Head Therapist for Gymnastics Canada: How To Find The Right Chiropractor, Correlation Between Diet and Physical Pain, Accupuncture For Hormones and Working With The Canadian Olympic Gymnastics Team
#16- Dr. Natalie Mulligan, Naturopathic Doctor and Eating Disorder Expert: Battling Eating Disorders, Essential Supplements and Proper Dosing, Adaptogens, Thyroid Health, How To Come Off Birth Control, Balancing Hormones and The Difference Between Omega 3
#15- Stephen Pasterino, Founder of P.volve: Optimizing Your Shape, Building The Perfect Butt; Training Victoria’s Secret Models; Sculpting vs. Bulking; Glute Activation; Muscle Inflammation; Fitness Mistakes, and How To Eat for Weight Loss
#14- Elissa Goodman, Holistic Nutritionist, Lifestyle Cleanse Expert and Cancer Survivor: Inflammation, How To Treat Toxic Overload, Liver Detoxification, Treating The Root Cause Vs. Bandaid Approach, Intermittent Fasting, and Hormones
#13- Sasha Sabapathy, Founder of Glow Bar: Adaptogens, CBD oil, Managing Stress, Burnout, Vegan Condoms, Infrared Saunas, Superfoods
#12- Caleigh Rykiss, Founder of BoLo Inc: Loving Your Body, Fitness Tips For Beginners, Heavy Lifting For Women, Navigating Holiday Parties and Transitioning From Journalist To Entrepreneur
#11- Jordana Hart, Holistic Nutritionist and Founder of iHartNutrition: How To Balance Macros, Burning Fat As Fuel, Intermittent Fasting, Balancing Blood Sugar, Probiotics, Smart Snacking, and Food Freedom
#10- Lauren Roxburgh, Alignment Expert & Structural Integration Specialist: Foam Rolling, Fascia, Strengthening The Pelvic Floor, Bone Broth, The Lymph System, and How To Become Taller, Slimmer Younger
#9- Becky Symes, Founder of Holistica Skin: Crystal-Charged Skincare, Lymphatic Drainage, Chinese Medicine, Face Mapping, Relationship Between The Gut And Skin, Busting The Overnight Success Myth
#8- Dr. Kay Durairaj, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon: Preventative Botox, How To Find The Right Plastic Surgeon, How To Treat Cellulite, Medical Grade Skincare, and Non-Invasive Fat Melting Procedures
#7- Tracy Komlos, Founder of Pangea Dreams: How To Travel Full-Time, Creating An Impactful Business, Social Media Retreats, and The Importance Of A Side Hustle
#6- Alex Ikonn, Co-founder of The Five Minute Journal, Luxy Hair & Intelligent Change Inc: Building a Brand in the Digital Age, Creating Impact, Essentials for E-Commerce, and The First True 1000 Fans
#5- Stephanie Gee, Co-Creator of Gee Beauty: The Best Ingredients For Glowing Skin, How To Layer Skincare, Morning Routines, Why Facials Matter, and Building A Beauty Brand
#4- Amy Lawrenson, Editorial Director of Bydie Beauty UK: How To Break Into Publishing, Wellness Routines, 500 Day Run Streak, and What It Takes To Work At A Magazine
#3- Eve Kalinik: Nutritional Therapy, Mindful Eating, Hormones, Gut Health, Intermittent Fasting, and Why Planning Is Important For The Girl On The Go
#2- Dr. Nigma Talib: Glowing Youthful Skin, Connection Between Skin & Gut Health, Supplements, Snail Peptides, and Preventative Beauty
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