The Papaya Podcast

with Sarah Nicole

The Papaya Podcast is a weekly show where your host, Sarah Nicole, dishes out some sweetness mixed in with some seeds of wisdom. Get ready to get inspired, get candid, and get real, because we are all in this digital space together.


  • The One Where We Talk About Real Life Infertility With Filipa JacksonHighschool sweethearts Filipa (@FilipaJackson) and Sameer (@playingwithapparelmen) had the picture perfect life. Travel and fashion bloggers, who climbed to insta-fame looked like they had it all. But behind all the perfect-picture...
  • The One Where We Talk About Canadian True Crime with Kristi LeeKristi Lee, an Aussie-Canadian, mother and crime podcast junkie decided to start her own one day as a creative outlet for herself outside of being a wife and mom. Canadian True Crime podcast was born and now has 200,000 downloads per episode, making...
  • The One Where We Own Our Anxiety With Julian BrassWe’ve heard about managing our anxiety or learning to cope with anxiety, but what about owning it? International Best Selling Book “Own Your Anxiety” author Julian Brass sits down and has a power hour with us, in...
  • The One About Vaginas With Kim Vopni, The Vagina CoachThis week we nerd out on VAGINAS!! Kim Vopni aka @VaginaCoach is a pelvic floor educator who's lending her knowledge to help us "Think Inside The Box!". From Kegels to peeing yourself, pain during sex and so much more. It's all going down....
  • The One Where We Discuss Going Zero Waste with Tara McKenna from Zero Waste CollectiveThis week we sit down with @Mindfully.Tara of @zero.waste.collective, for an inspiring and approachable conversation around pollution, waste and how we can make daily efforts in our own homes and communities to make a difference for our...
  • The One About Escaping The Pain Of Human Trafficking With Markie EthierOne day after a night of celebrating a friend's birthday, Markie’s life was forever changed. Escaping human trafficking was a long, winding road, filled with deceit and shocking twists and turns. Yet her message of forgiveness and a life after this...
  • The One About The Self Love Show With @PaulFishmanToday, were sitting down with Self Love Coach, Paul Fishman. Paul has a story that will remind us all of the power of self-love and the road to it. Paul has taken his life experiences and channeled it in a way that will transform the way you think and...
  • Ep 17. The One With Curveball Careers, But Make It Fashion With @beckermanblogThis week we are in Apple Park with the twins of @beckermanblog as they share their stories about individuality, breaking fashion molds, as well as their incredible story of an unbelievable career, alongside sisterhood and friendship. Their story will...
  • Ep 16. The One About Living Past Shame & Addiction with @itsalexishaineswith Alexis Haines
  • Ep 15. The One About Social Labels, And Label Labelswith Julie Cole of Mabel’s Labels
  • Ep 14. The One About Focusing On Yourself (Even As A Mom) with @choosingchelseawith @choosingchelsea
  • Ep 13. The one where poetry makes us all cry with @arielleestoriawith @arielleestoria
  • Ep 12. The one with the girl voted best selfie taker in high school @TheBlondeMannwith @theblondemann
  • Ep. 11 The One With The Q&Awith @thebirdspapaya
  • Ep 10. The One Where We Get Comfortably Uncomfortablewith @justaskjenny
  • Ep 9. The One Where We Talk to a Professional Humanwith Leisse Wilcox
  • Ep 8. The One Where We Talk About the Power of Wordswith Anna & Lindy of Love Powered Co
  • Ep 7. The one where Sarah goes to Vancouver and talks nipple tattooswith Shaughnessy
  • Ep 6. The One Where We Get Approachable with Ssssamanthaa & Alyssawith Samantha Ravndahl and Alyssa Anderson
  • Ep 5. The One Where we Get Free Advice with Mind Online Therapywith Ashley of Mind Online Therapy
  • Ep 4: The One Where Kenzie Brenna Tackles Big Topicswith Kenzie Brenna
  • Ep 3: The One About Being a Bikini Body Mommywith Briana Christine of Bikini Body Mommy
  • Ep 2: The One Where We Ask, What Day Is It?with Bailey Stanworth & Jacci Rai
  • Pilot: The One Where Sarah Has A PodcastWhere every week we’re dishing out some sweetness mixed in with some seeds of wisdom, or something like that.

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