That sinking feeling that something’s going on behind your back. . . Is it real,? Or are you just paranoid? (Maybe because you’ve been hurt before.) We’ve all asked ourselves before, “Is my boyfriend cheating on me?!”

It’s hard to tell in this day and age, where social media makes everything seem bigger than it is. Of course, there are signs he’s cheating that you should definitely pay attention to, but when those aren’t there, how do you know he’s NOT cheating? 

You don’t need all that stress and paranoia, queen. You were meant to feel relaxed and secure in your relationship. So today, we’re gonna talk about some GREEN flags—here’s a roundup of signs you’ve got a loyal man by your side!

7 Signs He’s Not Cheating on You

7 Signs He’s Not Cheating on You

He acts invested in your relationship.

He’s asking you how your day went, he makes plans with you for the future, and he wants to be with you even if you’re not doing anything together—these are the signs that show you he’s IN the relationship and not playing games. 

He isn’t possessive about his phone.

Phones hold a lot of evidence… Like, a LOT. So if he asks you to answer a text for him or doesn’t mind leaving the room with his phone still in it, that’s a good sign. It means he doesn’t have anything to hide!

He’s always spending time with you.

He can’t be doing someone else if he’s always doing you, are we right?

Kidding. But seriously, if he wants to be with you and he doesn’t flake out on plans—green flag, babe. 

He trusts you.

Cheaters looooooooooooove to project. The more nervous they are about you cheating, the more suspicious you should be—especially when you haven’t done anything in question.

Conversely, if he seems secure in your love for him, he probably doesn’t have eyes for anyone else!

7 Signs He’s Not Cheating on You

He’s casual when talking about other girls.

A guy that’s tense has something to hide. A guy who’s relaxed when he’s talking about other girls, who doesn’t seem worried that you’d be worried—that’s who you’re looking for. He should be able to have female friends with appropriate boundaries without it being a big deal.

He tells people about you. 

It’s hard to cheat when everyone knows he has a badass, 10/10 girlfriend like you. But if he’s keeping you secret for some reason… girl, it might be time to run!

His friends aren’t cheaters. 

Cheating is about dishonesty and disrespect. If he’s going to do it to you, chances are he’s in with a crowd that has similar morals. 

On the other hand, if he knows what a healthy relationship looks like and has friends who have them, that’s a good sign of a loyal man. 

signs of a loyal man

So is your man loyal, or are you still feeling low?

If his behavior matches up to these signs, chances are you have nothing to worry about. But if it doesn’t, know you’re not alone and it’s not your fault! You can still move forward after infidelity.

Still think he’s cheating and feeling a little unhinged? Get this hoodie to match your vibe! Then, check out our blog for more relationship tips, like how to spot a narcissist. We can be your relationship guru and girlfriend!