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Girl, winter is getting EXPENSIVE! And we are kind of over it. All the holiday parties, gifts, and trips are fun, but the hit on our bank accounts? Totally not the vibe. Plus, it’s freaking cold outside! And dark. Seriously, all we want to do in the winter months is cozy up under our warm blankets and hibernate till springtime.

But, even though it feels like bedtime at 6 pm, there are actually a lot of side hustle opportunities that can replenish your bank account and fund even more winter festivities. So, if you’re looking to make some extra income this season, stay tuned, friends! We’ve got a round-up of winter season side hustles that can bring flexibility back to your spending. 

Here’s how to make money in the winter months:

winter side hustles

18 Best Winter Side Hustles

Sell handmade crafts. 

If you’re looking to make a little extra money this winter, the best way to do that by giving people what they need. And, what do we need more in the winter than cozy handmade scarves, gloves, and hats? It’s time to get crafty AF!

This side hustle is a great option because it involves using your creative energy to make cool things from the comfort of your own home. Hobbies can not only make you money, but they can be super relaxing and rewarding too.

Tutor students.

A lot of students are either revving up for midterms, exams, and SATs or they’re trying to get their bearings with a batch of new classes (or both.) Either way, students could use some help! If you’ve got any teaching talent, offering tutoring to high school or college kids can be super lucrative! 

BONUS: This side hustle comes with a nice winter break while your students are out of school! Score!

Work for a delivery service.

Working as a delivery driver may not be the most glamorous of gigs, but it is high in demand and those tips are WORTH IT. Whether you’re delivering for a food service, a grocery service, or a parcel service, delivery is an easy way to rake in some dough. Plus, with all that time driving around, you can totally get caught up on all your favorite podcasts!

Offer holiday decorating services.

Many people want a picturesque holiday home, but not everyone knows how to make that happen. (I mean Kim K couldn’t even figure it out. Remember those weird white Christmas trees?) If you’ve got an eye for design, this side hustle may be for you! You can offer indoor decorating services, outdoor decorating services, or a full package. 

Wrap gifts.

Some people love gift wrapping, and some people HATE it. Like, really hate it. And that’s okay, because those people that’d rather sit naked on a hot grill than wrap gifts are probably willing to pay you to do it. This is another great option that you can accomplish from the comfort of your own home binge some OG Disney Channel movies and just wrap away. Plus, it’s a relatively short gig, with work typically available between Thanksgiving and Christmas. 

winter side hustles

Become a personal shopper.

Just like wrapping gifts, some people are all about holiday shopping and some people would rather avoid it at all costs. But the truth is, it’s gonna have to get done one way or another. Enter: you, with a personal shopping side hustle! You can offer services for gift shopping or pre-party grocery shopping. Just ask for a list and get to buying! 

If you find you enjoy this side hustle, you can even turn it into a startup that offers services year-round. Then you get paid to go shopping! Isn’t that the dream?

Try your hand at snow removal.

We’re gonna be honest: snow removal can be freaking hard. Long, cold hours removing snow definitely not everyone’s cup of tea. But those paychecks, though? Now, those are something we can all get behind. 

So, if you live in a cold climate that gets a lot of snow, it may be worth taking a shot at snow removal. To make it more fun, you could grab some super cute winter gear to look chic as h*ll why you shovel!

Pet sit.

This side hustle is a great option for any animal lovers out there! Lots of people go on trips in the winter, and that typically means leaving their pets at home. This is the perfect opportunity for you to slide in, cuddle some cute critters, and make some money. Offer pet sitting services to walk, groom, feed, and otherwise care for people’s beloved animals. It’s easy, often relatively quick, and can earn a lot of extra cash.

Do some dog walking.

Another great option for animal lovers is dog walking. If you’ve got the stamina to brave the cold and do some dog walking on days people really just don’t want to go outside, then more power to you! Earn some cash by offering to walk people’s dogs when they’re not up to the task. While you do it, you can remember why you love pups so much by binging all the episodes of The Dog that Changed Me. (Be prepared to cry.)

Rent out winter gear.

A lot of people want to do fun winter activities, but simply don’t have the gear for it. If you’ve got skis, snowboards, ice skates, snow pants, or other winter gear, you can make money by renting it out. (Bonus points if it’s cute.) This way, people don’t have to pay so much to buy the gear for one activity, while you make passive income on stuff you already own!

Plant sit.

If you’re less of an animal person and more of a plant person, this one’s for you! While people are on winter vay-cays you just stop by their house every day to water their plants and keep them healthy! If you’re super knowledgeable, you could even consult on best plant practices or help people plan their gardens for the upcoming spring! You can monetize anything, guys!

Deliver firewood.

BRR! It’s cold out there in the winter months! Doesn’t it sound nice to curl up by the fire, hang with friends, and eat some marshmallows and drink hot cocoa? It might sound nice, but this winter, you’re working! So, instead of building a fire for you and your friends, offer on-call firewood delivery services to keep other people’s outdoor festivities warm and bright.  

House sit.

While people are out on their year-end vacations, they may need someone to look after their home. This could entail pet sitting, plant sitting, or simply staying at their home to deter burglars and ensure everything is kept safe. It’s an easy way to make money, as long as you’re not too much of a homebody.

winter side hustles


Okay, we’ll admit it, this can be a year-round side hustle. But, you’ll probably make more money during this time of year than any other. Why? Because of all those holiday parties! Whether you offer to watch the kids for the whole party, or you babysit for one family at a time, there will be dozens of opportunities for making money this way in the winter. Plus, you can use the holiday connections you make to schedule date night gigs throughout the year!

Sell handmade decorations.

There’s just something about a handmade decoration that feels like it’s more than a store-bought decoration, especially around the holidays! And, because of that, people are usually willing to pay a bit more for decorations that are handmade! This is another gig that can be tons of fun, while still increasing your funds.

And if you find out you’re really good at it? There are tons more seasonal decorations you can make throughout the year to turn your side hustle into a business!

Cater holiday parties. 

Love to cook? So many people have tons of hosting obligations and get super overwhelmed by the cooking demands. This is where you come in! Book catering gigs where you cook all the food, deliver it to the party, and clean it all up when they’re done. You can make a ton of extra cash doing this around the holidays! 

Give winter sports lessons.

If you’re good at skiing, snowboarding, or ice skating, here is the gig for you! There are a lot of people who want to learn how to do any of these activities, who will pay you to teach them. This one’s great for people who have a natural inclination for teaching and athletics. Offer lessons in winter sports, and your bank account will be back to booming in no time!

Get a seasonal job. 

In winter, there are a lot of companies hiring temporary workers for seasonal jobs. It could be packaging gift boxes, removing snow, waiting tables, delivering mail, or even working on a Christmas tree farm! Just look around for seasonal work, get hired, and collect that paycheck!

Use your winter to boost your personal income with one of these side hustles.

The winter can be a hard time when it comes to money. Use the awesome skills and passions you have to find the perfect side hustle for your situation. That should bring some purpose to this dreary season and help you build up some savings for upcoming summer fun.

Need some help keeping all your side gigs straight? Try using this Lucky Girl notebook to write down everything you’ve got planned for the next few months. We also recommend you listen to the episode of The Career Contessa called How to Create a Sustainable Side Hustle and the episode of Balanced Black Girl called Finding Balance for Side Hustles to learn how to make the most out of your seasonal work! 

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