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If there’s one thing you can count on from us here at Dear Media, it’s that we’re ALWAYS down to listen to a podcast. It’s our favorite form of media, after all! 

Why does podcasting have our hearts? There are honestly too many reasons to name them all—but we’ll name a few, for you. 

Podcasts are a great way to boost your brain and your learning, work on self-improvement, get new information, and stay up to date on the latest news and trends, including the latest trends in beauty and fashion. The industry today is always changing, so you’ve got to have a way to stay in the loop!

Whether you’re always wearing the latest fads, you’ve got a unique vibe to your personal style, or you honestly have NO clue what you’re doing, there’s a podcast out there for you. There’s no shortage of fashion and beauty podcasts. All it takes is finding the right one.

Lucky for you, we made it easy. Here’s a round-up of the best beauty and fashion podcasts we recommend for our readers. <3

Podcasts About Beauty and Fashion

15 Podcasts About Beauty and Fashion

Let’s Get Dressed

The Let’s Get Dressed Podcast is hosted by entrepreneur and founder Liv Perez, who takes you inside the minds of today’s fashion and beauty up-and-comers, game-changers, and luminaries to hear their experiences, advice, and the real story behind their success.

One of the best podcasts for women in their 20s from Let’s Get Dressed is the episode Style Lessons I Learned In My 20s That Have Me Thriving In My 30s. (Come to think of it, it’s one of the best podcasts for women in their 30s, too!)

This podcast is perfect if you want to establish your own style. Especially if you want a signature look that’s timeless and jives with the trends!

Breaking Beauty

Breaking Beauty is a podcast hosted by Jill Dunn and Carlene Higgins, two longtime beauty editors who have seen it all and swatched it all. Their podcast is all about the best beauty products in the business, and they talk to some of our favorite stars like Hailey Beiber to get the inside scoop on celebrity skincare routines and more.

The best part? They have a monthly episode reviewing #DamnGood drugstore and premium beauty products. Wanna feel good? Check out their #DamnGood Feel-Good Guide and get that GLOW going, babe! (PS: If you love their #DamnGood reviews, you’ll love their #DamnGood merch, like this “Damn Good” crew!)

Get The F*ck Out Of The Sun

Have you ever heard you should get the f*ck out of the sun? Well, now you have. Lauryn Evarts Bosstick is the entrepreneur and creator behind the lifestyle blog The Skinny Confidential, as well as the author of the book Get The F*ck Out Of The Sun, her in-your-face skincare resource.

Get The F*ck Out Of The Sun (the podcast) is a sparkly limited series where Lauryn sits down with some of the top experts in the beauty industry to have candid conversations about your skin, your beauty, and your wellness. 

If you know Lauryn, then you know this podcast is a no-holds-barred blast that will give you the skinny on EVERYTHING you need to know—and more. Start with the first episode: Dr. Dennis Gross on Retinol, Temporal Facelift, Injecting Fat, & Finding What Is Purposeful and Necessary. And, as you binge this limited series, be prepared to get totally obsessed with plenty of essential beauty products and procedures like sunscreen ice rolling. Gonna need that The Skinny Confidential ice rolling crewneck!

Lipstick on the Rim

Y’all know we love a ride or die bestie duo, especially a duo with a killer podcast. Grab a drink and join Molly Sims and her best friend Emese Gormley as they give you the scoop on the latest beauty trends. Plus, they’ll give you the DL on which products and procedures are worth your time and which are full of sh*t. 

Wanna know what’s in this spring? Check out these episodes:

The Shine Series

There’s tons to learn from change makers in the fashion industry. These are people who were willing to stand up, stand out, and do something different. The world of fashion makes it challenging to come out on top, but these trendsetters make it look like a walk in the park!

The Shine Series discusses the struggles and successes of trendsetters like Serena Williams, Chriselle Lim, and Quentin Jones. We recommend this episode: Director Edmundo Castillo on the Power of Shoes, Pride, and More.

With Whit

With Whit is a podcast hosted by Whitney Port, who you may remember from MTV’s The Hills. The podcast is about more than just beauty and fashion—it’s about relationships, parenthood, entrepreneurship, health, wellness, and more. But, who are we kidding? It wouldn’t be With Whit if she didn’t talk some beauty and fashion, too! 

With Whit features both interviews with industry experts and personal recommendations from Whitney herself. 

If you’re looking for an expert interview, check out Preserving Individual Beauty & Aging Gracefully: An Interview with GoodSkin Founder & CEO LIsa Goodman

For Whitney’s hottest tips and tricks, follow her nighttime routine & the products she swears by.

Everything Is The Best

Ever feel like you need a guide to simply not feeling so alone? Host Pia Baroncini, Creative Director of LPA, created Everything Is The Best to be that guide. Each week, she inspires listeners as she talks to guests of all backgrounds, including some fashion stars. Listen to her talk to Chrissy Rutherford on a career in fashion and the power of social media, or tune in to this solo ep on her own early fashion days.

Taste of Taylor

Taylor Strecker, a seasoned radio and podcast host known for her show Wake Up! With Taylor on Cosmo Radio, delivers fun, yet endearingly authentic entertainment each week as she interviews her celebrity and influencer guests. She often interviews friends and icons from the fashion industry, keeping us in the loop like she has since her first radio show. Thank you, Taylor!

Need the latest on the fashion industry? Taylor and fashion PR icon Kelly Cutron discuss the current status of the fashion industry in the episode Ankle Bracelet Chic.

Series of fashion and beauty podcast covers

Say Yas to the Guest

If you went through a beauty YouTuber phase . . . 1) We are SO with you, girl. And 2) we’ve got the PERFECT podcast for you. Say Yas to the Guest is hosted by Patrick Starrr, the beauty and YouTube superstar. Each week Patrick and friends spill some serious tea about how they met, how they found success, and how they overcame the status quo—as well as some industry stories and secrets!

Here’s his interview with one of the most iconic and successful South Asian beauty YouTubers and entrepreneurs, Deepica Mutyala.

Him and Her

If you’ve never heard of Him and Her, the first thing you’ve got to know is that it’s got a LOT to offer. You’ll find a huge mix of audio entertainment in their backlog of episodes, including interviews with celebrities, entrepreneurs, influencers, experts, and thought leaders. 

Influencer and entrepreneurs Lauryn Evarts Bosstick (of The Skinny Confidential and Get The F*ck Out Of The Sun) and Michael Bosstick answer listener questions on health, wellness, beauty, business, branding, marketing, and relationships.

Him and Her has so much to offer when it comes to episodes on fashion and beauty, we couldn’t choose just one. Here’s a few of our recent faves:

A Thing or Two

If you’re always looking to be an early adopter of the hottest trends, then give these two badass business women your ear. Claire Mazur and Erica Cerulo host A Thing or Two, a podcast inspired by the legendary “10 Things” newsletter. What a great concept, right?

Each episode, the women share their favorite recent finds, including food, beauty, technology, literature, you name it! Sometimes it’s their faves, sometimes it’s their guest’s faves. But either way, you get great beauty finds. 

Bonus: They include all their recommendations in their episode descriptions, so they’re easy to find. 

We recommend this episode on Alpaca Fashion Shows and Beauty Insider Priya Rao’s Thingies.

That’s so Retrograde

That’s so Retrograde hosts effortlessly merge pop culture and “wellness” into one podcast. Hosts Elizabeth and Stephanie designed it to highlight wellness trends before they hit the zeitgeist! Their guests include thought leaders in health, beauty, astrology, cannabis, and more.  

In episode 171, That’s So Venus in Retrograde, Stephanie and Elizabeth discuss sustainability within the beauty space with Tiila Abbitt, former head of R + D for sustainable materials at Sephora.

The Dream Bigger Podcast

The Dream Bigger Podcast is hosted by founder of the wellness brand Arrae, Siffat Haider. Each week, you can hear from a different wellness expert, skincare guru, or entrepreneur that inspires you to live your best life. If you’re lost and looking for some advice, this podcast is the big sister that can get you back on track. 

Need a podcast for your next hot girl walk? Check out SIffat’s solo episode on Hot Girl Summer Prep.

The Blonde Files Podcast

Arielle Lorre is here to ask and answer all your most pressing beauty and wellness questions. From how to achieve optimal health to the best beauty hacks, Arielle covers it all. Her latest Health & Beauty Hot Takes dives deep into controversial health and skincare practices with licensed esthetician and gut-health nutrition specialist, Jamie McGuire.

Being Her

Being Her with Margarita Nazarenko is all about womanhood, self-development, and the journey to becoming the best version of HER.

You wanna be That Girl? This is the podcast for you. 

She’s got seriously the BEST beauty hacks, and she’s not afraid to share them with us, like she did in her episode on How to Trick People into Thinking You are Good Looking, where she digs into the often-overlooked tips and tricks that can elevate your beauty game. 

Another series of fashion and beauty podcast covers

There’s a beauty and fashion podcast out there for everyone!

There you have it, ladies! All the best fashion and beauty podcasts in one place, just for you. We love sharing our favorite podcasts with you, and believe us, we’re far from done. If you’re like us and you just CAN’T get enough, check out our list of shows. You can also find more podcast recs here: