Shopping for a podcasting camera? We’ve got you covered. Let’s take a deeper look at the top ten cameras for podcasting. 

Podcast popularity has grown both significantly and dramatically throughout recent years. Nowadays, people listen to podcasts for all sorts of information, entertainment, life advice, education, and so much more. In addition to audio-only podcasts, content creators have realized that the key to reaching a wider audience is to create video podcasts. But, in order to create a high-quality video podcast, one needs a high-quality video camera for recording. 

Using the right camera for podcasting makes a huge difference in the quality of your visual output. There are plenty of good cameras out there, but not all cameras are great for podcasting. Qualities to consider when choosing a camera for podcasting include battery life, ease of use, size, price, and resolution. 

No matter what camera you choose, it’s important to remember that your camera should be able to shoot in 4K video, or at least 1080p. And, the camera should have excellent audio recording capabilities. As with any podcast, great audio quality is essential. These features will make for the best quality audio and visual content. Due to this fact, we’ve already made sure that each camera on this list has these necessary features. 

So, let’s dive right in! 

10 Best Cameras For Podcasting

Kicteck Full HD 1080p 

If you’re just starting out in the podcasting world, this camera might be just the one you’re looking for. The Kicteck Full HD 1080p camera is the most budget friendly camera on our list, making it a great choice for amateurs. And speaking of amateurs, be sure to check out these podcasting tips for beginners. This camera boasts full HD recording capabilities, 16x zoom, and a 270 degree rotation. With a 3-inch LCD screen, the Kicteck Full HD 1080p also has WiFi capabilities via a USB cord and anti-shake & built-in fill light functionality. Lastly, this camera comes with two external batteries and the option to record while charging to ensure maximum recording time. 

Battery life: 1.2 hours 

Price: $65.99 

Canon EOS 5D Mark III

According to Canon, this camera boasts “advanced, professional-level high definition video capabilities”…need we say more? But, seriously, this camera is a great compact and lightweight choice for any podcaster looking to venture into the world of videography. Unique features include peripheral illumination correction, chromatic aberration correction, and distortion correction, manual exposure control, multiple frame rates and selectable All i-frame or IPB compression – wow! Plus, this camera has a built-in feature that automatically splits files greater than 4GB for longer recording without pesky interruptions. 

Battery life: 1.5 hours 

Price: $755

Panasonic HC-V770 Camcorder

Looking for something straightforward that covers all the bases? Look no further than the Panasonic HC-V770 Camcorder. This camera is small, super lightweight, and perfect for entry-level beginners. Unique qualities of this camera include instant WiFi connection to your phone or laptop, remote control through the use of an app, 20x zoom, and USTREAM. USTREAM is a functionality that allows full-HD livestreams – very useful! 

This camera also has an eco-mode, which turns the camera off to preserve battery after 15 minutes of inactivity. But, don’t worry! You can disable this mode when filming to avoid any mishaps. And lastly, the Panasonic HC-V770 Camcorder has a high-dynamic range feature that reduces bright spots automatically for a more professional visual output. 

Battery life: 3.5 hours 

Price: $597.99 

Sony FDRAX53/B Camcorder

For a slightly more professional camera, be sure to check out the Sony FDRAX53/B Camcorder. Like most modern camcorders, this one is also small, lightweight, and easy to transport. This camera can record in both UHD 4K and 1080p, depending on your preference and where you are uploading your video. Furthermore, this camera boasts over three hours of recording time, which is usually plenty for most podcast hosts. When it comes to broadcasting, this camera offers two options – HDMI out port and WiFi – both of which can connect to your smartphone and tablet. 

Battery life: 3.5 hours

Price: $998 

Canon VIXIA HF G50 Camcorder

Ready to invest in a top-quality, professional camera? This is the one. The Canon VIXIA HF G50 boasts over 6 hours of recording time, which means you can record full episodes or maybe even multiple episodes in just one charge. This camera records ultra high-quality video, even in low-light environments and studios. With its clean and sharp HDMI output, this camera can become a live stream webcam without any additional equipment or gear. While the Canon VIXIA HF G50 Camcorder is definitely a more expensive option, it’s an ideal choice for any podcaster looking to take their podcast to the next level. 

Battery life: 6 hours

Price: $1,099

Nikon D3500

The Nikon D3500 is a super sleek and professional grade camera. With a battery life of just over an hour, this camera is perfect for filming whole podcast episodes. This camera is lightweight, balanced, yet small enough to travel with and durable enough to take on those rough conditions. By downloading Nikon’s free Snapbridge app, you can access all your photos and videos right from your smartphone or tablet. With this app, you can even take photos with your camera by clicking a button on your phone – wow! This camera also boasts features such as continuous shooting, full HD video, and an image sensor that is 15x larger than most common smartphones. 

Battery life: 1.3 hours 

Price: $649.95

Sony Alpha a6000L

The Sony Alpha A6000L is small, lightweight, and super sleek. The leather grip on the side really adds a stylistic touch. This mirrorless lens full HD camera boasts the World’s fastest autofocus and easy-to-use controls that help you shoot like a pro. Like some of the other cameras on this list, this camera has smartphone remote control capabilities via NFC and WiFi with the help of a free, downloadable app. Other convenient features include Tilt LCD, pop-up flash, and MI shoe. When purchasing a camera like this one, it’s best to also invest in a tripod to hold your camera in the desired place and position. 

Battery life: 1 hour 

Price: $649.99 

Panasonic X1500

This camcorder is the largest, most professional, and most expensive camcorder on our list today. This professional grade, 4K, 60p camera boasts high-spec optical performance, a wide-angle lens, 32x zoom capabilities, and a whopping 8.75 hour battery life. It also has high-speed autofocus and can support HD live streaming via its built in WiFi. Unique features include 2 SD card slots, a 3.5 inch monitor, and optical image stabilization. With the hefty price comes a multitude of capabilities, which is why this camcorder is best for the professional podcaster. 

Battery Life: 8.75 hours 

Price: $1,697.99

Canon XC15 

With advanced auto focus and great image stabilization, the Canon XC15 is ideal for podcasters. This compact and ergonomic camera produces high-quality video recordings in almost any setting and has the capability to record both fast and slow motion videos. With over 4 hours of battery life when recording, you can be confident in recording whole episodes at the time. In addition to all these capabilities, this camera also contains multiple recording modes, remote control via WiFi, and Highlight Priority mode which reduces bright spots. Plus, this camera is compatible with a multitude of other Canon products that can further enhance your video podcast. 

Battery life: 4 hours 

Price: $1,395.00 

Canon EOS Rebel T6

For those podcasters that record relatively short podcast episodes, this camera has all the capabilities to fulfill all your podcasting needs. With only 30 minutes of recording time, this camera is probably not the ideal choice for longer winded podcasters. The Canon EOS Rebel T6 has built in WiFi and NFC connectivity that allows you to share your photos with ease. This even includes sharing to certain social media platforms as well. Other unique features of this camera include super impressive auto focus performance, a 3 inch LCD monitor, a built-in feature guide, continuous shooting, and a full HD Movie Mode that makes shooting podcast videos so easy. 

Battery life: 30 minutes 

Price: $549

Our final thoughts on the best camera for podcasting…

As you read through this article, you might be thinking “wow – cameras are super expensive” – and they are! That’s why we encourage you to go ahead and start saving, especially if you’re really passionate about venturing into the world of video podcasting. Another important point to mention is that battery life depends on many factors. These include temperature, which modes you’re using, and the size of your memory storage. So, be sure to keep in mind that the specified battery life for each of these cameras and camcorders are estimates. 

With all that being said, we wish you the best of luck as you continue to research and eventually purchase your camera. For more tips on podcasting, head on over to the Dear Media Blog. There, you will find a multitude of information spanning from how to name a podcast to the best way to record a podcast remotely. And, as always, if you have any additional questions or comments, feel free to drop them below!