Every epic podcast should have an eye-catching, memorable name. It’s no question that choosing a clever way to identify your podcast is a big deal. It’s the first thing a potential listener will notice when browsing through show titles to see what sparks their interest. A show-stopping podcast name gives you a greater chance to reel them in.

A great podcast name can showcase who you are, and what your show is about, and hopefully capture your target audience. The name sets the direction of your podcast and gives your audience an idea of what they can expect from the show. It can be creative, unique, cheeky, straight to the point, or packed full of personality. If you are still debating what you should name your podcast, no worries! This post will guide you through picking a catchy podcast name that will stand out in all the podcast directories out there. So let’s dive right in shall we?

How To Name A Podcast

Start With Brainstorming

You can never go wrong with a good brainstorming session. However, it’s important that you already have your podcast’s theme, episode format, brand, and defined target audience. Only then can you start coming up with potential names for the show. Give the brainstorming of podcast name ideas a few different attempts on different days. It’s really great to sleep on your brainstorming sessions to see how you feel after some rest. You can schedule daily brainstorming sessions to dedicate real time to thinking creatively or just write down every idea that comes to mind. A fun way to help you out when you are feeling stuck is to bust out the dictionary, thesaurus, or even a fun site like Rhymezone or a podcast name-generator website. Just do your best to get all your ideas out on the table, no matter how you feel about them.

Don’t Stress

Choosing a name for your podcast can feel like a lot of pressure. It’s a big moment, but it’s also an exciting moment. So enjoy it! You’ll love looking back one day and reflecting on how you came up with the name. Also, keep in mind, stress puts a serious damper on creativity. So kick back, have some fun with it, and let the creativity flow. Heck, even pour yourself a glass of wine if you need to during brainstorming sessions.

Make It Both Descriptive and Unique

The goal is for your podcast title to tell your potential listener what your show is about. But it should also reflect your unique flare! A fantastic name does both. Think about your podcast theme and what words would best represent it. Also, take into account the speaking style of your target audience and what words resonate best with that demographic. Finally, add a little of your personality to it. You are the podcast host after all. It should be fun and introductory. A great example of this tip is Raising Good Humans with Dr. Aliza. You can pretty much guess from the title that this podcast is going to be packed full of parenting tips. 

Consider Incorporating Your Brand Name

Maybe you already have a successful personal or business brand with an active following. You’re getting into the podcasting game as an addition to your already thriving brand presence. So to attract potential listeners to your podcast, you can include the name of your brand in the title. Those who already know your brand might feel more attracted to your podcast if the title includes your brand name too. It’s a simple matter of familiarity. Plus, it helps you keep things consistent within your brand messaging. You can learn more about branding HERE.

Chriselle Lim went this route with her parenting podcast Being Bumo. Bumo is the name of her parenting community and brand. In a word, it means to parent. This makes the name of her podcast “being parent”, which incorporates both her existing brand name and explains what the show is all about. You can also take the name of your brand and add something to it. For example, when Lauryn Bosstick of The Skinny Confidential started a podcast with her husband Michael, they chose to incorporate both her brand and a unique identity for the show. The show ended up being dubbed The Skinny Confidential Him & Her.

Think About Using Word Play

Incorporating a play on words into your podcast title can help make it more catchy. Alliterations, puns, slang phrases, and metaphors make a statement. This can help your show stand out from the crowd in the podcast directories. It’s a fun way to catch the attention of your potential listeners too! Just be careful not to make it too ambiguous or abstract or you risk confusing your existing following. 

Let’s take Jackie Schimmel’s podcast, Mind Body No Soul, as an example. The phrase Mind Body Soul is super common in the wellness world. Jackie puts a spin on it by switching it to No Soul. This reflects both the theme of her podcast, guided meditations, and its tone, which is very satirical of your typical mindfulness content. It’s an intriguing yet practical name. It’s also incredibly easy to remember because we’ve all heard the saying similarly many times.

Remember Title Length Matters

Use short and sweet as a rule of thumb. The shorter the podcast title, the easier it will be to remember. Shorter names will also display better on all podcast directories since most people will stream them from their smartphones. So try to keep the title length between 14 and 29 characters! 

Analyze Its Searchability

The searchability of a podcast refers to its SEO value on search engines for potential listeners. It also involves the searches people make on podcast directories and the suggestions that may appear on their feeds. Search engines consider your podcast’s title and description when analyzing whether it is related to a potential listener’s search. Consider including a keyword or two in your podcast title to improve its SEO.

For example, a good podcast like Work Party by Jaclyn Johnson is all about millennial women and their new approach to work. It’s considered a celebration of the modern working woman and all her trials, tribulations, etc. So including the word “Work” is super strategic from an SEO standpoint. Another great example is The Heal Podcast with Kelly Noonan Gores. This podcast is actually a continuation of the HEAL documentary and book. So again including the word “Heal” in the podcast title makes a lot of sense for search.

Include Keywords But Avoid Keyword Stuffing

Look, we all love SEO. But let’s not go overboard with keywords on a podcast title. It’s super obvious and can come across as inauthentic. And people need to see their favorite podcast host as someone genuine, not as a search engine pleaser. Apple Podcasts has also stated that it will remove all podcast names which are just a long list of keywords from its podcast directory. That’s a clear warning that keyword stuffing is not okay for your podcast title. This goes for both your overall show name and individual episode titles. Always keep things genuine.  

Try Saying It Out Loud

Podcasts usually travel by word of mouth. No surprise there right? So your podcast title has to sound great! You will consistently repeat the name of your podcast in every intro for each episode, anytime you promote your show, and anytime you talk about your brand in general. Further cementing the need for the name of your podcast to flow. The name should be easy to pronounce and each word should flow effortlessly. Say all the potential names over and over for a good while. By the end, you will probably discard a couple of names you thought were potentials. 

Pitch It To A Sample Of Your Target Audience

This is perfect if you already have an existing following. You can ask for a few volunteers and pitch them a couple of your favorite podcast titles. However, seeking opinions of people outside of your typical community can also provide you with great insight too! This may even spark up some new creativity and refresh some existing ideas. So don’t be afraid to ask people that aren’t already followers or are heavily involved in the space. Sometimes fresh eyes and ears can really inspire!

Check Podcast Name Availability

Before you choose a podcast title, make sure to check if it’s available. It would be truly disheartening to get set on a name, maybe even a design for your show’s cover art, only to realize the name is taken. Plus if you plan on monetizing your podcast, you’ll need to avoid any copyright and trademark issues. Always do your research beforehand. Once you know the final contenders for the podcast name, search to see if it’s already in use. It’s also a good idea to see if the name is taken on social media sites such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Giving your podcast its own Instagram or Twitter makes it a great way to send out announcements like upcoming episode info, a recap of the shows, and snippets of previous shows.

How To Trademark A Podcast Name?

Trademarking a podcast name is a great way to make sure that you get the credit you deserve for your hard work. If you’re thinking about registering your trademark podcast name, here’s what you need to know.

Trademark registration can be done through the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). You’ll need to fill out an application with your podcast name and other identifying information. Once you’ve filed this application, it will be reviewed by an examiner at the USPTO who will determine whether or not your podcast name is eligible for trademark protection. If the examiner determines that it is eligible, then he or she will issue a certificate of registration for your podcast name, and your podcast will be considered your own intellectual property by law.

Are you ready to get creative and choose a podcast name?

There you go, future podcasters! Now you have the insider’s scoop on how to name a podcast. These tips will help you pick a podcast title that is unique, memorable, and authentic. If you have any other questions about starting a podcast, what kind of podcast apps to use, or how to name your podcast properly, let us know in the comments. We are happy to help! You can also head over to this article to get the best list of everything you need to start a podcast. Best of luck picking your podcast name! 

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