Welcome to our roundup of the 10 best episodes of the Press Send Podcast! Hosted by Chinae Alexander, entrepreneur and lifestyle personability, Press Send offers over 150 episodes about topics that women actually care about! We’re talking wellness, beauty, dating, career, lifestyle topics and more. Each week, Chinae and her unique special guest take time to field listener questions, listen to your problems, and dish out the best advice! 

Chinae delivers each and every episode of Press Send with genuine humor and candor. Bringing her trademark honesty, Chinae tackles all issues, no matter how big or small, while providing a safe and totally judgment free space for open conversation. When it comes to the Press Send Podcast, no topic is off-limits! So, send in your questions and get ready for some of the best life advice you’ve ever heard. But first, take a sneak peek at the 10 most popular episodes of Press Send below! 

10 Best Press Send Podcast Episodes

Jeannette Ogden aka @shutthekaleup | Flick The Bean 

Welcome to the very first episode of Press Send! In this episode, listeners meet Jeannette Ogden, fitness enthusiast and influencer. Chinae and Jeannette cover a variety of topics including coping with alcoholic parents, overcoming food obsession, and how to keep it spicy in the bedroom. 

Corinne + Krystyna From GWF | My Name Isn’t Karen: Valentine’s Day Special Episode

Get ready for an episode alllll about sex! Chinae sits down with Corinne and Krystyna, comedians and hosts of Guys We Fucked, to talk about steamy sex, frequently asked dating questions, age-gaps, and purchasing vibrators. For more on relationships and dating, check out How to Be a Better Spouse/Partner!

Akilah Hudges | My Head’s Stuck in a Door

Introducing Akilah Hudges, popular comedian and influencer! Over the years, Akilah has gained a following by using comedy to confront issues like race, politics, and pop culture. Settle in for an intriguing conversation about gentrification, being in a relationship with opposing political views, valuing your time at work, and being friends with your ex. When it comes to being friends with exes, it’s important to learn how to forgive someone who hurt you!

I’m Going Through a Breakup, and It’s Super Hard

In this unique solo episode, Chinae gets real about her breakup, what she’s learned along the way, and how she’s moving forward. Get ready for a super vulnerable conversation about heartbreak and the feelings and emotions that come along with it! If you’re going through a breakup, be sure to check out our roundup of the best podcasts for breakups! Also, be sure to read about these healthy ways to cope with a breakup to help you get over your ex and get back to living your best life. 

Estée Lalonde | Radiate Goodness

In this episode of Press Send, we meet special guest Estée Lalonde – content creator, Youtuber, and podcast host! Join Estée and Chinae for an interesting discussion about female empowerment, self-discovery, dating, and balancing productivity with self-care. When it comes to taking time for yourself, make sure you’re aware of these common myths about self-care

Katie Jane Hughes | Props For Being Self-Aware

Settle in for an episode all about showing up for yourself! Katie Jane Hughes joins Chinae for a super candid conversation about social media, overcoming sexual apathy, being vulnerable, and feeling confident in your own skin. 

Dr. Holly Richmond | Sex Talk: Part 1

Welcome to part 1 of Chinae’s sex talk with Dr. Holly Richmond. Dr. Richmond is a professional sex therapist and she’s here to answer all our burning questions about sex. Chinae and Dr. Richmond discuss sexual freedom, having a healthy relationship with porn, exploring kinks, and how to make your long-distance relationship work. 

Deepica Mutyala | Call Me! (Just Kidding)

In this episode, we meet Deepica Mutyala – professional beauty guru and founder of TINTED. In addition to answering those frequently asked beauty questions, Chinae and Deepica talk about coping with work stress, how to figure out what you want to do in life, and finding love when you’re always on the go. When it comes to coping with stress caused by your job, try these 30 time-management tips for finding that perfect work-life balance. 

Serena Wolf | Give The Right F*cks

Do you struggle with making huge life decisions? If so, then this is totally the episode for you! Chinae sits down with Serena Wolf – chef, author, and healthy living influencer – to talk about being confident in your choices and using fear as a motivator, instead of allowing it to hold you back. They also discuss people-pleasing, love languages, and eating healthy when your partner doesn’t. 

Jared Freid | Bl*wjob Bootcamp

Join Chinae and Jared Freid for an episode all about sex and relationships. Jared is a comedian and podcaster and, this week, he’s bringing the male perspective to topics like long distance relationships, blow-jobs, butt stuff, and the process of becoming more-than-friends with your crush. The duo also share advice for figuring out what you want to do in life and chasing your dreams! 

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