It’s no secret podcasts have skyrocketed in popularity. Nowadays you can find shows covering just about anything. From politics and history documentaries to meditation workshops tapes and wellness advice. There’s something for everyone and anyone no matter what type of content you’re into. One of our favorite genres making serious audio waves lately are REALITY TV Podcasts. Yep, you read that right. Podcasts by reality stars, about reality stars, recapping reality shows, reality TV gossip, or all of the above.

At Dear Media, we have a ton of shows focusing on reality TV or hosted by reality TV stars. So today we’re rounding up the best of the best when it comes to reality TV podcasting. Check this list below.


Best Reality TV Podcasts


Adderall and Compliments with Annabelle DeSisto

This post will be your newest guilty pleasure! Annabelle previously wrote for Joan Rivers on Fashion Police and now she is the host of Adderall and Compliments. On her show, Annabelle share her truly uncensored opinion on everything-Bravo, pop culture, dating, sex, candid stories, life advice & wherever else her Adderall induced rants take her.

Divorced Not Dead with Caroline Stanbury

Caroline Stanbury of the hit Bravo Series Ladies of London is divorced, not dead. Caroline is here to let you know that not only is there life after divorce – it can be your best one yet! She’s interviewed notable reality stars such as her former Ladies of London costar Juliet Angus & Bravo Channel sister Anisha Ramakrishna of Family Karma. Most of her episodes are not focused on current reality show recaps. Instead Caroline focuses on living your best life and introducing you to special guests from the reality TV world and beyond. Her episodes will inspire you to create your best life after divorce.

Dr. Jackie’s Point of V with Dr. Jackie

Beloved celebrity OB-GYN, star of the fan favorite Bravo series Married to Medicine and best-selling author Dr. Jackie invites you on a journey to self discovery. Dr. Jackie invites everyone from top health experts to her closest celebrity friends to have eye-opening conversations that educate, entertain and empower listeners. Think everything you loved about Married to Medicine and SO much more. She tackles all those burning (and itching) questions about feminine health you’ve been too afraid to ask, as well as sharing personal experiences and advice like a good girlfriend.

The Bitch Bible with Jackie Schimmel

The Bitch Bible is a podcast that dares to say what many are thinking, but only a bitch would say. Think of Jackie as your go to girl for honest, unapologetic talk about sex, millennials, pop culture, sex, and YES reality TV. Jackie regularly breaks down the latest Real Housewives shenanigans live solo or with a special guest. Expect tons of talk on social faux-pas and hopefully, an insightful takeaway. Nothing is off limits.

Currently Cringing with Anish Ramakrishna. 

Anish is a reality TV personality from the hit Bravo series Family Karma. So if you’ve been looking to catch up with her, this podcast is for you. After Anish left her successful NYC life and long-term partner, Anish moved back in with her parents and started her own business. Now she is a bold entrepreneur and a very amusing podcast host. so Be prepared for several blunt stories about life beyond reality TV. You can also expect new guests to join for many of the episodes. These guests range from Anish’s friends to industry experts and celebrities.

Not Skinny But Not Fat with Amanda Hirsch

Join Amanda Hirsch each episode for a witty chat about everything related to the insane entertainment world. From Keeping Up With The Kardashians weekly recaps to the latest drama about bullies on The Bachelor and Bachelorette. Amanda’s sarcastic personality will guide you through it all. This podcast will soon become your hub for entertainment and reality television content, thanks to the spark of its host and her hilarious guests.

With Whit with Whitney Port.

When the MTV reality series, Laguna Beach and then followed by The Hills, debuted, Whitney Port also made her debut into our lives. In the blink of an eye, the young Teen Vogue intern became a fan favorite. She is now sharing her life since reality TV on her very own podcast, With Whit. It only takes one episode for you to realize how much has happened since Whitney became reality TV royalty. Now she’s a mom, CEO of her own fashion business, and loves to get real with her podcast audience. Expect honest conversations and industry experts every week! On this episode she even dives into her reality TV experience and how it shaped her 20’s. Each episode has something unique to offer or an interesting guest’s perspective.

You’re Gonna Love Me with Katie Maloney. 

A lot has happened since Katie left SUR Restaurant back in 2018. The reality TV personality gives us an insight into her life on her podcast each week. She created You’re Gonna Love Me to show a whole new side of herself and connect with anyone who has been judged like she was thanks to her presence in the spotlight. She interviews tons of reality TV familiar faces including her husband Tom, the infamous Jax Taylor, & friend Lala Kent

Katie makes room for a fascinating conversation on being judged, and that’s what makes her show so special. Get ready for some bluntness and a lot of controversial topics! The spirit of her podcast is present during each episode and it never disappoints.

What do you think of our reality TV podcast recommendations? 

Are you a reality TV fan? Welcome to the club! We hope these reality TV podcasts make your days a bit more hilarious and keep you company throughout your everyday routine. The dramatic world of reality stars is filled with gossip that just begs to be heard, so be sure to keep up-to-date with the latest episodes of these shows! 

Do you have a favorite reality TV podcast? Share them in the comments below! We would love to hear your suggestions!