Are you guys ready for a good ol’ fashioned whodunnit? “Bone, Marry, Bury” – a play off of F*ck, Marry, Kill – is a new, one-of-a-kind romantic comedy podcast that is going to change the whole podcasting game! We all know that podcasting has literally exploded in popularity and, now, there are toooons of topics and shows to choose from…but, none quite like this one!

From Dear Media, a female-forward producing company, and RomComPods comes an R-rated, female-driven, campy, murder fiction podcast that you don’t want to miss! Staring Sarah Hyland and Harvey Guillén, “Bone, Marry, Bury” is a murder mystery series that’s going to have you laughing out loud, spitting out your tea, and saying “Oh no she didn’t!”

Bone, Marry, Bury: The New Murder Mystery Fiction Podcast

Before we dive head-first into the plot and introduce our main characters, let’s take a behind the scenes look at “Bone, Marry, Bury”. This reverse whodunnit buddy rom-comedy is produced by Dear Media in partnership with executive producers, creators, writers, and directors from RomComPods. We can thank Becca Freeman and Rachael King of RomComPods, Sarah Hyland, Harvey Guillén, and Eliot Glazer for their major contributions to the creation of this super unique podcast. Okay, now to the good stuff!

“Bone, Marry, Bury” is alllll about the absolute worst year of Allie’s life. She was fired from her waitressing job, dumped by a guy she was pity-f*cking, and evicted from her apartment. This is NOT how she thought life would look at 26. So, on New Year’s Eve, Allie heads to a party where she plans to get plastered and leave this mess of a year behind. 2022 is going to be her year, she can just feel it! Spoiler alert: it’s definitely not going to be her year. But, this party is still suuuuper important because Gabe — Allie’s best friend and our narrator — tells us that by the end of the month she will f*ck, marry, and kill three different people… and they’re all at this party. Are you ready to solve the mystery?

What To Expect In Each Bone, Marry, Bury Episode

The first episode of “Bone, Marry, Bury” is set to be released February 22, 2022 and new episodes will be released every Tuesday after. Mark your calendars now because you won’t want to miss a single second of this wild ride! And luckily for us, it looks like we don’t have to wait much longer to dive into this murder mystery mayhem. So, what can you expect from each “Bone, Marry, Bury” episode?

Each episode of  “Bone, Marry, Bury” is going to be between 15-30 minutes long, making it super easy to find time to check in with your favorite fictional characters. Every episode will include multiple characters, drama, flirtation, crime, comedy, and so much more! Some episodes will end with cliffhangers and some will include secrets and clues that leave you guessing at who the real bad guy is. So, let’s break down the first few episodes, shall we?

Episode 1 – ‘Meet the Players’

Airdate: 2/22/22

On New Year’s Eve, Allie heads to a party where she plans to get plastered and head into 2022 with a fresh start. Gabe — Allie’s best friend and our narrator — tells us that by the end of the month she will f*ck, marry, and kill three different people… and they’re all at this party.

Episode 2 – ‘Job Hunting and Bathroom F*cking’

Airdate: 3/1/22

Allie needs a new job but keeps bombing her interviews. Evan, the friendly bartender, suggests she could make some easy cash by selling pot. Gabe wants Allie out of the house so he can be alone with his new crush. Speaking of new crushes, Allie has a satisfying date with Luis from the New Year’s Party.

Episode 3 – ‘The Pickle Prince’

Airdate: 3/8/22

Turns out Allie is not a natural when it comes to dealing pot. So when Allie gets a booty call from Jesse, her ex-boyfriend (and artisanal dill pickle heir), she caves. But after some ecstasy with her ex, things take a shocking turn…

Episode 4 – ‘Panic Button’

Airdate: 3/15/22

Allie calls Gabe in a panic and like a true best friend, he swoops in to clean up her mess. Things might actually be starting to look up for Allie. She sells her pot stash and scores a second date with Luis. Only to find out that her and Gabe’s cover up might not have been quite as expertly executed as they thought.

Episode 5 – ‘Liz Taylor 101’

Airdate: 3/22/22

Allie accidentally shows Luis her cards and needs to make a quick getaway. But Luis — while cute — is no idiot, and pushes Allie to explain her behavior. But just as she makes her way out of one mess, Gabe gets a call from Nashville Police…

Episode 6 – ‘Shotgun Wedding’

Airdate: 3/29/22

With the police calling and no money to escape, Allie and Gabe have to make a plan. And thanks to Allie’s crime documentary addiction, they actually manage to come up with a harebrained idea that might just save them.

Episode 7 – ‘Epilogue: A Deadly Divorce’

Airdate: 4/5/22

Allie and Gabe are headed to court! But of course, they’re going to settle their troubles in the most dramatic way possible. Things are once again looking up for Allie. But her ride off into the sunset is derailed when she gets a frantic call from Gabe who is standing over something, or someone that looks an awful lot like a corpse…

Meet The Main Characters

Sarah Hyland as Allie:

Meet Allie – She’s Gabe’s BFF and she never turns down a shot of cheap tequila or bowl of Honkytonk potato salad. She calls herself a “beautiful tropical fish” to hype herself up. And BTW she’s an expert flip cup player (aka “the flipper”). Allie prides herself on her “hot ankle” and she’s totally turned on by Top Chef, specifically Tom Colicchio. She handles stressful situations with a joke. She’s a terrible novice pot dealer (but an enthusiastic pot smoker). Og and she’s the “lovable troublemaker” of this dynamic duo. Ultimately loyal, but not necessarily the most self-aware, Allie is always digging herself into a deeper hole for Gabe to help her out of. You’re going to love following Allie through this hilarious rom-com series.

Allie is played by the one-and-only Sarah Hyland. You might recognize Sarah, or should I say her voice, since we’re podcasting here, from all 11 seasons of Modern Family, Geek Charming, or The Wedding Year. Sarah has a fun and charismatic voice and a super upbeat personality. Making her the perfect person to play the messy and dramatic character we call Allie.

Harvey Guillén as Gabe:

Gabe is a fiercely loyal best friend to Allie and throughout the series, he will keep us updated on allllll her misfortunes. Gabe is an amateur drag queen who specializes in Dolly Parton and he’s currently crushing on his local barista, Corey. He’s totally obsessed with Golden Girls (and has the wig to prove it), playful, creative, and witty. He is what you’d call the “ideas guy” of the duo and he’s always bailing Allie out of her sticky situations.

Gabe is voiced by Harvey Guillén, well-known actor and comedian. You might know Harvey from What we do in the Shadows, the hilarious comedy Werewolves Within, or you might recognize his voice from The Mickey Mouse Show! Guillén is a 2022 nominee for the Critics’ Choice Television Award for Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series. Also, on top of acting, he also dabbles in producing and directing. Harvey’s lighthearted yet dramatic personality allows him to fully commit to the role of Gabe and we’re totally here for it!

“Bone, Marry, Bury”: Your New Favorite Myrder Mystery Podcast

It’s finally time to put down your true crime podcasts and stop YouTubing alll those crazy interviews with serial killers. “Bone, Marry, Bury” is here to stay. Once released, you’ll be able to listen to “Bone, Marry, Bury” on Dear Media, Apple Podcasts, or Spotify, depending on your preference.

So, who’s truly responsible for this mysterious death? And who will Allie marry? Guess you’ll have to listen to see! If you love murder mysteries, then there is no doubt that this podcast is for you. At Dear Media, we’re so excited to dive into this new series and we hope you are too! Stay tuned for more information about episodes and releases! Plus be sure to come back and let us know what you thought about the first episode! Enjoy listening and talk soon!