TikTok is one of the best places to decompress. No matter your interests, there is loads of content to feed your latest obsessions. Anything from self-care to travel could pop up on your For You page to provide the perfect curated playlist for your afternoon doomscrolling. 

Though we all have different interests and guilty pleasures, something we all love to do is have a good laugh. Who doesn’t love to LOL after a long day at work or while lounging after a busy week? Finding funny videos is as easy as typing in the right hashtags! (More ways to decompress after work here.)

When users upload their content, they add popular hashtags that tells TikTok’s algorithm who they should recommend the video to. When you search a hashtag, you’ll see a whole collection of content with similar vibes. 

So, if you’re looking for a good laugh, what trending hashtags should you use? We’ve got a list of the best ones to get you ROTFLing. Here are 6+ funny hashtags for TikTok:

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6+ Funny TikTok Hashtags To Check When You Need A Good Laugh


Okay, everyone loves a funny fail video. They’re relatable, lighthearted, and SO FUNNY. Of course, we’re always laughing with the person, right? Most of the time, like in this video, where a woman tries not to react to the jankiest rollercoaster ever. 

However, in this short vid of a little girl flying off a slide into a corn pit, she’s definitely NOT laughing along with the view. Don’t feel bad about laughing at a kid-fail, even adults fail sometimes. Just let this home chef and this bold woman show you how it’s done. 


Funny Memes are the original laugh-out-loud internet moment. Of course searching #meme is going to give you some hilarious content. (Be wary, though. The internet is a crazy place. You’re definitely going to get some weird stuff.) You’ll find gems like this meme party, this relatable workplace moment, and this BFF shopping madness


Try not to laugh challenges are the BEST to get you giggling. Somehow, the challenge of not laughing makes things even funnier. When you search this popular TikTok hashtag, you’ll get a lot of compilation videos. You’ll barely be able to recover from one clip before the next one goes, which will have you rollllling. Now, it’s just time to pick your mode: easy, medium, hard, or IMPOSSIBLE


If you want to laugh, #laugh will definitely get you there. You can laugh at someone else laughing, giggle with this cute dancing baby, or howl at the misfortune of this influencer. No matter what, a video with #laugh is gonna get you to LOL. 


Comedy gold is all over TikTok. One of our favorite TikTokers is Yuri Lasmasbella, who does spot-on impressions of our favorite famous family, uses this hashtag to mark her hilarious Kardashian videos like this one. We’re not sure if she’s officially considered a comedian, but she might as well be. These videos are SO FUNNY! This hashtag will also bring you more fails like this workplace blunder, some ridiculous sibling probs, and more. 


Pranks are not for everyone, but if you’re someone who loves cringe humor, definitely search this hashtag. You’ll get pranks that involve dancing pregnant women, superglue, fake mice, shirtless guys, and so much more! Pranks on the internet are so random . . . and so funny. 

list of funny tiktok hashtags

More funny TikTok hashtags!

If none of these hashtags are giving you the chuckle you need to relax and generate positivity, try one of these. You can also tune into comedy podcasts for more laughs and a weekly fix. Here are some of our favorites when we’re feeling low:

+ #Lol

+ #Oops

+ #dank

+ #Humor

+ #StandUp

+ #Comedyvids

+ #Funnyvideos

+ #Kidsfunnyvideos

+ #Doggosdoingthings

And for the most relatable and hilarious podcast moments from your favorite Dear Media hosts like Kristin Cavallari, Mari Lewellyn, Lauryn and Michael Bosstick,  Eileen Kelly, and more – check out the Dear Media TikTok page.

use hashtags on tiktok

Use hashtags to get everyone laughing! 

You should laugh every day. It has proven benefits on our mental health. When you feel overwhelmed, anxious, or irritated, jump on TikTok for a little laugh session. And, once you find a good one using these hashtag suggestions, don’t keep them to yourself. Share them to the world on your social media page! It’ll help brighten your friend’s days too. 

If you’re interested in more humorous and insightful content and want more tips to manage your mental health, check out the Dear Media blog and show list. We’ve got a little something to make anyone’s day more positive!