We all know laughter is the best medicine. Just the simple action of smiling and laughing releases feel-good endorphins and can instantly improve your mood! We all need a pleasant laugh from time to time. Especially with the stress of our day-to-day lives and all that’s happening around the world – We need laughter more than ever!

And what better way to laugh than by tuning into a comedy podcast hosted by hilarious women? Podcasts are a great way to get out of a funk and make boring tasks more enjoyable. No matter where you are or what you are doing, they’re a simple way of having some fun and laughing as you go about your daily routine!

Today’s post is all about the best comedy podcasts! We are sharing a roundup of our very own female-hosted, hilarious shows that will put a smile on your face. They all have their own unique sense of humor and they are amazing at creating hilarious visuals! Get ready to laugh!

Best Female Comedy Podcasts

The Ali Kolbert Show with Ali Kolbert:

We love shows hosted by comedians and The Ali Kolbert Show does not disappoint! Stand-up comedian Ali Kolbert co-hosts this absolutely hilarious podcast with her sister, Jackie. The two sisters take you along on their journey through adulthood and share life-hack tips and relationship advice. It’s like a coming-of-age story, but keeping it real. The episodes vary in length, usually between half an hour to an hour, but there’s never a dull airwave with these two. This show just debuted so be sure to get caught up on all the laughs!

Here is one of our favorite episodes so far, where Ali and Jackie listen to a few chucklesome messages by their audience. You definitely do not want to miss the voicemail about Timothee Chalamet. It’s absolutely hilarious! Tune in here: Do You Want To Be Them or F**k Them?

The Bad Broadcast with Madi Murphy:

Madi Murphy shines on this humorous show. If you love complaining you’ll fit right in with the host because she loves it too! In fact, it’s her passion. And it’s what makes this show so amusing because it’s actually the theme of this hilarious podcast. You’ll find no shortage of things to love and hate when listening to one of the episodes. Each one usually lasts between 30 and 45 minutes, which is the perfect amount of time to complain about the most hilarious topics. Sometimes Madi even invites a guest on the show and they both share what they love and hate together. It’s the perfect show for laughing off a bad day! 

This episode challenges Boss Babe culture while complaining about a few things. You’ll find Madi and returning guest Meg, sharing their points of view and genuine advice. Tune in here: Meg & Madi & The Boss Babe Lie

Shady Shit with Casey Balsham:

If you enjoy true crime podcasts, you’ll be obsessed with Shady Shit. This hilarious podcast has all the creepy and mysterious vibes to entertain you at any point in your routine. It’s only way more shady and laughable! Casey Balsham is your stand-up comedian host living it up in New York. She will share with you several wild stories that can all be described as extremely shady. From TV show conspiracies to McDonald’s ice-cream machines, this show covers it all. The episodes are all close to the one-hour mark too, which means packed with laughter! Some of them include comical guests and other ones have Casey flying solo while diving deep into all the shadiness. Crazy stories make this podcast is unique, so expect a lot of weird stuff!

Do you love celebrity conspiracies and a bit of nostalgia? We have just the episode for you. Tune in to this episode of Shady Shit where Casey and her guests discuss all things Lindsay Lohan: Do We Owe Lindsay Lohan an Apology? With Justine Marino and Justin Martindale.

The Bitch Bible with Jackie Schimmel:

You might know Jackie from Mind Body No Soul, but her original hilarious podcast venture is The Bitch Bible. Here, Jackie says the things only a bitch would say, but everybody is thinking. She has zero filters and will make you laugh non stop! The episodes are all around 40 to 60 minutes. And you will find over one or two celebrity guests also visiting this podcast and having a chucklesome time with the show host. From pop culture to relationship advice, this will quickly become one of your favorite comedy podcasts! 

Did I mention special guests? Well, if that idea excites you, this is our recommendation for you. Kick off your Bitch Bible journey with this amazing episode (Hint: The guest is another famous Jennifer): Bare Minimum with Heather McMahan and Jennifer Aniston!

Currently Cringing with Anisha Ramakrishna:

Who doesn’t love reality TV shows? These programs never fail to make us laugh and relieve stress after a long day. Reality TV podcasts are the best of both worlds. You can listen and enjoy all the drama on and off-screen while going about your daily life. Plus, these are some of the funniest podcasts out there! Currently Cringing is an amazing comedy podcast hosted by reality TV star Anisha Ramakrishna. She is part of the Bravo TV show Family Karma and always eager to laugh things off. After making a bold life change, Anisha moved back with her parents to create her own fashion business. On the podcast, she shares everything that has her currently cringing and will make you cringe as well. The episodes are around the 30 minute mark and include quite a few celebrity guests. Anisha is sharp and real, just like her show!

Tune in to one of the most recent episodes of Currently Cringing, where Anisha and her BFF discuss all things gay pride and Family Karma: Gay Pride, Family Karma, Deep Throating. 

What is your favorite female comedy podcast?

Listening to podcasts are a great way to multi-task and keep yourself entertained throughout the day. Especially when your day might not be off to a great start! Just listen to one of these female comedy podcasts and your whole mood will lighten up! Seriously, these shows will do wonders for your mood! Do you listen to funny podcasts regularly? If so, we’d love to hear about your favorite one! Make sure you stay updated with the latest episode information and any new shows by following Dear Media on Instagram too!