Ending a podcast episode with a bang is important to set your podcast apart from others and keep those listeners coming back for more. Your outro is just as important as your podcast intro.  So we really recommend taking some time here to create an original and catchy closing. An awesome outro should leave your listeners wanting more and give your audience something to think about after listening. It’s also the perfect opportunity to thank your hardcore listeners for listening all the way to the end! So, today we’re sharing a few practical and creative tips you can use to wrap up your podcast episodes. Plus!! Bonus points – create a lasting impression on your listeners.

How To End A Podcast

Thank Your Listeners

First things first, you want to give your loyal listeners some credit for tuning in. But it should be so much more than just a quick “Thanks for listening!”. Share some insight into the difference your listeners are making for you and your podcast, and how grateful you are for their support. Your thank you should be authentic and meaningful.

Be Intentional

Always be intentional when you’re wrapping up your podcast. Remember that both your intros and outros should serve a purpose. Your podcast ending is your final opportunity to leave your listeners with a great taste in their mouth and make them want to come back for more. So, be intentional with your closing and choose your final words with care and creativity. A well thought-out and original outro can help you grow your audience and retain more listeners!

Recap the Episode

An easy way to wrap up your podcast is by giving your listeners a quick recap of the episode. Use this time to talk about the main bullet points you made throughout the episode, what you want your listeners to take away from the episode, and what made that episode so special. You can even give listeners a little run down of what they can expect from your podcast in the future or from an upcoming episode with a teaser for the next episode. This is a great way to help listeners actually remember what you talked about and keep your podcast fresh in their mind!

Close with a Call to Action

It’s also a good idea to create a call to action (cta) to engage with listeners and get them to remember your podcast! Listeners love a call to action because it’s a way to interact with their favorite podcast in addition to just listening. No matter your niche, there are many ways you can incorporate a call to action in your episode outro script. Call to actions can be designed to help grow your podcast. For example, maybe you ask listeners to subscribe or share your show. You can also encourage listeners to take the advice you gave throughout the episode, point them towards another awesome episode, suggest they visit your website, or plug things like small businesses, charities, and local events in your area! Check out this episode of the Real Pod podcast for an example of ending an episode with a call to action.

Create a Unique Sign-Off

Really set your podcast apart by creating a unique sign-off! Try to think of something fun and interesting that you can do at the end of each podcast. Something that will keep your listeners tuned in till the end and coming back for more. For some inspiration, check out the We Met At Acme podcast.  Host Lindsey Metselaar wraps up each episode with an entertaining round of rapid fire questions. Another podcast with an awesome sign-off is Absolutely Not! Host Heather McMahan ends most episodes by answering hilarious voicemails and calls from listeners on her hotline. Other creative ways to sign-off include using unique podcast outro music or fun sound effects that your loyal listeners will quickly become familiar with.

Plug Yourself and Your Podcast

Don’t forget that you can totally close out your  great podcast episode by simply plugging yourself and your podcast! This is just one of many ways to promote your podcast. Your outro is a great time to plug past episodes that your listeners should check out. Or give them a sneak peek into future episodes. You can also point them to your emailing list, website, blog, show notes, affiliate links, Youtube channel, eCommerce page, social media, etc. Give yourself a shout out and let your listeners know how they can stay up to date on your podcast! And lastly, be sure to remind your listeners to rate and review your podcast. This is key to growing your audience!

Plug Your Guests

For those podcast hosts that bring on special guests, your outro is the perfect time to plug your guests! If you don’t bring on guests, but you’d like to, check out our blog about how to get guests for your podcast! Most likely your guest will be someone who owns a business, works in an awesome industry, has a rad story or tell, or someone who just does something cool. Plugging their business or project could be really beneficial to their cause and help them gain followers and support! No matter your guest, we’re willing to bet they’d love some sort of a shout out.

For an example of a podcast that closes by plugging their guests, check out this episode of Life with Marianna. Be sure to point your listeners in the direction of your guest’s social media and emailing list, and let your listeners know how they can keep up with your guest beyond the scope of your podcast. And for additional tips about hosting guests, check out our blog about the best questions to ask in a podcast interview!

How do you end a podcast?

No matter how you choose to end your podcast, just remember that your outro should be purposeful! Ending a podcast can be as simple or as creative as you want to make it. But it should always promote engagement with your listeners and keep them coming back for more. These are just a few tips out of many that you can use to help you create an awesome and impactful outro. Consider trying a few different methods, and see what works best for you and your podcast by learning how to measure podcast performance. Let us know which method works best for you below!