Everyone can say that podcasts skyrocketed in popularity during the past few years. And the podcasting industry will only keep growing! According to recent statistics, there will be over 144 million monthly podcast listeners in the US by the end of 2025. That’s some insane growth right there! So there has never been a more perfect time to start a podcast. But things don’t end once you record and post your first season, or second, or third. You need to keep growing your show CONSTANTLY!

Podcast marketing is key if you want to maintain your existing audience and reach new ones. All it takes is consistency and a few great podcast promotion strategies to supercharge your performance and growth (no paid ads, like Instagram or Facebook ads, needed)! And that’s exactly what we’re covering in this article. We’ll show you 20 ways to promote your podcast! Some of them are super simple, some of them require a little more effort, and others are for experienced podcasters to venture into. Whichever ones you pick, just make sure you stick to them. Now let’s see how you can promote your podcast and grow your listenership!

20 Ways To Promote Your Podcast

  1. Start with your social media channels.

Let’s tackle the basics first! You should definitely create social media channels for your podcast. To start, create Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter accounts. Then you can expand onto TikTok, YouTube, LinkedIn, and other more niche platforms. Although keep in mind, you may choose different platforms to initially promote your podcast on than we recommended. It will honestly depend on which platform your target audience spends the most time on!

  1. Build an email list.

Never underestimate the power of a strong email list! Your email list is a direct way to make sure your content reaches your listenership. Pick a platform to build your list, link to the opt-in button in the show notes, and then add a few widgets to your site. You can even encourage anyone who listens to your podcast to subscribe by offering free or supplemental content to your podcast. Another unique strategy we’ve seen is podcasters sending out show recaps with all the products and services mentioned in the show linked in the email. Get creative!

  1. Be a guest on someone else’s show.

If someone hears you giving valuable insight on a topic that interests them, chances are they will at least take a look at your podcast afterward. That’s why guest-starring is so important! You can network with other podcasters within your niche and then tap into a new audience. If you do a solid job at setting yourself up as an expert on a certain topic, you’ll be promoting your podcast in a very effective way!

  1. Engage with your existing audience.

Your existing audience is one of your biggest assets. If you want to grow your listenership, then you need to nurture your followers first! For instance, engage with your audience on social media, through an email list, and include CTAs on your show. It’s also a great idea to record episodes that inspire your audience with every word and feel as if they’re listening to a friend hyping them up. In fact, we actually have a roundup of the best confidence-boosting podcasts if you need a little inspiration in that department!

  1. Share weekly episode highlights.

This is perfect to motivate your followers to never miss an episode of your show! By sharing weekly episode highlights on social media, your website, and your email list, you remind your audience that a new episode is live and entice them to tune in. So make sure this clip is catchy. You also want it to be like a teaser, leaving listeners wanting more! This will make your audience intrigued and then encourage them to go listen to the full episode.

  1. Supercharge your SEO strategy.

It’s no secret that SEO changed the content marketing game. While many podcasters might think SEO is more for bloggers and digital marketers, the truth is that it is just as important for those in the podcasting industry! You need to use keywords in your podcast title, description, show notes, episode summaries, and so on. This allows podcast directories and a podcasts app, like Apple Podcasts or Google Podcast, to identify exactly what your show is about! Here are some blog posts that will help you with podcast SEO, including how to put together the most-optimized summaries, titles, and descriptions:

  1. Network within your podcasting niche.

Networking is key to growing your show within a quicker time frame! This includes joining Facebook groups for podcasters in your niche or being part of other podcasting communities. You can also simply engage on social media and make friends online. Comment on content from creators that are producing similar or valuable podcasts as yours. Follow people you would love to book as guests for your show. If you network the right way, you might even be invited to be a guest on someone’s show or do cross-promotion in a couple of episodes for other podcasts in your niche.

  1. Create a professional-looking website for your show.

A professional website will help you show people that your podcast is the real deal! You have to set yourself up for success and the image you put up matters. When you create a website for your show (and if you do the SEO work properly) listeners who search for your podcast on search engines will find your site at the top of the page results. There, they’ll ideally be able to find more information about the podcast host, the reason behind the show, a release schedule, and links to social media or an email list. This streamlines the process of converting a casual listener into a loyal follower of your entire brand! And if you want to hear why creating a personal brand is important, head over to THIS episode of Share Of Voice.

  1. Book relevant guests that will boost your reputation.

Guests can make or break the reach of your show! They make your episodes more versatile and provide additional value for your listenership. That’s why booking well-known guests is a sure way of promoting your show! Find a reputable guest, get them on your show, and then prompt them to promote the episode on their own channels. And if you don’t know where to start, here’s how to get guests for your podcast!

  1. Write blog posts for your podcast episodes.

Content marketing is huge and you should take advantage of it for your show! Repurposing your podcast episodes into bite-sized blog posts helps you widen the content you offer to your audience. Try to write posts using some of the information available on the episodes and include a CTA for readers to head over to the show for more information on the topic. This will help you increase brand awareness!

  1. Do regular giveaways.

Social media giveaways can be super effective for growing your show’s following! Everybody loves free prizes, so you have a big chance of expanding the reach of your podcast. Do a giveaway where your followers have to share their favorite episode of your show and tag its account during a week or month-long period. Announce the giveaway on different channels and encourage your listeners to join during the show!

  1. Get your podcast mentioned or linked to on different social media channels.

This is perfect if you often mention well-known people or industry experts on your show! When you mention someone (in a positive way, of course), reach out to them and ask if they can give you a shoutout on social media. If you praise their work or products, chances are they’ll have no problem with giving you a quick mention! Additionally, getting your podcast linked to social media is great if you network with other podcasts in your niche. Once you get that coveted tag, you can promote your podcast on social media platforms with minimal effort on your end!

  1. Create a mastermind membership.

This is a more ambitious way of promoting your show. A mastermind membership usually consists of different Facebook groups or slack channels with a few premium members of your listenership. There you offer personalized advice, guidance, and masterclasses on the topic you’re an expert on! This subject usually relates to your show and includes behind-the-scenes and exclusive content from your podcast episodes. It’s a solid way to earn extra income and promote every episode of your show to a loyal following!

  1. Consider influencer marketing.

Influencer marketing can be pricey, but it’s still a solid strategy! Try to think of some influencer friends first, to keep it between your close circle for the beginning. Ask them if you could promote them on your show in exchange for a social media mention! If you don’t have any influencer friends, then consider contacting one for a paid sponsorship. This will get you under the radar of thousands of new potential listeners!

  1. Include your podcast on your business cards and LinkedIn profile.

If you’re looking to grow your podcast, promoting it on your business cards and LinkedIn profile can help tons! We know these are not the traditional channels for podcast promotion. Still, they can work really well if you have a strong presence on the business side of the industry. Plus, you’ve got nothing to lose! Add “host of…” to your business cards and LinkedIn profile description to let people know you’re serious about podcasting.

  1. Ask for reviews.

Reviews are a fantastic way of promoting your show! Not only do they ensure potential listeners know you create quality content, but they also increase brand awareness. So don’t be shy about encouraging your existing audience to leave a review on the directory or write one for their own blog/social media channels. This can be the decisive factor that turns potential followers into members of a loyal listenership!

  1. Make sure your podcast is submitted to all podcast directories.

You probably submitted your show to Apple Podcasts, Google Podcast, and Spotify. But did you know there are several other podcast directories? You’re missing out on potential listeners by not adding your podcast to them!

  1. Promote your past episodes on your show.

Just like bloggers link to related blog posts on their articles, those in charge of podcast hosting need to make sure they’re promoting past episodes! Give your listeners a reason to listen to old episodes by mentioning them when they’re relevant and can offer more value for them. Just don’t forget to link to the mentioned episodes on the show notes!

  1. Amp up your word-of-mouth marketing strategies.

Word of mouth can be just as effective as a high-powered social media post. Especially if you go to podcasting events! Talk to those hosting other podcasts in your niche and tell them about your show. Give them a little insight into your podcast’s theme, usual content, and future expansion plans. Get them interested as fast as you can! If you’re friendly and passionate about your show, chances are those people will at least search for your podcast later!

  1. Always create valuable content for your target audience.

We know this last item isn’t exactly a podcast marketing strategy, but it’s still the most important factor in your podcast’s growth. You need to create content that your show’s target audience will find valuable, relevant, and actionable. If your episodes aren’t providing them with answers, entertainment, knowledge, or advice… Why would they even listen to them? Get real with yourself and plan content that will become a valuable contribution to your audience’s lives. And if you don’t know what to talk about on your show, THIS article will save your content strategy. Now get creative!

What are your favorite ways to promote your podcast?

So that’s everything we want to share about promoting your show to reach new podcast audiences! As you can see, there are so many different strategies that can help you grow your podcast. Remember, all it takes is a little bit of creativity and a whole lot of content marketing! Whatever strategies you decide to tackle first, just make sure you stay consistent. Finally, make sure you learn how to measure podcast performance so you can consistently see what methods work best for you and your brand. If you make a plan, stick to it, and make adjustments based on overall performance, your show will grow like never before!