Releasing your podcast to the public via multiple platforms is the key to reaching the most people possible – the key to a broader range of audience. There are plenty of platforms / directories where you can have your podcast published, and some are easier to join than others. 

You can request to join each podcast directory individually. Or, there are also podcast hosting platforms that can make getting your podcast on certain directories much easier. But, we know this can all be super overwhelming for new podcasters, and even experienced podcasters. 

So, here’s our guide on how to get your podcast on multiple platforms. We’ll discuss the general process, some of the best podcast hosting sites that can help you, and some of the best directories to add your podcast to.

We’ve got a lot to cover, so let’s dive right in! 

How To Get Your Podcast On Multiple Platforms

Step 1: Choose a podcast hosting platform.

To make your podcast available to the public, you’ll first need to choose a podcast hosting platform. Your chosen hosting platform will store and serve your audio as an RSS feed. 

Some podcast hosting platforms can make it easier for you to get your podcast on multiple platforms. So, be sure to consider this feature when choosing a platform. Below, we’ve included a breakdown of some different hosting platforms, including some that make this process easier. 

Step 2: Locate your RSS feed link. 

Next, it’s time to locate your RSS feed link. In the most basic terms, this is the link that will allow different directories to serve your content to the public. 

Depending on your hosting site, your RSS feed may be located in a variety of places. But, in general, you will find it in your settings or general information. You’ll be using this link a lot, so take note of where it’s located or feel free to copy and paste it into a more convenient location.

Step 3: Choose some podcast directories.  

There are tons of directories out there you can add your podcast to. Some of the most popular include Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and Amazon Audible. 

You’ll want to choose directories that your listeners use most. Directories that commonly host other podcasts in your niche and that are popular among podcast listeners. 

Step 4: Add your RSS feed link to your chosen directories. 

Once you’ve chosen a few (or more) directories, it’s time to list your podcast. Start by claiming your podcast and adding all necessary information. Then, grab your RSS feed link, and copy/paste it into each directory. That’s it! Some directories will automatically make your content available, while others require time for verification. 

Tip: Like we mentioned earlier, some podcast hosting platforms can make adding your podcast to directories a simpler process. So, you might find that your podcast was automatically added to certain directories. This will definitely save you some time, just don’t forget to go back to each directory and ‘claim’ your podcast. 

Best Podcast Hosting Platforms


Buzzsprout is trusted by over 100,000 podcasters and offers all the features you need to take your podcast to the next level. While Buzzsprout doesn’t offer an auto-listing feature, they do offer an intuitive directories page that will help you keep track of your listings and provide helpful instructions for many popular directories. 


Captivate boasts unlimited storage, comprehensive podcast analytics, and plenty of marketing tools. With Captivates one-click submission process, listing on directories has never been easier. Just keep in mind that some directories, like Apple Podcasts, will still require a manual submission on your part. 


With, all plans offer unlimited podcasts, live customer support, advanced analytics, and a built-in podcast website. With an easy-to-use distribution dashboard, this podcast hosting site makes it super easy to add your podcast to tons of directories. Including Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and more. 


Castos includes most of the main features required for a podcaster to be successful. Their most unique feature, though, is their compatibility with WordPress. Their WordPress plugin makes managing your feed and uploading new podcasts to your website an absolute breeze. Castos provides one-click submission to both Amazon Music and Spotify, and offers step-by-step directions for submitting your episodes to Spotify and Apple Podcasts. boasts unlimited storage, distribution to all major podcast directories, sponsorship/marketing opportunities to monetize your podcast, cross-platform analytics, a free podcast website, episode scheduling, and more. What more could you ask for? If easy distribution is a top priority, is the one for you. 


Podbean has over 600,000 users and is an excellent option for any new OR experienced podcaster. What we love most about Podbean is their music and special effects, which are included in almost all their plans. This makes finding music for your podcast easy peasy. While Podbean doesn’t offer any auto-listing features, they provide in-depth instructions for you to complete the process yourself. 

Resonate Recordings

Resonate is a one-stop-shop podcasting platform. Meaning they not only offer hosting services, but they also offer professional grade production, recording, editing, AND monetization services as well. With Resonate, you simply set your release date and Resonate does all the distribution work for you. 


SimpleCast offers super comprehensive hosting plans for podcasts at all levels of popularity. Services include unlimited storage and upload, basic analytics, a customizable show website with a custom domain, a secure (HTTPS) site and RSS feed, 20K downloads per month, AND email support. And most importantly, distribution to everywhere your audience listens.


bCast has several features that podcasters like you love. Think unlimited downloads, storage, and episodes. As well as advanced analytics, transcription services, an auto upload Youtube feature, audio inserts, and standard customer service. Like other hosting platforms on this list, bCast offers in-host distribution in just a few, simple steps. 


Spreaker is unique in that it is compatible with both Windows and Mac and that it offers customizable RSS feeds – in addition to the other basic features required by most podcasters. How cool? With one-click distribution, you can choose from ALL of the major directories. 

Best Podcast Directories

Apple Podcasts

When it comes to podcasts, Apple Podcasts is the number one listening platform with the most listeners each and every month. So, getting your podcast on this directory will give you the most visibility to the most listeners. Learn how to submit your podcast to Apple Podcasts, here


Spotify is on track to reach 32.5 MILLION monthly active users in 2022, making it a top podcast listening app and directory. And lots of those listeners use Spotify specifically for podcasting. Just wow! Tons of podcast hosting sites automatically list on Spotify for this exact reason. Learn how to submit your podcast to Spotify, here

Google Podcasts

Google Podcasts is another top podcast directory. It’s such a popular podcasting platform because it’s automatically downloaded on all androids, and is the default listening platform for android users. Learn how to submit your podcast to Google Podcasts, here


Almost as popular as the first three directories on our list is Pandora. Pandora is a great podcast directory because all users of Pandora have access to podcasts, whether or not they’ve upgraded to a premium version. Learn how to submit your podcast to Pandora, here


iHeartRadio boasts that they are the largest podcasting network in the world. With over 5,000 podcasts across 15 different categories, you’ll find a large audience of new listeners on this platform. Learn how to submit your podcast to iHeartRadio, here

Audible on Amazon Music

Audible on Amazon Music has a directory of over 100,000 podcasts, making it a top performing podcast directory and totally worth your time. And that’s not even counting the podcast content that requires a paid plan. Learn how to submit your podcast to Audible and Amazon Music, here


Since 2010, the number of podcasts on Stitcher has grown exponentially. Tons of people use Stitcher to get their podcast fix, making it a great source of potential listeners to grow your audience. Learn how to submit your podcast to Stitcher, here


Podchaser is a relatively new directory that helps connect listeners with podcasts that best suit their individual listening needs. And according to stats directly from Podchaser, their monthly downloads and listens are increasing each and every month. Learn how to submit your podcast to Podchaser, here

Getting your podcast on multiple platforms doesn’t have to be hard! 

You’ll find that whether or not your hosting platform has a one-click submission form, your hosting network will most certainly provide the help you need to get your podcast on as many platforms as possible. And, you’ll notice that almost all submission forms are the same, and are as simple as copying and pasting your RSS feed. Easy as 1, 2, 3. 

Once you’ve submitted your show, it’s time to grow! If you have any additional questions, feel free to drop us a comment below. And for more on all things podcasting, head on over to our blog! Until next time, we can’t wait to see your podcast on ALL the directories.