Have you been keeping up with Allie and Gabe, our new favorite, messy, and wild BFF’s from Bone, Marry, Bury? There are some friends that stick around for a season or two and then there are your real, ride or die friendships like Allie and Gabe’s that can last a lifetime

You can have a multitude of “friends” or “best friends”. But, a ride or die best friend is more than that. A ride or die best friend is someone that you consider family. Someone that you know will be there for you come hell, high water, or alien invasion. 

We can’t think of a better representation of a ride or die friendship than the amazing, yet totally drama-filled, relationship between Allie and Gabe. When it comes to ride or die friendship, there is A LOT we can learn from their dynamic. So, let’s go over some telltale signs that will help you recognize a true, ride or die best friend. 

How To Know If Someone Is Your Ride Or Die Best Friend

They’ve seen you at your best & worst. 

True friends are those people that have seen you at your best and worst, and choose to stick around! These are the friends that are there for you during your high’s and low’s, through thick and thin, and are still here to brag about it. If there’s one thing we know about Gabe, it’s that he’s been there at Allie’s worst…several times. From letting Allie move in after her eviction in Chapter 1: Meet the Players, to supporting her latest booty-call, Gabe is always a supporter. 

They pay attention.

And when we say ‘pay attention’, we mean they really pay attention. This means they put their phone down when you’re talking, they actively listen, they have body language and responses that show they’re truly paying attention, and they give meaningful and honest feedback. 

You literally read each other’s minds.

If you know Allie and Gabe, then you know that they can literally read each other’s minds. Gabe just knows when Allie is up to no good…

Like Allie and Gabe, ride or die best friends are always one step ahead of each other, brainstorming the same ideas, finishing each other’s sentences, and planning similar activities. You know you have a ride or die best friend when one look from your BFF can tell you exactly what they’re thinking! 

They respect your opinions & choices.

True friends always respect your opinion, even if it differs from theirs. Allie and Gabe are THE BEST at respecting each other’s opinion and choices and being there for each other no matter the outcome…especially when it comes to Allie’s choice of men and that whole selling pot thing in Chapter 2: Job Hunting and Bathroom F*cking.

They make your friendship a priority.

Ride or die best friends always make your friendship a priority. This means that they don’t flake without a legitimate excuse and that they make time to see you in their busy schedule. Just remember that making friendship a priority goes both ways. You should always be considerate of your friends’ time. Just because someone cancels doesn’t mean they aren’t your true friend…they could be busy, dealing with a personal issue, working, etc. 

They always keep your secrets and vice versa.

If there’s one thing we know about a fake friend, it’s that they always spill your secrets. A true ride or die friend would never share your secrets, no matter what. Just don’t forget that this goes both ways! As a true friend, you should never feel the urge to share secrets or gossip about your ride or die BFF. 

They always tell the truth.

Let’s say it louder for the people in the back: TRUE FRIENDS DON’T LIE! Need we say more? But seriously, Allie and Gabe never lie to each other. This is why they are always able to work as a team and shimmy their way out of a multitude of sticky situations. 

They accept you for who you are.

Ride or die BFFs will never ask you to change who you are as a person. They will accept you for who you are and recognize that we are all individuals with our own thoughts, opinions, and feelings. As an example of this, let’s talk about Gabe. Even though Allie is a totally messy bitch who gets herself into all kinds of hilarious situations, Gabe is always there to support her wild and crazy antics without judgment or anger. This is especially true when things take a shocking turn in Chapter 3: The Pickle Prince

They genuinely want what’s best for you.

Ride or die best friends always want what’s best for you, irregardless of other factors. They support your hopes, dreams, and desires, and find small ways to support you and your goals. This could be shouting you out on social media, helping you manifest your dream job, being a supportive sounding board, and so on. True ride or die best friends only lift you up…they never try to lead you down a bad path or stray you from your goals!

Being a ride or die best friend always goes both ways!

Okay now you know what to look for in a ride or die best friend as well as how you should treat your ride or die BFF. When it comes to Allie and Gabe from Bone, Marry, Bury, they’re totally each others’ ride or die. Even when Allie is broke and needs a pep in her step, Gabe will give her a full makeover in a high-end beauty store…even if it means getting yelled at by the employees. If that’s not true friendship, we don’t know what is. 

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