Social media is the most powerful marketing strategy EVER. With social media, you can promote anything you want, including products, podcasts, music, brands, and more. 

Instagram, specifically, is one of the most popular social media platforms out there, with over 1.4 BILLION users. Because Instagram has the highest engagement rate among all social media platforms, utilizing this app is an excellent way to promote your podcast and grow your audience.

However, since Instagram is visually based, it can be challenging to create promotional strategies that work well with the algorithm. Ugh, the pesky algorithm. So that’s why we’re here to help! 

Here is our roundup of proven ways to effectively and successfully market your podcast on Instagram. 

How To Market Your Podcast On Instagram

Learn the ins and outs of Instagram. 

Before being able to fully take advantage of the benefits of Instagram, you’ll need to learn the ins and outs of the platform. This is especially true if you’ve only ever had a personal Instagram account. There are several additional features, including more comprehensive analytics, when you switch to a business account (which you will want to do for marketing purposes.) Here’s a step-by-step guide for getting started on Instagram for business. 

Add your podcast link to your bio.

The first thing a follower will see when they land on your Instagram profile is your bio. So, to promote your podcast, be sure to copy and paste your podcast website link into your bio. Then, encourage your followers to follow the link for your audio content. If you have more than one website you’d like to include, we recommend utilizing Linktree

Stick to your brand. 

Branding is essential for a variety of reasons. Your brand is a reflection of you, and it’s what will attract your target audience. More importantly, your brand is how both your loyal and potential listeners will identify you among the sea of other content. So, choose your colors, fonts, mottos, vibe, and so on, and stick to it. And ensure that all your content, posts, and even your guests, are reflective of your brand. 

Post creative and intriguing content. 

Like we briefly mentioned earlier, Instagram is a primarily visual social media platform. This means, to catch and keep the attention of potential listeners, you’ll need to post visually appealing content. But really, it’s more than that. You’ll need to post creative and intriguing content that catches the eye of your audience. The type of content that is relevant, valuable, and informative.

Share content about your guests. 

Do you often host special guests on your podcast? Instagram is the perfect avenue to create content about your guests and encourage followers to listen to your upcoming episodes. Sharing content about your guests is also a great way to increase your credibility within your niche. 

Create teaser content for your upcoming episodes. 

Podcast listeners love a good teaser clip. Just think about how much fun it is to watch a trailer for a new movie or series. Sharing some teaser content for your upcoming podcast episodes is basically the same thing! Browse your content for teaser clips and upload them as Instagram posts, stories, or reels to draw in those listeners and get them excited for your upcoming episodes. 

Post audio snippets.

Like teaser content, listeners love to hear audio snippets of your upcoming interviews, latest episodes, or even some past content. Choose interesting audio snippets from your content, choose some relevant accompanying visual content, and post on Instagram. This will intrigue your listeners, making them much more likely to click on over to your podcast website. 

Learn to use and maximize your hashtags.

The best way to grow your audience and make your content more searchable is to utilize #hashtags. Here are some tips to ensure you make the most of your Instagram hashtags.

  • Avoid overused, spammy, and irrelevant hashtags. 
  • Use your analytics to see which hashtags work, and which don’t.
  • Add hashtags to your posts, stories, AND reels.
  • Research your hashtags to ensure they reach your target audience. 
  • Use a hashtag generator (Hashtagify, SISTRIX. etc.)

Utilize Instagram stories. 

Instagram stories are one of the most popular features on the platform. Tons of people love flipping through Instagram stories for updates, fun photos and videos, and new and trending content. The kicker is, Instagram stories only last 24 hours. 

Tip: To make an Instagram story, just open Instagram and click on the + button on the top right corner of the screen. Then, in the bottom right corner, choose story. From there, create or upload your content and post! Stories allow you to tag friends or guests, add fun stickers and text, and are the perfect place to share important info and calls to action. 

Create relevant story highlights. 

First things first, what is an Instagram story highlight? If you’ve ever traveled to an Instagram page and saw some little labeled circles under the user’s bio, those are story highlights. Basically, story highlights are previous stories, saved by the user so that followers can view past content and check out their preferred content. 

For example, you might post teaser clips, information about your guests, and inspirational or educational quotes. If so, story highlights are the perfect way to save past stories and group similar content. They are also a great way to share important information and give your followers a little insight into your life. 

Tip: To create a story highlight, you’ll have to first post a story (see above). Next, navigate to your already existing story, click options, and click save to story highlight. Then, you can either create a new story highlight or add your story to an existing highlight. 

Record and post reels. 

Reels are one of Instagram’s newest features, yet it is also one of the most popular. They are basically short videos, 90 seconds or less, that appear on Instagram feeds. Reels present the PERFECT opportunity for podcasters like you to post teaser clips, audio snippets, and more, for your followers to enjoy. 

They are also a great way to better connect with your audience, by trying out trending challenges and dances, using trending music, and responding to comments/replies. It’s important to take advantage of this feature because, as we mentioned earlier, the Instagram algorithm favors accounts that utilize all Instagram features, over just one or two. 

Tip: To post an Instagram reel, open Instagram and click on the + button in the top, right corner. Then, in the bottom left corner, click reel. Record or upload your reel, edit, and post. Easy peasy. 

Post frequently. 

We’ve said it tons of times, but we’ll say it again: consistency is key. When it comes to ANY social media, but especially Instagram, the algorithm favors those who post frequently and consistently. So, to be successful on Instagram, you’ll need to post 2-3 per day every. single. day. 

Engage with your followers. 

Audience engagement is key to growing your podcast. On Instagram, there are several ways to engage with your followers and create a greater sense of community. You can reply to comments, questions, and DMs. Or, you can go live, prompt community discussions, host giveaways, post calls to action, or utilize the polls feature. For the best results, try utilizing a variety of these strategies. 

Reflect on your analytics. 

Your Instagram analytics include very useful information. Information that can help you gauge the success of your page and plan for future content. Beyond just how many likes or comments you received, Instagram analytics can give your information on page views, posts, stories, reels, clicks, and more. Use these analytics to see what works and what doesn’t. Then, adjust and grow from there. 

To DRASTICALLY increase your chances of success in the world of podcasting start marketing your podcast on Instagram TODAY!

Okay guys, there you have it! These are our top tips for marketing your podcast on Instagram. Keep these tips in mind as you begin to navigate Instagram in a new, podcasting light. With so much power and reach, Instagram will be your new best (marketing) friend! 

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