The I Love You So Much podcast (ILYSM, for short) with Kenzie Elizabeth is all about helping you live your best life! ILYSM is one of the best confidence boosting podcasts and has over 170 episodes of inspiring content. Each and every episode will leave you wanting more! Get ready to hear about a wiiiiiide range of topics like branding, relationships, life tips, productivity, and mental health. Kenzie Elizabeth, podcast host, invites all types of intriguing guests like influencers, authors, artists, experts, etc. to share their experiences and inspire listeners. Keep reading for a roundup of the absolute best ILYSM episodes!

The 10 Best ILYSM Podcast Episodes

Food Combining with Kenzie Burke – 21 Day Reset, Eating Healthy, Creating Your Dream Life 

Welcome Kenzie Burke, a lifestyle influencer who has gained over 119,000 followers on Instagram by sharing her secrets for healthy eating. In fact, Kenzie Burke is a fan favorite and was one of the most requested guests by listeners of ILYSM. In this episode, she discusses how “food combining” can aid in digestion and lead to an overall healthier diet. And don’t worry, it doesn’t involve cutting out those delicious breads and pastas! You’ll also hear her top tips for fitness, health, and creating your dream life.

Master List with Maggie MacDonald 

Meet the one and only Maggie MacDonald, Youtube vlogger and influencer. With over 330 thousand subscribers, her brand is all things beauty, health, fitness, and lifestyle. Maggie sits down with Kenzie Elizabeth to share health and fitness tips and their must-have items that make life easier. They also dive into online privacy issues and what it’s like to start a Youtube channel.

Maggie MacDonald – Alcohol, Personal Growth, Health and Wellness, Motivation for 2021 & Setting Goals 

ILYSM fans LOVE Maggie MacDonald! With her humble nature and relatable advice, it’s no wonder she has racked up such a huge following. In this episode, Kenzie and Maggie talk all things personal growth from alcohol abuse to setting attainable goals.   This is a super inspirational, heartfelt, and honest conversation that will leave you wanting more!

Alisha Marie – Burn Out, Creating Healthy Work Habits, Mental Health Break, Growing An Online Platform & Healthy Routines 

Even from the very beginning, Kenzie Elizabeth has been hitting the mark by bringing on awesome guests. Welcome to the very first episode of ILYSM with special guest Alisha Marie. Alisha is a full-time Youtuber that makes hilarious and relatable videos about all things life, business, and beauty. This episode tackles burn out syndrome, signs that you need a break, healthy work habits, and how to grow a successful online platform.

Gals on The Go – Making Friends in Your Twenties, Living Alone, Comparison, Finding Motivation After a Rut & How To Gain Confidence 

In this episode, catch up with Danielle and Brooke, the hosts of the Gals on The Go podcast. The Gals of The Go podcast is all about lifestyle hacks and navigating life throughout those twenty-something years. Kenzie sits down with Danielle and Brooke to talk about living alone, how to make friends as a young adult, and how to move on from hard times. The trio also discuss the negative side effects of comparing ourselves to others and how to gain confidence through small life changes.

What We Said – Advice For Your Twenties, Letting Go Of Expectations of Your Own Life, Change is A Good Thing & Shedding False Narratives About Yourself 

If you love podcasts filled with relatable advice, girl talk, and inspiration – this is the episode for you! Meet Jaci and Chelsey, best-friends and podcast hosts of the What We Said podcast. What We Said and ILYSM are really similar lifestyle podcasts, which makes for a great crossover episode with Kenzie Elizabeth. In this episode, Kenzie, Jaci, and Chelsey talk about managing expectations in life, accepting changes as they come, and general advice for surviving your twenties.

The Morning Toast With Jackie Oshry – Queen of Pregnancy, Wedding Planning, Wellness & Books 

In this episode, you’ll meet Jackie Oshry – author, entrepreneur, Youtuber, and podcast host of The Morning Toast. The Morning Toast is one of the best female comedy podcasts with over 200 episodes that focus on current events and the relevant issues of the world we live in today. Kenzie and Jackie sit down for a talk about all things dating, wedding planning, pregnancy, and overall wellness.

Gals on the Go – Routines, Quarantine Must Haves, What We’re Learning, Making Real Friends 

Brooke and Danielle of Gals on the Go podcast really are always on the go! Kenzie welcomes the duo back in this episode for another round of girl talk and advice sharing. This week, the girls talk about all things quarantine from those must-have items to how developing new habits helped them survive. The girls also discuss how to develop true and lasting friendships and share their best general tips about life.

Remi Cruz- Weight Loss, Reinventing Yourself, Dealing with Negativity

If you love the ILYSM podcast, then you probably already know a little about the special guest featured in this episode! Remi Cruz or MissRemiAshten is a super famous lifestyle vlogger (and podcast host!). She has over 2.3 million subscribers on Youtube. She creates funny and entertaining videos mixing in comedy, anecdotes, lifestyle tips, cooking tips, the latest trends, and more! Kenzie sits down with Remi Cruz to talk about what it’s like to grow up on the Internet, how to deal with the haters, and accepting change. The ladies also have a conversation about weight loss and the unexpected positives and negatives that come with it.

Pretty Basic: Embarrassing Stories, Boy Updates, Working with your BFF

By popular demand, Kenzie welcomes back Alisha Marie AND Remi Cruz on this week’s episode of ILYSM. Alisha and Remi are the hosts of the Pretty Basic podcast – but their podcast is anything but basic! In this episode, the trio share what it’s like to work with your best friend, their most embarrassing stories, and their most awkward encounters with boys. Get ready to laugh and enjoy this hilarious girl talk episode!

BONUS: The Skinny Confidential | The Best Advice For Your Twenties, The Secrets To A Good Podcast & Making Your Dreams A Reality

After rebranding and coming back as House Guest with Kenzie Elizabeth, this podcast is truly better than ever! In this recent episode, Kenzie sits down with two of our other faves, Lauryn and Michael Bosstick of The Skinny Confidential. You’ll want tune in as they share advice for your twenties, insider secrets to podcasting, and how to find your true passion and pursue it.

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If you couldn’t tell, we absolutely LOVE the ILYSM podcast! Kenzie Elizabeth does an awesome job of picking interesting and relatable guests and we always look forward to her next episode! ILYSM is a must listen and it’s one of the best podcasts for female entrepreneurs looking for motivation and inspiration. Kenzie releases episodes of ILYSM each and every Wednesday and you can listen almost anywhere you listen to podcasts! You can find ILYSM on Apple Podcasts, Dear Media, or you can listen and watch the interview videos on Kenzie’s Youtube Channel. Don’t see your favorite episode? Have additional questions about ILYSM? Feel free to drop us a comment below!